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Schenevus Central School Reviews

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I really like Schenevus, it is small so it offers you the closeness with students and teachers you can’t get in bigger schools
There are many good club options, but the clubs themselves aren't very active. I wish there were more club activities.
I love the family-feel of this school, everyone is friendly and approachable. But from a maturity standpoint, personally I wish the students here were more independent and serious about their futures. I believe that I would benefit from a more serious environment, but also understand the importance of fun which this school has taught me.
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Pretty much all of the teachers are fantastic and genuinely interested in your education and improvement! But a few teachers are very inconsistent with their grading, so just be sure to work hard on every assignment because sometimes they are unpredictable.
All of the programs for bullying and saftey are great.
The clubs are all well integrated with the school and the community.
What makes Schenevus so great is the tight nit community. I would do it again because my class was like a second family.
The teachers here always include everyone in the class during lessons.
The school doesn't tolerate bullying, but I am unsure of the exact policies.
Teachers at this school really are exceptional. They are attentive, knowledgeable and are always willing to help their students
There are many clubs and organizations to choose from for the small size of the school
I have been able to participate in many different types of clubs and extra curricular activities while continuing to keep up with my school work.
Other than weird scheduling of the classes, everything is great. Also everything is fun to be in!
This school is okay. At times it is difficult, other times it is not. It all depends on the courses you are taking and how you feel about those courses that make the school.
Some of the resources available are not all that great, they are over-exaggerated. The school now has iPads you can sign out at the library but are not available to whole classes, compared to Charlotte Valley.
Schenevus is school of where you can talk to someone almost instantly become great friends.
The teachers have an enthusiastic style. Most have a very original character.
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I love the teachers and I have many great friends.
I feel that this school lacks to emphasize personal welfare and health.
Has some nice clubs, but doesn't have as many options as I'd personally like.
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