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SCGSAH is a school unlike any other. The sense of support and community cannot be replicated because each element comes together so perfectly. The students are supported, encouraged and challenged. From the academics to the arts curriculum, the training and education are beyond amazing.
This place has great teachers, technology, and all the resources you could imagine. Staying here will introduce you to many different types of art and people. The process to get in the school is a bit tedious, but it is definitely an accomplishment to be accepted. Because of Coronavirus, the switch to virtual has hit the school pretty hard. There is a very vocal student council that works with administration that has been super helpful during all of it. I would say the only things I would like to see change is the food (at is can sometimes not be hot, there is little to choose from if you have dietary restrictions, and can be just plain gross sometimes) and the school culture. I wouldn’t consider the art departments to be competitive, but filled with gossip. There is most definitely a hierarchy of departments and it’s painfully obvious when you’re there. But I think, as a student, the friends you make there is what makes it worth it. Also, downtown greenville is so fantastic.
it's an absolutely incredible experience and it has truly changed my life. it is an absolutely amazing place that has given me life and success.
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By far the greatest academic and artistic challenge I have faced, but an amazing experience nonetheless.
Gov was one of the best experiences of my life. All of the faculty love what they do, and all of the students get to experience their art to the fullest. I wish I could go back!
I wouldn’t be the person I am without attending SCGSAH. The artistic growth that I’ve had while in attendance here has been some of the most substantial growth that I believe I’ll ever have. While the food isn’t great, the experiences, friendships, and art that you’ll create and develop are priceless.
My daughter has attended this school since her junior year and we love this school! This experience has prepared her for college and she has grown up and is very responsible.
The sense of community here is very very strong, the teachers and staff genuinely care about you, you get more responsibility by starting to live on your own, and you grow more as a person and in your art area. Go Govies!
I had a wonderful experience with the Governor’s School! I was a student for one summer and three years and learned so much about myself as an artist, a scholar, and an independent individual. The residential element is an element that sets this school above the rest by bringing artist from all over SC together to truly embrace their creativity without a cent in tuition! For me, it was a hard adjustment as a sophomore to move into a dorm an hour and a half away from home after just turning 15, but my peers and the staff helped with this transition and made my time at Governor’s School a phenomenal experience!
By far the best institution in the state! The faculty in both arts and academics are amazing, many of them hold doctorate degrees in their respective fields.
I’m in the Visual Arts department the Governor’s School, and I have access to incredible resources and am being exposed to many different people from different backgrounds. From 8:30 to 1:30, we have aced mic classes, and then for the rest of the day we have arts classes that range from ending at 4:30, 6:00 or 8:30. It can be pretty stressful, but everyone at the school is really dedicated to their art and perfecting their craft. I hope I don’t sound cheesy but this school really is different from most other schools, and the strength of the school is the instructors. Both the academic and arts teachers are fantastic, they genuinely care about what they’re teaching which is refreshing. While it is miles better than my old school, I can’t give this school a perfect score. There are some flaws that come with a boarding school, such as strict residence life staff, curfews, and other bureaucratic stuff.
This is a good school if you have drive and gives you very many opportunities. Ive been involved for years and its my home, I love it. But take warning, be careful, you will have a few mental breakdowns and the pressure is hard
I love my school! it provides me with an intensive arts environment while maintaining academics. The teachers are kind and insightful. They connect with students and are always willing to help.
This school is a place where the arts a greatly appreciated. You are met by students and teachers that want to see you succeed. There is also a kindness from faculty and staff that you wont find anywhere else.
I enjoyed the opportunities that I had when I was at the Governor's School. The programs there are designed to immerse you in your art along with academics to help you grow as a student and artist. I was able to meet like-minded people, learn from professional artists, and learn from highly regarded academic teachers.
This school has prepared me for college. It has given me the tools to be a better individual, student, and artist through the challenges it posed before me. I walked onto the campus lacking self-acceptance. And now, I walk off looking for ways to express my newly-found identity. It was not easy, however. Living away from your parents forces you to enter adulthood sooner than expected. Yet, that should be seen as a positive rather than a negative. SCGSAH is foreign environment at first. But as you experience your transformation into a young adult, so does the school, transforming its identity into your second home.
Excellent Program with top notch faculty. Provides an excellent atmosphere for blooming artists to excel and allows them to freely express their artistic ideas in addition to receiving the training necessary for both their careers and their art. The only downsides are very poor STEM teachers and an overly controlling residential life staff that lacks transparency.
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Challenging, yet chill environment. Everyone is really friendly and there is no feeling of extreme competition.
I love the teachers of the school; they all care about the students like they care about their children. I would like to see improvement in the cafeteria food, it isn't very good. I would also like to see improvement in administration, specifically more consistent punishment for misdemeanors.
This school is definitely stressful and some times you feel as though the Residential Life staff's favorite activity is to annoy you. However, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I have made my very best friends here. The relationships I've made had surpassed any I made at the previous high school I attended. The academic teachers aren't the most qualified and it's hard to fit in everything you need to graduate; that has been a big struggle for me, so incoming students should try and get as many credits out of the way before they attend.
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