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The teachers know you very well and know how to teach you in the best way possible for you to absorb the information
Sayre School is an amazing college preparatory school! They have many resources, approachable and caring teachers, and many opportunities to enhance students' growth. The science classes offered at this school are my personal favorite!
Coming from a very small middle school, and an ever smaller high school for Freshman year, I found Sayre to be the best balance between small class sizes and large population for social and extracurricular activities. Academically, I've been challenged and continue to find a love of learning, even in subjects I thought I was not interested in studying.
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Excellent teachers at all levels, inclusive environment, wide variety of activities, very encouraging and supportive faculty at all levels
I loved my time at Sayre. Teachers were great and caring. I also had great friends and got into a great college.
Small, private school with good sense of community. Teachers are very engaged and size of school means teachers know every student by name. College preparatory focused classes prepare graduates well for university level courses.
I feel that I have received a very solid and well-rounded education during my time at Sayre. I have had so many opportunities to learn new things and advance my knowledge, thanks to Sayre's wonderful faculty and amazing resources. However, the school is very small; there are fewer than 75 people in my graduating class, many of whom have been attending since preschool. The school places a lot of emphasis on sports - spending a great deal of money on a new athletic complex while still lacking a dedicated performing arts space. The vast majority of the school's students are white and come from affluent families, and the school has had a few incidents of students using their privilege to intimidate others. That said, Sayre does give a great amount of weight to creating a safe, inclusive environment in which every one of its students can feel like they deserve to be there. Overall, I think Sayre gave me a great education and every chance to succeed in college and beyond.
Sayre has been a wonderful experience. I transferred from a public school and the administration, college counseling and academics are much, much better.
This school is great for the people it appeals to: People who are shallow, are willing to spend all of their free time on school, and who enjoy spending time with equally shallow people. In my experience this school sucks the souls out of its students without them even realizing. Those who are smart enough to realize are often stricken with depression, lack of friends, and lack of passion. The teachers assign piles of work with no regard for how it might be affecting their students' mental health. The community is as fake and plastic as they come. Yes, this school will probably give you a great education and get you into the college of your dreams, but if you wish to have a soul at the end of your high school career I recommend looking elsewhere. I'm in my third year at Sayre and I'm seriously considering online school or some alternative option for my fourth year. This school is great for many people, but if you're anything like me it could easily beat you into the ground.
The academics and teachers were great. I felt prepared for college and was able to apply and get into incredible universities, including ivy leagues. However, the school atmosphere is one made for the rich and elite. The halls are filled with cliques and gossip.
I transferred to Sayre School my junior year. I came from a large, under equipped public school. Sayre has prepared me for college, their faculty and counselors unmatched. Absolutely beautiful campus in the heart of downtown. A dream come true.
I switched schools to attend Sayre this year, and the transition felt pretty comfortable. The school is well run and organized, the teachers listen to students' voices, and the students themselves are extremely nice. I don't think I would change anything.
I like how sweet and kind the staff and students are . They have an amazing school . They are engaged in all there students and they put education first .
Sayre is a great school if you want your child to be comfortable and pampered. It is not an academically rigorous school. Due to it’s small size, it also has limited opportunities for academically-oriented extra curricular activities. If you want your child to play sports, regardless of skill level, Sayre would be a good fit.
Life at Sayre has been great. The classes are wonderful and I've become a good student in my time at Sayre.
Establishing relationships with teachers is very important at Sayre. My teachers have been helpful and always available and flexible with my interests.
The academics are good, but could be better. Sayre Middle School has a great Social Studies experience in 7th and 8th grade but 6th was mediocre. English is a good program too. The Foreign Language courses are just average, not outstanding. The School offers a good advanced program for math, but also not outstanding. The fine arts programs are nice but could be better. The athletics are good if you like to play basketball, lacrosse, soccer and volleyball. Other than that, there is NO support whatsoever for Cross Country and Track and Field. Sayre Middle school doesn’t offer as many academic opportunities for advanced studies, which is disappointing
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My daughter was fortunate to attend Sayre School from grade school through high school. As a college student, she is pleased that Sayre's strong writing program and diverse curriculum prepared her to excel at a competitive liberal arts college. The faculty members at Sayre School are extraordinary and support each student as he/she determines the path they will follow.
It is the most well equipped school in the region to help me get into the colleges that I would like to attend.
Most of the teachers are engaging but certain core classes could be more challenging, especially for freshmen and sophomores. There certainly are some classes that many students obviously do not take seriously and treat as more of a fill in/ study hall.
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