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I really enjoy the small school atmosphere. There is a lot of ways to get involved and every athlete gets a chance at their sport. The educators are always looking out for each students best interest and will go out of their way to make sure one will succeed. The administration is very helpful to students, also looking out for ones success. The school partners with the local community college to allow students to take college classes, which is also phenomenal.
High School is very interesting time every faces and Saydel High School is probably one of the best schools I've attended. The staff and principle of Saydel are very supportive and present with your academic needs. I don't have any negative things to say when they have helped me to raise my GPA significantly.
My experience at Saydel was one I will never forget. The relationships I formed with friends and teacher has left a lasting impact on who I am. I was pushed to step out of my comfort zone and pursue what interested me.
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I really liked the cheer coach that I had my first few years cheering. She was amazing and made us amazing. My teachers were almost all good. I just had trouble in the friend department for a long time, but that's my own fault for trying to be something that I wasn't
Saydel has very little student diversity and is a pretty sheltered school. However, its size does allow close teacher-student interaction.
My experiences at Saydel was like any other high school. The High School have a very few advanced classes. What they did not have in advance classes they made up in paying for the community college classes. The school would cover the tuition and the book fee. The community college was just down the road, therefore it was an easy commute.
I like Saydel High School for the smaller feeling it gives. Every student and teacher knows each other, we're all a family. I really like when the different sports have games, students come to support and make it fun to be there. Saydel supports each other through any problems or struggles anyone may have, and supports each other by going to different games/activities.
I had many amazing teachers who would push me to become better and smarter, even when I fought them tooth and nail along the way. They never gave up on me and helped to shape me not only into a very intelligent person but into a good citizen to the world as well. The biggest thing that is a problem is our administration, many of the amazing teachers that helped me become who I am left at the end of my junior year because they couldn't handle the principal anymore.
Saydel High School is Disgusting. The food is completely awful. The school district is poor and very unsafe.
Saydel is a great school, and I have made many lifelong friends and unforgettable memories here. However, recent changes throughout the school have seemingly only made getting an education harder, and many great teachers have left during my four years here. There needs to be a better communication between the students/teachers and administration.
As a student of Saydel High School, I found that this school has grown since the time I have been here. The staff and administration have been working collectively to ensure the success of the student body as a whole. Among the student body, we have a few different cultural backgrounds that allows students to connect with others around them. Even though as school we may not be recognized enough for our accomplishments in sports, we still have a wide range of great sports opportunities with amazing coaches that are there to push you to be your very best. Overall, Saydel is a great school that has a lot of great potential.
We have mostly Caucasian students from similar backgrounds
There's a lot of changes being made to better the school and I think they're working
I generally feel very safe at school, we don't have issues with fighting or violence
Reflecting back on my 4 years at Saydel, I don't think I would choose this school to come back to. There is too much emphasis on football over every other sport, club, etc. and the initiatives to increase academics isn't very strong. Football is extremely favored over anything else in school, and other programs don't get what they need because football takes everything. Although the principal and school board are trying new grading and teaching systems, students are not happy with the changes and therefore, they do not care as much about academics as students in high school should.
Most teachers are extremely helpful and are always available to help students; they work with the students to ensure that they get the help they need. Their teaching styles are simple to understand, regardless of how difficult the lesson may be. The teachers communicate very easily with the students, and their friendliness makes it easy to come to them with any problems, whether they are school-related or personal.
Its a pretty safe side of town and hardly anything ever happens so I've never been really worried
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Of all the clubs and sports we have I would say only about 1/3 of the student body participates. For the sports its the smae people participating in every sport. For the clubs, there is very little participation. Especially the drama department, its been my favorite part of high school and its just sad how little participation we get from the other students. Those are the memories I'll have forever and they're missing out
Overall Saydel has been a decent school. Its had some very good times and has supported my family in various ways. Like any organization there is some things not as likeable as well.
The teachers at Saydel truly care about the students and their well being as well as their learning. The problem is that the authority above them only seems to care for test scores.
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