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Saxony Lutheran High School Reviews

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I love going to Saxony. It is small enough that you know everyone, but there is still enough people that everyone is able to find people they connect with. The teachers and staff really care about the students and want to see them succeed.
I like Saxony because of the smaller classes and more one-on-one time with teachers. The smaller classes are good because you know everyone in your class and everyone knows you also. The one-on-one time is good because Saxony offers some difficult classes and if you struggle in one of those classes, the teachers are more than willing to help you understand.
I love going to Saxony Lutheran High School because it is not just a place to go to school but more like a second home. I get home like feeling at Saxony because all of the teachers are very helpful, there are clubs and activities for everyone, and the food is AMAZING, our cooks don't only make amazing home cooked meals we also get smoothie king, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chick Fil A, and Popeyes. I would highly recommend attending Saxony Lutheran High School.
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I really like going to school at Saxony Lutheran. The teachers are all nice and helpful. Everyone makes you feel like family.
My time at SLHS was a blessing upon my life. From learning so much, to making lifelong friendships, I cannot imagine myself anywhere else during high school. SLHS prepared me for college.
I loved how the students were respectful to each other. I enjoyed how Much determination the staff and teachers had to help the students succeed.
Such a great school. The small school feeling makes everyone feel involved. Anyone can participate in anything the school has to offer, and the teachers here are all focused on helping you.
I love Saxony because it is a smaller school that you can make friends easily at and if you need help with something you can talk to a teacher one on one. Also, the atmosphere is just great to be in and I couldn't be more blessed. I would like to see the way some people act towards other people but you are going to have that problem in any school.
Saxony is a great school. It is a solid Christian environment. I feel encouraged and supported there!
I love Saxony! It is so much fun to be apart of something bigger than yourself. We start each day with God, and He shines through us everyday! I have created the best relationships with my teachers, and being apart of extra curricular activities and the Stronghold (pep club) is so much fun!
I love how close to everyone I have become because the school is small, I know everyone. I also love how everyday we start off with God. It really has helped me grow in my faith. The teachers truly care about the students and it's just a great environment to be in.
I attended Saxony Lutheran High School for all four years of my high school career and enjoyed every moment of being there! It is a rather small school, but I found this to be quite helpful. I was always thoroughly engaged in my classes and received a great education along with close, individualized teaching if need me due to the smaller number of students. I rank Saxony Lutheran on a high regard above other surrounding local schools. It is well run, the faculty and staff are outstanding, and I really felt like a family with my fellow classmates. If I were to redo high school I would choose Saxony Lutheran again!
I loved Saxony Lutheran High School. The academics and athletics were both top ranked in the region making it easy to be a proud Crusader. The most important knowledge I gained was life morals. Saxony provided character building and leadership opportunities. It taught me honesty, self control, and integrity. This is not something that you just learn in the classroom. Saxony Lutheran gave me more than an education. It gave me a future.
Excellent teachers. Teach great, treat all equally
I feel extremely safe at school. Able to trust peers
Diverse clubs to get involved in.
Saxony is a great school. I have made awesome memories and many things I will miss. Over the last four years we have gradual grown and will continue to. As we grow we have also advanced.The only things I would change would be offer a few more classes to choose from.
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I love almost every teacher, they are all very friendly and personal. Being a rather small school you are able to have better relationships with each teacher.
Various sports to be a part of and growing! Glad to be part of the sports!
Teachers are trained in A.L.I.C.E training, and pass that on to the students in case of an active intruder. Very important!
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