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Saunders Trades & Technical High School Reviews

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Attending Saunders High School was a great experience for me. I got a chance to meet amazing friends who I still love to this day. Saunders really paved the path for me to attend college and build myself a foundation. The resources they have there is great, especially the YPIE program which prepared me throughout the years. The staff at Saunders is filled with humble and caring people who will do the most for their students. Saunders is a family all about community. I loved my time here and I don't regret anything. I couldn't have been the person I am today without the experience I gained from Saunders High School.
What I like about Saunders is the academics the school has. When I first debuted in the school I was not really sure how my four years will turn out and now that I am a senior I can say now that I cannot believe I made it this far. I passed all my classes and regents with no problems because no matter how difficult some classes were I kept giving it my all, I did not give up, and I always stayed on task.
Most of the teachers were very engaging and helpful. They make sure all their students are getting the attention that they needed. I would like to see some of the more restrictive school policies change that were put into place by new administration.
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Saunders is a great place to discover what you would like to study in college or pursue as a career. There are many opportunities offered by the administration to progress their standings in school.
I enjoyed the amount of different classes they provide. I would like to see more parents involved in school activities.
The teachers at Saunders Trades & Technical High School are always there. They will prepare you well for the future that you will hold. The faculty and staff always inspired the students to do the best.
After going here for years I can safely say that this is an amazing school for those who want to pursue a career in a hands on trade! Great education at a low cost!
Saunders is a great school that offers something that most schools don't. They teach trades and technical majors for the student. So in the four years, I've been there I have studied architecture. It is with this that motivated me to further pursue it as a career. There are many other options that school offers from carpentry to culinary. The faculty and staff are some of the greatest people I've met, showing kindness and compassion, but they also care about the success of their students.
Saunders is a great school with a great amount of resources your child can take advantage of. I am currently a senior student and enjoy my time here. Although, I would advise your child to take interest in a trade that he/she genuinely enjoys theirself. Doing this would make your experience in this school far enjoyable and worth more.
My Experience at Saunders HS was the best. You have staff that actually care about you and how you are doing in school my 4 yrs of HS at Saunders HS was amazing my experience I wouldn’t change anything at
I am now graduating from Saunders. I can say that these years were very worth sticking with. I can say that although I did not do everything I dreamt of doing at the start- it was still a fun ride. The faculty are honestly the most diverse Ive ever handled. Theyre funny, wity and also clever at making assignments challenging; which is always great in life. In order to improve one must face obstacles to climb over.
There will be people that will put you down with mediocrity- but its awesome when you rise above it and show them that you are deaf to the lies and open to the truth of success! I enjoyed Saunders and I recommend it to all incoming students. #UseYourSkills&Talents2SHINE
What makes Saunders High School
Different from other schools is that we have a magnet system. This gives students the opportunity to study their choose of feild. The school provides Architecture, Bio Chemistry, ECC, HVAC, Carpentry, Cosmotology, Fashion, Automotive Technology, and Graphic Design Drawing. The magnet that I choose for my high school experience was Architecture. I say that coming in as a freshman never did I nor my classmates intend/expect to create such a tight bond with our magnet class. I believe that the relationships built in architecture are some that will last a lifetime. The feeling of family created in my magnet has been the best part of Saunders. I am president of the Christian club, a cheerleader, secretary of Hispanic Club, a member of Welness Club and also Poetry club. After school activities are always there. I don’t like that the security is not that secure. The district also fails to give us money for different kinds of programs and supplies.
It was the best decision I made. I met so many people with a passion to succeed. I love it here so much.
I enjoy attending Saunders. I enjoyed being a part of my cosmo college. Saunders helped prepare me for college too.
After spending 4 years in the school I can say that it gives the tools for success. However, its not the easiest in giving these tools, a student needs to reach out and get them. Leaving many kids not giving it their best. Slowly affecting those that are trying to feel like people don't care.
Saunders High School is good choice if you live in the Yonkers Public School District. With a variety of makors to choose from and lots of diversity, it was an excellent place to attain my high school diploma. I graduated with 4 years and am now attending a 4 year college that is suited to my financial needs. If you’re thinking about attending Saunders, you won’t regret it!
Loved it it made me feel at home I made friends and felt comfortable always. I was always happy there
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If you find a magnet that interests you, this school gives you excellent an preparation. If you continue your studies in your magnet, you will find that you are light years ahead of others applying to college in your field.
I love Saunders as a Cosmo student. The teachers are so dedicated. I am going to graduate with my 1,000 hrs that are needed and be able to take the state boards and have a career. Years ago when my mom was a student at Saunders 9th grade was a exploring yr. Each magnet the student would be in for 2 wks than move on to the next magnet. I think they should bring that back this way the students get to see how each magnet is and can have a better understanding of the Magnet and choosing one instead of going through your freshman yr and changing into a different one if there was room.
I am a current junior majoring in Architecture, and although I don't admit this often, I do love Saunders. I love the people and variety of people that surround me. The majority of teachers have the student's best interest at heart and are always available to help or stay after school. Academically, there is a limited amount of AP classes, but there are multiple college-link classes with Westchester Community College and Farmingdale State College. You also grow to love everyone in your major. Saunders feels like family over time.
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