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This school prioritizes academic excellences above all else. All around, this is a great school with a number resources and opportunities for students to choose from. After attending this school, a student should be more than prepared for their next step in their academic career: College.
My favorite thing about Saratoga High is the competitive atmosphere that pushes students to do well in life.
I am a freshman attending Saratoga High School, and I have to say, it's one of the friendliest schools out there, making everybody feel right at home. The music program is one of the best, taking the breath away from their audience. Their academics is also extremely advanced, making sure every student understands the lessons and provides great resources.
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Saratoga is not a bad school by any means. I actually found that college felt easier than my four years at Saratoga; however, I defiantly would not say that I enjoyed my time there. The competitiveness created by the students and their parents made it very difficult to do well in school, while maintaining a healthy social life. Most of the teachers here are great, aside from a few, and care heavily about their students and their health. Overall, if I had to do high school over again, I would not go to Saratoga.
In terms of mental health and general happiness, this school is horrible. Of course high school is never Disneyland, but SHS does not address many of its issues.
SHS is extremely competitive. Often times, if you ask a fellow student for help on a classroom worksheet, they won't even answer.
With all due respect to the teachers, I feel the high student averages are more due to the fact that majority of the students have a lot of tutoring after class. I've been in a math class where lots of the students already know the concepts that the teacher is about to cover that day. Overall, the atmosphere in Saratoga is extremely stressful. My average homework load per day was about 5-6 hours. Good luck if you plan on doing a sport!
I know people who have been diagnosed with mental disorders such as clinical depression because the academic pressure was too much.
If my family could do it over again, we all agree that we would have chosen a different high school environment.
Just get ready to be surrounded by academic competition. Yep. I thought being an upper class men is way better than an underclassmen cuz u feel so much more unawkward. Plus there are a lot more privileged like driving and almost becoming an adult responsibilities. The teachers are okay, but trust me, school food is expensive and crap. Schedule sucks cuz it's like 90 min block classes with like a 35 min tutorial and a 35 min lunch.
This school gave me and some of my closest friends the worst high school experience possible. I would not recommend this school to anyone. The administration knew about many serious issues with specific students and did not make an attempt to help anyone involved. Overall, students were depressed from too much pressure and high expectations set by the school.
Saratoga High School is a nice school. It isn't the school for everyone but it is a more academic centered school which some may like more than others.
Saratoga High school is very academic oriented. It prepares students well for college in that the drive, study practices, levels of difficulty, classes, and faculty are well trained to give student skills that will support them in college, GIVEN, that said student attempts the advanced classes offered and pushes his/herself. That being said, the academic pressure in the school can sometimes be overwhelming. It honestly depends on if the person WANTS to be in an environment where goods grades were the expected thing. Some do, some don't.
I liked my experience at SHS! Overall, it's a great community with great academics and opportunities to get involved with the student body. It's kind of cliche but your experience is "you get out what you put in." It's easy to abstain from activities, but if you really want the best experience possible, I suggest joining clubs, sports, and going to the many many events SHS hosts. The teachers I've had are mostly great, with a few exceptions, but I feel like they all do want me to succeed (except for maybe one or two). I've always found the student body to be supportive and generally good people, but I know some who do not share my viewpoint on that. I super duper suggest you join MAP bc it's the best family to be a part of :)
I moved to Saratoga in my sophomore year, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was challenged to learn and achieve beyond what I thought I was capable of. I made life long friends that I still have contact with today. The teachers were of the highest caliber and committed to all students. Their choir program is one of the best in the nation and I would not trade attending SHS for anything. Thank you SHS, you molded me into the man and socially aware individual that I am today. Keep up the great work. A special shout out to Mr. Scribner, Mrs. Doctorow, Mrs. Sutton, Mr. Newport, and Mr. Davis. You made the difference.
I moved around a lot, but spent all 4 years at this school and had a positive experience. This school offered me several of opportunities to grow and set me on the right path to enter a 4 year college. They set me on a pace that would make a seamless transition into college and has made college a lot less scary because I felt prepared.
Overall pretty great experience at this school. Students can be very cliquey but majority of students are nice. Prepares students very well for the future but that all comes with a price. The competition and pressure at Saratoga is something that cannot ignored and often creates an unhealthy mental environment, but some would say that it is worth getting into top colleges. The english department teachers are great but all the other subjects could use better teachers. School spirit is sometimes lacking but overall great sports and clubs. Students at this school are very sheltered due to their environment but the way the school prepares the students is fantastic.
Very good school district but we have an odd schedule that makes it difficult to make plans. Classes are mildly competitive and students are under a lot of pressure to perform well.
I had a great experience there learning from patient and intelligent teachers along with providing lots of extracurricular activities to fuel my personal growth.
It is a very academically heavy school that definitely gets students prepared for college. The environment is so tense all the time and it makes it hard to have a little fun. The classes are hard and don't leave room for much error.
There's a ton of clubs and if there's one you want that Saratoga doesn't already have, you can start it yourself (although you need to have other students willing to participate). Some clubs are more high-commitment than others, so I recommend joining a few you're interested in freshmen year to get a feel for each. There are also a lot of sports available and the student body is generally pretty active/athletic.
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I love this school because I feel safe and supported. I came into high school expecting the upper classmen to be really mean, but everyone was so nice. There's drama at school, but you can decide for yourself how involved you want to be. Football games are super fun because there's a lot of attendance and spirit (even though our team isn't necessarily the best). It's too bad we don't get as much support for other sports, but there is some. Rallies are fun too, although they could use more attendance. There's a stigma that Saratoga is super academically competitive and while that's true, it's different then I thought it'd be. A lot of the parents want their kids to do well, but most of the academic pressure comes from the kids themselves. The students aren't really competing with their fellow student, but more like a national average or district average if that makes sense. Nevertheless, I really love my school because it's academically challenging, but also spirited and cared for.
The teachers are generally good. While some of them have bad personalities, most are knowledgeable and want students to do well. Students also have ample time to drop/switch classes if they have issues with a teacher. My teachers have all graded my work in reasonable time and are willing to work with you if you have any questions when reviewing tests. My teachers all say hi when I see them in the halls and seem to genuinely care about students.
There are many extra curricular activities at this school, although we are lacking in sports clubs.
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