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Most people are welcoming and friendly, but the atmosphere of the school can be stressful as everyone is academically driven.
Saratoga High School has a healthy competitive environment where, as a student, I feel encouraged to maintain my grades, think about college, and be ambitious. However, some of the teachers in my experience are poor and my peers and I often have to rely on ourselves to understand course material.
It is great academically and carries many options to explore a possible major that interest you. I have taken classes such as sports med, marine biology, and psychology throughout high school. The teachers are caring and always willing to help.
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SHS was a highly competitive environment with excellent teachers and classes available. While it lacks a sense of well roundedness in its available programs outside of academics, the school produces top-notch critical thinkers.
It’s more academic than a lot of schools, but really fun. Lot of diversity and culture. The teachers are great and the food is good.
Many students have High expectations on academics here. At times its good for motivation and let you do the best you can but sometimes its stressful. School for smart students!! A lot of support here and staff are nice.
Extremely competitive and puts a lot of pressure on students. Most of the classes are good, and some of the staff is very supportive.
Saratoga High School is a great school! Academics are balanced well with other extracurriculars. Teachers are the usual- some are great and some not so much. The only downside is that you won't find much diversity in terms of demographics; there are a LOT of Asians/Indians.
Saratoga High School is a great school. It is completely focused on academics. The school as a whole has very high expectations for their students academically. However, there is very little school spirit and the majority of sports are awful.
Saratoga has a very competitive academic environment, which is good or bad depending on how you view it. This means that there are many smart people at Saratoga but also that many classes can be cutthroat.
Saratoga High School is a very good learning environment, with most of the teachers genuinely caring about your learning and well being. The students work very hard and push each other to do their best, and although stressful, it was very worth it in the end. There are many AP classes available for people who like to challenge themselves.
It's a rigorous school with many activities and many interesting classes with mostly good teachers. However, as with many schools in Silicon Valley, there's a much larger emphasis on STEM than there are for the social sciences and humanities. There are many AP STEM courses, but very little AP humanities courses. Apart from that, though, the school really balances academics with other aspects of student life. It's rigorous but not to the point where students would die of exhaustion.
Hostile and pressure-ridden environment. Students are overly competitive and cruel; there is a lot of under-the-covers bullying going on that parents and administrators don't see or know about.
Teachers are only good in the humanities/social sciences departments - the math and science ones are horrible and incredibly discouraging.
The school's high ranking is due to the students studying independently outside of class and parents who pressure them to succeed no matter the cost. School stresses high grades over actual knowledge and being well-rounded.
No amount of success can be worth that experience. If I could redo those four years at another school, I would.
Many would consider academics to be the forte of SHS. This is true, however I find the school lacking in terms of clubs and activities for students to really figure out what they want to do and what excites them.
It's a good school. theres a lot of activities that students could participate in, and it offers challenging academics. the school spirit is a little on the low side, since not many people participate in homecoming week, formal dances and watch sport games. theres slight racism, but generally people are very cautious about it. a lot of people are sensitive to sexism and racism. school culture is a bit on the competitive side.
The school's curriculum is rigorous and challenging. There are a great variety of advanced classes in many areas. Students have the opportunity to engage in many clubs, ranging from Model United Nations to Math Club. One downside is that the students have a fairly competitive atmosphere.
Attending high school at Saratoga was extremely hard for me. The classes are tough, and the teachers aren't quite as helpful as I wish they could have been. The counselors are great though, and they help you with everything. Although Saratoga was nothing for me, who wanted more of an exciting high school experience with sports and friends rather than just study every day, but I can definitely say that it is something for an ambitious student who know what he/she wants. Bottom line, I didn't have a great time, and unless you really try hard to get good grades (which most people do, but have no social life) Saratoga is not your school.
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I enjoyed my time at SHS, especially being part of the music department. However, sometimes I feel uncomfortable in the classroom; some teachers seem unapproachable, and the atmosphere is very competitive amongst peers.
I have been in Saratoga High School for the past 3 years and it has been a great experience so far. There is great support from teachers and they try to help the students in any way possible. We have tutorial everyday so that we can ask teachers if we have any questions or concerns. I also like how everyone in the school is so friendly and always there to help.
This school prioritizes academic excellences above all else. All around, this is a great school with a number resources and opportunities for students to choose from. After attending this school, a student should be more than prepared for their next step in their academic career: College.
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