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Alright teachers, but like in depth preparation for college. Overall not bad experience but could have been better.
I really enjoy the diversity and academic motivation of the students at Santiago. Most of the people and teachers are very kind and encouraging. Our vast sports, arts, educational departments, and clubs help students discover their interests and grow passionate about something which helps them determine what their college major might be. The clubs I've been involved in and theatre department have given me new friends and experiences I never would've gotten otherwise and made me realize I love theatre and want to become an actress. In addition to this, my AP Seminar class was where I opened up about my anxiety issues which made me a better person. I am sad to be leaving Santiago next year but excited for the opportunities college holds.
It was high school - not terrible, but not great. There are a lot of students that go here (over 3,000) and that makes it more difficult to feel like the school does enough to prepare you for college academically and be aware of opportunities in general.
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Santiago High School is a well-rounded school that caters to students needs whether it be academics or athletics. I will be a senior at Santiago that has taken multiple AP and honors classes and has been apart of the volleyball team all four years so I have experienced all aspects. The academics and college readiness is superb; however, other aspects like clubs and activities seem to vary. The facilities could use some improvement.
My experience at Santiago High School has been very pleasant and filled with a great staff and administration. I appreciate the lengths that the staff goes to to make sure everyone feels welcome and continually encourages students to try their best. One thing I wish the staff and administration could change is their policy on bullying and harassment because often times, there are many instances where some students would be extremely rude to other students and the staff would take no action against it.
The teachers are really nice and most really care about what they are teaching and the success of their students. AP classes and dual enrollment are available here which helps students get ahead in college. There are lots of fun school activities and after school clubs to enjoy.
For the most part, I enjoyed my time attending Santiago High School for its emphasis on academics and turning "normal" people into scholars. It is worth noting however that I have attended other schools before (namely Corona High School and J.F.K. Middle College High School, both are in the CNUSD district), which give me a unique perspective of the school, given that I've attended and felt the differences in person. In comparison, Santiago's academics, staff, and resources are superior to C.H.S. and J.F.K., but I felt that the office and ASB groups were notoriously disorganized and unsuccessful in their ability to communicate to the community (important dates, assemblies, etc.). Every important announcement would only come to us last minute and online ONLY, which obviously frustrated not only us students, but also parents and teachers alike. Despite this, attending Santiago is a solid choice, but just be mindful of the imperfections on the side.
Santiago's inclusive, healthy and busy environment makes for a more than an enjoyable and beneficial high school experience. Not only my peers, but many of my teachers and the staff are always sure to connect with students on a more personal level amid a stressful and arduous year, to check on physical and mental health. In addition to personal connection, the administration and staff successfully help relieve the stress of one's classes and grades with more desirable activities including rallies, dances and festivals. If I could alter one aspect of Santiago, I would expand the use of mindfulness meditation among different courses to promote healthy mindsets of all students, as it was a regularly attended task in my AP Language Arts class prior to timed essays in attempt to ease the nervous feelings.
Personally Santiago High School to me never felt like an environment where I can get an education with the fullest potential. Almost anyone I've come in contact with either has drugs or influences others to do drugs. The education itself is challenging but not beneficial.
I am an upcoming senior at Santiago High School, and I had a delightful experience so far. Teachers and classmates are friendly. I think the best part of Santiago High School is that there are a variety of club options available to students. One thing that I am not very satisfied with is the school lunch; there aren't many options to choose for lunch.
I really enjoy my time there. There could be more diversity though. Some teachers are amazing, some are not. If you could, I would really recommend a leadership class. I spent two years in colorguard and enjoyed every moment. Although practicing is tiring, when you look back on it, you would wish to go back and relive a moment. I thoroughly enjoy our winterguard session and hosting two of the wg competitions. Another wonderful memory is during my freshman year we went to the Rose Parade.
Santiago High School was a great school with great education. The size of the school is helpful to prepare students for college. The school offers different programs that are beneficial to its students.
My experience in Santiago was an amazing experience. The staff, teachers, buildings and kids all had their own unique personality’s. Teachers were extremely helpful and when ever I need help they would always be there to assist me in whatever I need. The campus was a beautiful one. One of the best campuses I’ve ever seen through my years of going to visit different schools through the band program. The staff were the ones who brought life to the school, with different events or things they would do just out at lunch. The rally’s were always so fun. Just seeing all the different things you can do at the school is always so exciting because they make it exciting. Through music games and just the screaming always helped lift the energy of the room. The things I love the most about this school was the band program and my incredible friends I have met through the years and I truly thank Santiago High School for making this all possible.
I went to santiago from 2010-2014, I believe the culture of the school could have changed. WhenI attended, it seemed that most of the money was going towards sports (football, softball, baseball). Instead, it could have went to academics and medicine.
My experience so far at Santiago has been truly memorable and wonderful. I have met such a diverse and great group of people who I will remember forever. The teachers put in a lot of time and effort into their students and offer so many tools and resources that enhance our learning experience. There are so many great clubs at Santiago which make any Shark(student) feel like they are right at home. This school is a great place to create new memories, meet new people and learn everything that is there to learn.
The push on academics at this school is great and it isn't difficult to succeed academically. However there isn't a sufficeint staff to handle the emotional wellbeing of the students here. My two final school years had a jump in suicides and nothing was done to console the students or to honor the ones who died.
Teachers are interesting. The school is beautiful and organized incredibly well. One thing I wish we had more of is dances. We had one dance this year while schools around us had 3-4. They have the money for it but sometimes I feel like they aren’t using it for the right reasons. The teachers should be under review. Some have been there too too long and shouldn’t be working there anymore
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Santiago high school is an amazing school however somewhat feels lacking in school unity and spirit.
Santiago High School has an all inclusive environment. As a student from the graduating class of 2020, I have felt an immense amount of love and support from teachers and peers to help us get through these uncertain times. My four years at Santiago will be memorable because the amazing teachers and staff who are truly dedicated to helping us succeed. I will definitely miss my peers and and teachers because of the amazing learning experiences we've had in every single classroom setting. The teachers at Santiago are motivated and encouraging which translates into the students being successful. I am thankful to have been a shark at the home of scholars, achievers, and champions.
The atmosphere is great and most of the teachers are nice and don't give to much work. The only thing that could change is that some staff is too set in the way they think about certain programs on campus.
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