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I loved it! I’m a graduating senior and I don’t think I will ever miss a school this terribly! Wish I could stay another year there! Fantastic staff!
Santa Susana High School is perfect for kids who are creative, passionate, and kind. While the school doesn't offer sports, it definitely goes above and beyond to give students real world and hands on experiences. The teachers and faculty are some of the most encouraging, talented, and helpful people you'll ever meet and they will help you achieve your goals. While the school is only 20ish years old, there are various growing pathways that'll prepare students for their future.
Santa Susana High School shines in encouraging students to participate the in the arts and even take a career path in it, without leaving academics in the dark too. Many of the teachers there know a lot in the subject they're teaching and offer great advice to students.
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I really enjoyed my experience at Santa Susana High School. The teachers and staff are wonderful! They really want to prepare you for the future and what it's like in an actual workplace.

At Santa Susana, I majored in both Vocal Music and Graphics & Publications. In my experience, those two programs were excellent! I was given amazing opportunities and activities in those classes. For example, in Choir, I performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, and also had the opportunity to sing alongside Billy Ray Cyrus to honor Borderline victim Sgt. Ron Helus at his funeral, which was shown on live television. Then, in AP Photography, we had a Downtown LA field trip where we got to visit and take photos of famous architectural buildings all over Los Angeles.
At Santa Susana High I love the fact that there will always be something that you are interested in. The school does not have sports, but what they do have are classes like dance, choir, band, arts, technology and so much more. A good handful of teachers and admin always show how important the students are to them.
Santa Susana High School has a wonderful social environment. Although, the school can be a bit competitve at sometimes, most teachers are understanding and willing to help their students with any obstacles they have. Overall, you can tell the teachers at SSHS are very passionate about their job and genuinely care about their students. Santa Su as well is made up of many programs such as peforming arts, technology and law. Santa Su is an excellent school to be at if you wish to focus on your studies and have a good time while at it.
Santa Susana High School fosters diversity and acceptance. The culture of Santa Susana is to be kind, understanding and supportive of your fellow peers, which is why I've enjoyed attending SSHS.
A very comfortable environment where you don't worry about what others think of you, but rather focus on what truly matters (such as social life, grades, and overall happiness). The teachers make class fun, and even though I take hard classes, I am not overburdened by work, yet I still learn without even trying.
The teachers are great. They are all passionate About their work and set aside their time to work with any struggling student. The also encourage their students to do their best and teach me things not only from the book but really relate their material to the adult workforce.
Santa Susana High School is a high school full of creative, talented, and unique students. I have absolutely loved my experience at Santa Su, it’s come to a point where I love being at school more than at home! I am involved in so many programs, such as the theatre, vocal, and dance department. I’m even in an a capella group! I wouldn’t change one thing about Santa Su, for it has given me so many opportunities in the past four years that I will forever be grateful for.
People are always going on about how this is the best school here in Simi, but it's ok. About a handful of teachers are good at what they do and even less actually care about their students and their grades. It's better community wise than the other high schools here, but that's about all it's got on them.
I have had a very great experience at this school! Many of the teachers are there to genuinely help you, and they want to see you succeed. The performing arts department is so wonderful and really has helped me grow as a performer and a person. I truly could not imagine myself at any other high school. The only downside is, some teachers can be not the best at teaching information in the more difficult advanced classes, but there are still many other great teachers who make up for that!
Since it's a performing arts school, there are a lot of shows that get put on which are usually fun. There are some AWESOME teachers there. The student population is pretty diverse in terms of sexuality, gender, and race/ethnicity. Aesthetically, it's a pretty decent campus.
Santa Susana wasn’t as good of a school as it seemed to be on the outside, and there were a lot of bad teachers.
I love that it has such a great platform for performing arts students! Also, the small classes allow for one on one teacher-student benefits for academics!
Santa Susana High School has amazing academics and a wonderful social environment. Although competitive and demanding at times, Santa Su's staff and faculty are understanding, willing to help, and adaptive. A school without sports also can have its inherent flaws, such as a lack of school culture and pride, but we make up for it with well-developed technology, performing arts, and law programs. SSHS is a fantastic school with a lot to offer.
The school is very academic driven and gives more homework than typical high schools. The teachers provide a driven and motivated environment. However, the school doesn't have a very diverse population and the student atmosphere is very toxic. The students tend to be toxic towards each other for having opinions different from their own and can act very "fake".
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What I like about Santa Su is that it is truly a friendly environment in which you can be yourself and everyone is respectful. The LGBT+ community is largely apart of SSHS culture and it is wonderful. One thing I would slightly alter is that the school can have a lot of clicks. As in, the theatre kids hang with the theatre kids, the dance kids hang with the dance kids and the AP kids hang with the AP kids. More intra-group communication would be fun.
The school is very diverse. The students and faculty accept everyone for who they are, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, etc. It's a safe space filled with teachers who love to help and guide their students.
My overall experience at Santa Susana Magnet High School was a memory I'll never forget. This school does not focus on sports like a normal high school, our school was gifted and talented with many bright souls. This school was special because it allowed students to focus on their studies such as performing arts and technology. Any student who has a passion for dance, arts, technology, film and acting should definitely not pass this amazing opportunity up!
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