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As far as secondary schools go, Santa Monica High School is pretty decent. It has strong musical and art programs as well as many available electives including engineering. Santa Monica High School also has a connection to the local community college, SMC, and many students are able to attend additional courses there. The teachers are generally nice and reasonable. Mostly, those who complain about their teachers are those unwilling to do work or meet their teachers halfway. There are many clubs, resources, and activities that students can participate in or use, but as clubs are student run, they tend to be more of friendship groups. The school is a high proponent of college readiness and has its own college counselors. Santa Monica High School suffers from the normal and institutional issues that all schools suffer from: teaching toward the average student rather than every student, a grading system that does not support real learning, and a strong belief in the college system.
Santa Monica High School is a great school. Having almost 3,000 students and over 100 clubs, their wide spectrum of kids and ethnic diversity make it easy to find a group of friends. It's staff are very supportive of their students' endeavors. SAMOHI is also known for their outstanding music program- including 7 orchestras, 5 bands, and numerous choirs whose top levels provide amazing opportunities and tour internationally. However, academic teachers do tend to be a bit risky and vary frequently in their teaching. Currently, SAMOHI's campus is under renovation for a new modern building coming in the near-future.
What I liked the most about Santa Monica Highschool were the teachers. I was able to meet very supportive teachers in which helped me navigate highschool. I also enjoyed the cultural events they had, it made the school feel very diverse and from the events, I was able to learn about different cultures. One thing I would improve about Santa Monica Highschool is there support system for undocumented students.
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Its is close to the beach not very good teacher i did not like it because i made no friends and i was very alone it is very cliquey there but i ate with my english teacher and that was nice and good the security guards are also nice and administration offers no help at all i took all ap classes you are prepared if you are smart not because of anything teachers do i did everything on my own really something fun that this school does is hold pep rallys where you stand in the sun all day
Some teachers are great! I would give them an A+ but there are a few I wouldn't give anything close to an A. There are definitely some teachers who put in much more effort than others. It is highly noticeable as well. The food at my school I would rate a C-. The food they serve just keeps students full, not healthy. They should upgrade their lunch menu and snacks as well. One thing at Santa Monica High School that is very high quality is their security. Officers everywhere making sure students are safe and not getting into crazy trouble. The campus is old but they are renovating so it should look great in a few years!
SAMO has an overall great education system, most teachers are very good at teaching but there are a select few who are very difficult to work with. Most students are nice and I have never heard of any severe bullying issue. School spirit is pretty good considering how many students we have, the theatre and musical programs are fantastic along with many of the sports. Our pep rallies are sometimes kinda cheesy but the juniors and seniors have fun. Cafeteria food isn’t great. Campus is pretty dirty in some areas and the M house bathrooms are worn down and broken, fortunately we are getting a new building.
It’s a good school with a lot of phenomenal programs would recommend to students are nice and it’s a warm enviornment
What I really liked about this school is how teachers and counselors care about their students. On the other hand, it doesn't really feel safe sometimes. Community over there is the best and everyone is friendly. I would recommend this school for anyone who will be going to high school and near the area.
Samohi has been a very good place to learn and grow. I’ve had some amazing teachers that have fostered my creativity. High school is of course different for everybody and my experience was great although I’ve had some rough experiences that have changed me for the better.
Amazing resources and faculty, I found that my teachers genuinely cared for me. The music programs in particular are phenomenal.

Unfortunately I had my senior year cut short due to Covid-19.
I love the opportunities that have been offered to the students at samo. I have been a part of the orchestra program and project lead the way throughout all of my years of high school, but with a struggle. Just before my senior year, I had to fight to take both classes because they were held during the same period. It was difficult to get administration to cooperate with the affected students. The academics at the school are excellent, and there are plenty of resources available to students.
The school has phenomenal programs all around. From the music programs, to the competitive athletics, you can't go wrong in terms of high school experience. It's a large school and there are always new activities and clubs to participate in.
I met my best friends here. I had an amazing experience the past 4 years. I will always treasure the friendships and memories that I have made.
I really enjoyed the past four years at this high school. I met my best friends here and had amazing relationships with my teachers and classmates. I will always treasure the memories that I made here.
I have always been part of the Santa Monica-Malibu School District and its always been a good experience. With everything I need there is always solution. From the time I was in Kindergarten when I needed more classes to help me with my English up until I was in High school when I was given food resources because my family is from a low income economic status. SAMOHI has always also been great with all the extra curricular activities like music, theater, painting, drawing, digital design, color guards, and more. It is also very good with clubs because they let students express their specific interests by creating and running their own clubs. It provides students who need help financially with resources like food that they receive twice every school day. Most of the teachers are really nice and are ready to help any student. So far it's been a good experience.
I love the people there! I have had some experiences with unfavorable teachers, but overall the teachers are amazing and they care about their students.
SAMOHI has a wonderful musical program, as well as dedicated counselors. It also has a variety of academic and non academic options. You can do ceramics, digital film, drama, and other electives that are not ofer typically in public schools. What I´d like to see change is that all sports are given the same opportunities to grow as a program and that all athletes are give support academically as well as in their sport. Especially students of low-income background.
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I would like to see more diversity and involvement with minority groups. I am a current student there now and as a minority, I would like to feel more involved in the school rather than just a group.
I like most of the staff at the school. They always try to make time for students to get help and get their school work done.
I love all the AP courses available at Samohi as well as the great teachers they have as well. The orchestra program at Samo is absolutely incredible with two very devoted and hardworking teachers and a great OPA. In general, I wish to see Samo be more organized with general events that ASB organizes.
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