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Santa Margarita Catholic High School Reviews

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Top notch academics. I feel prepared for college with the coursework. Teachers are approachable and have cared about my understanding the content, not just passing the tests. Mid-super successful sports teams. It has been a supportive, faith filled campus.
The students here were all raised in well off families so expect everything given to them and/or do not care about anything except "social status". There are some students that I have been able to connect to, but I don't expect to keep a lot after I leave for college. I've had amazing teachers here, but some not too qualified. Food is VERY overpriced. In all this school does set you up well for college if you work for it.
They offer a lot of amazing programs here such as AP and IB courses, and there are creative classes and extracurricular activities to fit everyone's interests. One of the coolest things is that they are a Microsoft school so almost everything is seamlessly online.
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Had an amazing experience in my four years at Santa Margarita and would not have changed it for the world. My teachers are life long mentors and supporters to me and I have Santa Margarita to thank for my life long family
SM is an ok school but they need to start addressing bigger problems then the girls' skorts. Also, they need to get better counselors that see the students' full potential. Other then that, its a pretty decent school.
Great school for academics and college prep. Counselors and teachers help you in and outside the classroom. The sports programs are great too.
I really think there needs to be a better job of addressing issues of mental health and better collaboration BETWEEN academic departments so students don’t end up with an insane amount of tests, assignments due, or quizzes on the same day. Also, enough with the busy work, and, to the math department, DO NOT PUT PROBLEMS ON TESTS THAT YOU YOURSELF CANNOT DO!!!
I would like to thank Santa Margarita not-so-Catholic High School for ruining my senior year of high school. ALL of my teachers do not care about us and do not make any effort to make lessons engaging and even relevant. For almost 7 hours a day, we sit in class (with no instruction by a teacher), playing card games, playing candy crush, skyping, and doing anything but staying "on task". If you are not interested in being a full Honors, AP, or IB student then teachers act like your presence is irrelevant. Most of the students parents force them to go here or they are extremely financially well off and most of the time, both. I have witnessed many teachers and faculty act extremely rude to students and parents and say things that do not represent their so called "catholic school" in a good way.
Our experience was less than what we expected for the steep costs. While the teachers and admin staff really do try to do a good job, the students seem lacking in motivation (at least academically) and play on their computers way too much in class. Everyone wears hoodies over their heads to usurp the dress code. Also the early schedule was a sleep killer and school year calendar is out of sync with all other schools. Campus is on lock down pretty much all day, so very safe if that is your focus.
SMCHS is an amazing high school experience with an emphasis on academics, athletics, well-being, safety, and community. Highly recommend! From freshman orientation to these final days of high school, I have enjoyed my teachers, coaches, club leaders, campus ministry, and administration. Top notch! I learned and experienced something new every year with an engaging classroom experience, strong swim team and water polo teams, diverse clubs and programming that offers something for everyone. SMCHS promotes a strong and positive community filled with respect, kindness, and love for students, teachers, administrators, and parents. I truly enjoyed my high school experience. It’s always a great day to be an Eagle!
the location of the school is nice, located in a small suburb area in rsm. since it is a catholic school, the atmosphere is also good for studying. bullying incidents dont usually happen, and students try to be kind to each others. the school offers both AP and IB classes, which help prepare students for college.
I loved Santa Margarita Catholic High School. The staff was very friendly and professional. The teachers genuinely care about your success and are willing to help you whenever needed. As a first year college student undergoing Baylor University's rigorous medical program, I believe SMCHS prepared me to the best of their abilities. I highly recommend SMCHS to any individual considering it! The biggest shortcomings I experienced at SMCHS was cost of attendance and lack of scholarships. As a private school, we are expected to see large tuition fees, yet I struggled to find scholarships through the institution. Other than this, SMCHS treated me very well and I am grateful to have attended an amazing school.
I love all the teachers and counselors. The sports are amazing but you have to be a top-notch player to get playing time.
Santa Margarita has all the resources one needs to get ready for college. Teachers and counselors sincerely care about their students and know how to prepare students. There are clubs for just about everyone and anything you are excited about or interested in, there is something at SM here for you.
The campus is amazing and school culture is great. It's my third year at SM and I have really enjoyed. There is truly something for everyone here.
The campus is BEAUTIFUL! The teachers are inspirational and really take the time to get to know the students. This school fully prepared me for college. I want to send my children here one day! This was the best investment!
Santa Margarita is notoriously and blatantly dominated by wealthy, white students. The administration hardly focused on diversity and I had a difficult time adjusting to school life. The IB Diploma Program was what distinguished the school from others, and it indeed helped me prep for college.
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I went to public school before SMCHS, so the smaller classroom sizes was a nice change of pace. There were plenty of things to do on campus and the planned community service events helped both the community and create a stronger student culture.
As I approach the end of my senior year of high school, I look back on the 4 years I spent at this school. They have been filled with many great memories. This school has me feeling ready for college. As influenced by the teachers and administration, I feel that I have also been able to find God in everyday life, as He is integrated into everyday studies.
Santa Margarita was an amazing experience for me. While i may not have enjoyed every minute of it while i was there, looking back on it makes me extremely grateful for the experience and education. The school helped me form positive lasting behaviors that have led me to love going to class and completing the assignments, projects, and tests that come with it. I believe that this school is set up perfectly the way it is: involving incoming freshman and immersing them in the school culture; providing copious amounts of help on campus for students who choose to seek it; great teachers who care about the students in and out of class; and an amazing athletics program to nurture the talented athletes attending the school.