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Santa Fe Preparatory School Reviews

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Excellent preparatory 7-12 school with a growing commitment to diversity and affordability. Wonderful teachers and beautiful campus. They require participation in sports but kids can opt out if they want to concentrate on something not available at the school. Administration is kind and competent. Not many downsides, but their science program could be stronger particularly in middle school, also a lot of homework in increasing amounts through the years. They are very thoughtful/intentional regarding preparation for college (and life) by encouraging self-advocacy from middle school on. So happy this school exists in Santa Fe!
I have had a relatively good experience at Prep. The academics are incredible, but with only a little over 300 students, the community is not as great as it seems. Cliques are formed and it is hard to migrate from friend group to friend group as there isn't anywhere to maneuver from. However, I feel well prepared for a college environment and that is due to Prep's academic rigor and college counseling.
I love my teachers at Prep and have formed amazing relationships with them. My experience with math and science here and also with academics overall and college readiness has been awesome. Prep could definitely put more emphasis than they do on performing arts like theater and dance - there is definitely a clear emphasis on sports, especially soccer. Diversity at Prep is something that needs to improve - to better represent the community it is in. Overall, I have felt safe and welcome at Prep, but I do think the school culture can be exclusive based on economic status and/or sports involvement of students.
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This is an excellent school for academic preparation for college, high rigor but also support.
The culture is extrovert competitive and could improve on classroom teaching style that better bring in all types of learners.
The diversity with respect to people of color is low, mainly this is white upper socioeconomic student body
This school could offer so much, if they put in the actual effort. The most prominent issue at this school is the administration; their lack of awareness to social problems both in and outside of the school is shocking. As a result, cliques have been created and kids who don't conform to the stereotypical "jock" and "prep" kid are seen as outsiders. Diversity is terrible, and the students who typically enjoy this school are those who enjoy the Mean Girls movie environment.
Santa Fe Prep is a school that embodies the idea of valuing learning. Rigorous academics teach students how to overcome challenges and problem solve in a supportive and helpful environment. Teachers are always willing to assist students, whether it be with their academics or their personal lives. This type of behavior and kindness is demonstrated by students on and off campus every day. Students utilize these skills in the sports at Prep, which are very inclusive and a great way to have fun and compete. Prep's no-cut policy helps in encouraging students to pursue new things and step outside of their comfort zones. Overall, it can be said that Prep is a community that is filled with great students and amazing teachers that help kids to grow as learners and as people.
We have three students at SFP. Delighted that our senior got into her dream college early decision. I credit her, but I also credit the superb college advising team at SFP. Our two middle school children actually enjoy going to middle school (where else does that happen?) because they so enjoy their teachers and their classmates and the extracurricular sports teams. SFP attracts high quality faculty who could teach college students, but choose to live in Santa Fe because of the spectacular quality of life here. Tuition is expensive but less than half of what I would pay in my home town (NYC) plus my kids get to have a childhood.
Santa Fe Prep is an excellent environment for learning and growth. Prep has outstanding academic courses, which can be challenging, but with these challenges comes fantastic support from classmates, advisors, and teachers who are always willing to help. Along with academics, Santa Fe Prep also has many extracurricular activities. Student-organized clubs are a way for students with like-minded interests to gather and take part in fun activities/games/etc. Prep has many sports teams, and a no-cut policy, which ensures participation from each player and makes the sport more fun. Through clubs, sports, activities, and other opportunities I have been offered here at Santa Fe Prep, I have made many friendships. Personally, I am most impressed with the community at Prep. I feel very welcome anywhere on campus, I am supported by my classmates and teachers, and I always feel that I am in an environment in which I can grow. Santa Fe Prep is a supportive and fun learning experience.
Overall, Santa Fe Prep provides a true learning environment. Students are constantly pushed to question and think outside the box. Although Prep can be challenging at times because there are such high expectations; teachers at Prep are incredibly supportive of both the student’s studies and their outside life. I personally have learned to communicate with my teachers if I am having trouble, and I feel comfortable doing this. Students at Prep learn many skills such as studying, planning your time, and learning how to balance school with any other activity. Prep also allows students to pursue any passion they might have whether that is sports, arts, literature, etc. Prep is an amazing school that allows kids to find their full potential as a student and as a person.
Santa Fe Prep is not only a place for rigorous academics, but also the perfect place to grow as an individual. Prep offers a wide variety of sports and arts. This gives the opportunity to find new passions and interests. I had no fear with trying new things because the community at Prep is extremely supportive and friendly. Prep’s small class size allows one-on-one help from the teacher when needed and individual attention. Along with the size of each class, our inspiring teachers and remodeled classrooms provide a great learning experience. Each teacher is passionate about their subject and their students. Classrooms are laid out in discussion form to give every student a chance to share their voice. Classrooms also have ample whiteboard space for each student to practice on their own and get up off their feet; an improvement from the traditional lecture sitting at a desk.
Santa Fe Prep has a beautiful campus, excellent teachers and caring staff. Unfortunately bullying, superiority complexes and the lack of diversity has really lowered the standards for this school. The weakest subject in the school are the sciences which is too bad, from a school that boasts a well rounded education. Prep helps students be prepared for college and challenges thinking and fosters great ideas. The problem is, at what cost will a student have to witness and/or be the target of bullying, made to feel like a second class citizen, or have their idea shut down by other students, before the administration starts to look at these problems and seek answers.
Overall, Santa Fe Prep is a needlessly stressful experience. It takes the academics of a college like Harvard and puts it in a high school setting. Some of the teachers especially forget that other classes exist and as such might assign a huge assignment, like a paper or project, on the same day something else really big is due in another class. On the same note, communication between staff, faculty, and students is severely lacking; one might say nonexistent. Oh, and, have mercy on your soul if you happen to get sick-- it WILL take at least a week to get back on track, and that's only if you're willing to further risk your own mental health. So, in general, if you want to be significantly over-prepared for almost any college, then this is the school for you. If not, avoid the campus altogether.
Prepares you for college. Small classrooms for individual attention. I would give academics A+. I wish there were more languages to chose from.
There are a lot of sports as well as clubs. Students can start their own clubs.
The teachers love the subjects they teach. They are very concerned about the students and very supportive of us.
The school is very safe.
I have loved my time at this school. It offers a very supportive environment and teachers who love to teach.
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This school is a very safe school however, there is a bit of bullying. But other than that, there isn't anything that would make me, worried about going to school here.
The athletics are great because there is a contracting out option if the student has a team outside of the school that they would like to participate in. And the school's variety of sports is great, too.
Overall, It has been the best experience of education i have had. The education is better than the public school I went to before. The teachers help the students on a more personal level and what makes it unique is the community. I would choose it again because it is a terrific school.
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