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I was a "lifer" at SCCS. Honestly I wouldn't change my experience for the world. I have made life-long friends there and even though I now go to college in Connecticut, I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for the teachers, coaches, and all other staff at SCCS that supported me to do my best and love the Lord.
SCCS is a wonderful school that prepares children well for real life. The teachers all love the Lord, and the academics are rigorous. It has surpassed my expectations for a private school. It is a joy to send our kids to a safe school where they are loved by their teachers.
Racial diversity- zero.
Clicky- 10.
Stability for Principal the last 3 years -zero.
Vice principal stability- zero.
The parents are older, judgmental. Fake kind at first than they show true colors. Many times where disciplinary left to parents and ignored by the school. Faculty are 90% parents. Lot’s of bullying stories and staff ignores. Even the son of the coach and many teachers. coach controls sport for his son to shine. No one says anything. Too much “fun” time way too much and not enough focus on scholastics. Curriculum is poor lots of memorization. No help to others who aren’t top gifted already. The security is very low. High school kids come and go and leave gates open 95% of time. Basketball is good bc they recruit.
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I love the Parent-Teacher fellowship and the involvement of the parents. The parents and the kids are wonderful kind caring people. we've had some really good teachers in the past but most of them are gone now. We have nowhere to do Sports and not very many options. Very few electives. I love the atmosphere but I would be a lot happier if the church was not involved. The tuition keeps going up and the money is going to support the church and not the school. we should use some money to buy another campus for the high schoolers.
Very strict, don’t allow individualism, fake, and consistently heading down hill. Some staff are the sweetest and best people you will meet and others are dense, unforgiving, and not empathetic towards anyone or their situation.
I liked the safe and comforting environment, where teachers and coaches care about you well being. There is a small number of students in each class so teaching is more personalized.
With small class sizes, teachers truly get to connect with their students, which contributes to success in high school as well as post-graduation
This is a great environment for young students to thrive in all aspects of life. The amazing athletic program promotes increased participation and school spirit. There is a strong moral foundation that upholds all students in respect, character, and integrity. While advanced classes are limited, teachers are extremely devoted in educating students in and out of the classroom.
Our family has been at the school for seven years now. Our oldest started in Kindergarten and is now in the 6th grade and our youngest is in the 2nd grade.

As a family, we value a solid Christian education. Our kids are learning about math, science, history, etc. from a biblical perspective and are being taught by nurturing teachers and coaches that truly care about our kids. We have personally experienced teachers praying for, walking alongside and partnering with us as we have encountered behavioral issues with our boys.

We also appreciate that the campus is K-12. Our boys have developed relationships with some of the older students through the reading buddies program, spiritual emphasis week, etc.

We have made life-long friends with the families at SCCS.

SCCS is a great school!
Its the cheapest and overall the best private christian school in the area in and surrounding Santa Clarita with a low student faculty ratio so students can get to know teachers and teachers who love and care for both the Lord and their students. The students, in their time there, are boosted in their faith, as the school does what it can to bring its students to God.
Our family has been involved at SCCS since 2005; we love the family atmosphere, incredible teachers, and high academic standards.
Santa Clarita Christian is a great school. The teachers are wonderful and it is an easy and wonderful learning environment. However, I think that the school should just be K-8 or maybe just K-6. The school does not offer much for high schoolers in terms of activities or clubs or even classes. Public schools have a lot more options if you want a student to grow academically. Also, chapel every Wednesday is the exact same message and I just feel that I am not growing in Christ the way I should be.
It is an amazing experience to get to become close to teachers. They genuinely care about their students and want to invest in their lives.
We have restaurants cater to us.
I see the administrator involved on a daily basis.
Everyone is welcoming. It is unique because the students are friends with the teachers.
Food is always good. We have catering everyday.
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I love my school. We have great academics and people.
There are clubs and opportunities during lunch and after school.
There is little to no bullying, we have security guards on campus, we have occasional fire and earthquake drills, no graffiti.
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