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As a student in Santa Ana High, my experience was very good but it was not the best. There was a couple of problems like fights and drugs.
I feel like this school gets a bad rep because of the many poor experiences in the early 2000s. The school has improved a ton (especially the food)!

Santa Ana High School, though not the fanciest, has helped me, and many others in my Latino community, a lot. I’m on the Track team, am a Cross Country runner, and an A student. I’m sure Santa Ana High School will continue to improve as the years progress.
There are a lot of nice people on campus! The teachers, counselors, and administrators really help you and guide you to succeed. The students are also helpful and respect one another in many different ways. Every person in the school is unique. There are so many fun activities to do.
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My overall experience at Santa Ana High School has been very pleasant. Throughout all of my 4 years attending there I made the very best memories and felt like I was part of a family. The music program is phenomenal and is worth recognizing because it made my high school experience an unforgettable one. All of the staff tries their best to ensure you are on the right path to success and is very good at keeping everyone safe. I was very satisfied overall with my enrollment there and would say that I would not really see any improvement needed.
My overall experience in Santa Ana High School was good. The teachers are very nice and interact with the students. The school provides lots of AP classes and has many opportunities for all students. They have many programs and clubs in which are very helpful and fun to go to. The school provides tutoring and fun after-school activities.
I enjoy the activities I am able to participate in throughout the school year, I have joined many clubs and students have the ability to form new ones too. I am also able to find resources available when I was in need for them. I would like to see an improvement in the student restrooms, they could be enhanced.
What I like about Santa Ana highschool would be all the great opportunities that they offer us. It is not in the greatest location but from this school I have seen people go to Stanford. It shows me that no matter how poor a school can be, great things can come from it and it simply insipires me and shows me that I can reach my goals
I have a positive experience with the school. The teachers are nice and they interact with the students.
I had a great time, in all the honors and AP classes. Most teachers were amazing at their jobs, however, like in any other school, there are teachers who do nothing and have given up. The counselors are very involved when the student puts in the time and help in every aspect they can. It was a good high school when you find teachers who care and really take their time to teach you.
The staff and students know what is expected best school with the best staff and students. In my opinion Santa Ana High School is the school it is today thanks to Mr. Bishop I had Mr. Bishop as my principal throughout middle school and the care and love he has for every single student from his school is truly noticeable. Thanks to Mr. Bishop I can say that every student feels safe walking into out school.
The one thing I liked the most of Santa Ana high was, the fact that the teachers create a bond with you and treat you as family. The bond is strong and those teachers are there for you when you need help or just need someone to talk to. One thing I would change is the amount of drugs that are being used on campus. Whenever I would go to the restroom there would be many guys using "dab pens" and getting high. The security or teachers would never bother checking the bathroom to see what was goin on once in a while.
Santa Ana High School has been such a great school in providing AP classes to students. It also does a great part in celebrating every club, organization, and team's success and promoting many more clubs.
This schools brings many opportunities to all students. Many programs and clubs in ththe school are very helpful and useful. Very positive environment. I loved this school so much I got involved in so many clubs and programs. The staff is great. I had teachers that helped me built my character and helped me become a strong student
My eperience at santa ana high school was overall good. The teachers werw very helpful and truly cared for our future. As well as sports, they have amazing coaches that really push you to do your best and would always incoorporate teamwork. The staff really work with you in order for you to achieve what you are striving for. They also show lots of campanion ship. Amongst that the school has amazing counselors and higher Ed. Staff that really lend out hands and take their time to help the students in anything they need, whether it is a job application or scholarship. With that being said something that the school can improve on is the school lunch. Most students strive for the salads and heathier foods because most students are involved in sports and would like too stay in shape. Therefore, bettering the school lunch will save lots of money because the students will eat the food and it will not be a waste but also the students will get a healthier lunch.
I would like to see educators and admin implement more restorative practices given the community they are serving. I think it is important to do away with punitive practices and approach students in a trauma informed approach.
My high school years were honestly the best 4 years ever. What I liked about Santa Ana High School is that the staff care a lot about the students. They make sure that the students work hard for their goals, to go to college and achieve what they want to be in the future. The athletic program is really good. The coaches are understandable when it comes to academics. Most students are really friendly and also motivate other fellow students to work hard in class and to turn in all their homework. Santa Ana High School cares about the safety of the students and do their best to make the school a secure place for the students and future saints. I strongly recommend for the students to go to Santa Ana High School. Once a saint, always a saint!
I had a great time attending Santa Ana High School. The teachers were always there for you and always made sure to help you as much as they could. Being there made me feel like I was a part of a big family. Once a Saint always a Saint!
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Santa Ana High School has been an amazing experience which I'm not even done with! The school's improvement on the arts, academics, and college readiness is amazing with counselors and teacher working to getting you where you want.
Santa Ana High School is a educational place where they can explore their interest while also getting their general classes done. Students have lots of extra curricular activities they can join to have fun and be part of the school. I joined art my junior year and had lots of fun in that class and learned how to draw realistic, I'm proud of that.
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