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New to SSFS, we were welcomed warmly by staff. Our son was given numerous opportunities to connect with other students and has made many friends. It was magic in the first week of term to see him smile, laugh and grow in confidence as he settled in. The academics are excellent and suddenly the 'not so keen student' is interested in his studies. He really loves history now! The organisation of the school day and year has been done thoughtfully and allows students time to decompress - this is such a blessing. I was impressed that the school guided our son in how to study, how to manage his time, to organise his work. Staff care. More than one teacher gave time after school if extra input was needed. Art (ceramics) was enjoyed for the first time and Farming for Fitness has been amazing. The parent association is active; people are friendly and kind to each other. People do what they can. Choosing SSFS was the best decision we ever made for our son.
My two children both graduated from Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS). They started there in the early elementary grades and graduated from there, as well. In the middle, however, there were a few years when we had to be elsewhere. I will not lie . . . SSFS is not perfect. However, it was the perfect place for my children. Both of my children were well-prepared for competitive colleges, and the self-advocacy skills that they honed while SSFS students continue to amaze me. Campus diversity continued to increase during our time there. SSFS currently is building a new Upper School, and it looks like it will be fantastic. I encourage you to at least look at the school if you are in the market for an independent school education for your child.
The community is well knit, the teachers work very hard, and the education is well rounded. I love attending the school and feel i couldn't he happier anywhere else.
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Sandy Spring Friends School gives children the opportunity to grow and mature by teaching them a basic life value: Love and respect for one another. I have found the teachers and administration very supportive listening to and attending to the needs of individual children.
Started in my ninth grade year and it was truly life changing. This community is so strong and coming to the school is one of the best thing's i have ever done . You create a strong and personal relationship with all staff members from maintenance to administration.
Very diverse in every aspect, save politically. SSFS receive everyone with open arms, and you're sure to get a smile while walking around. The open campus is a great resource for spontaneous outside activities, and the food is better than others. Overall, a very good school.
Sandy Spring is place I really enjoyed taking my last 7 years of primary education. It's a great community and I met a lot of great people. The teachers, other students, and faculty all worked together really well to make everyone have the best experience possible in their time there.
School has lax discipline; no accountability for disruptive students; poor parent communication; tolerates bullying; steer clear at all costs. Only positive is beautiful campus but don’t be confused, school is run for the benefit of employees’s children who attend not students who pay full freight!
Academics are good, but the amount that kids with money control the school is ridiculous and people who have more sway because of their money tend to avoid punishment for offenses kids on financial aid would be expelled for. They punish the issues that threaten school liability, not the issues that threaten the community or the safety of the space. Also, for an alternative school, they seem to conform more and more to the traditional ideals of a prep school while letting some aspects of Quakerism fall to the wayside the more time goes on. The presence of international students is a huge opportunity for cultural education, but the way that the classes are organized keep them separate from the rest of the student body pretty much up until senior year. The school counselor has no respect for confidentiality or boundaries. They are very rigid and not accepting about mental health struggles or alternative learning beyond publicity stunts.
I am a middle school student and came in 6th grade it is a very welcoming environment and such a great place to go. I will say I feel like it depends on the grade you are going in to. I would recommend that if you shadow the school you should shadow the grade your going into and the grade your in.
I'm not going to lie, this school gives me excellent education and I just love being here. And for the record, this school is not a bubble that protects the student from the "real world." It gives me experience that no other schools have. This experience is very unique and lovely.
Sandy Spring Friends School has definitely shown me another side of myself. I feel that ever since coming here, I have discovered what type of person I want to be. There are so many genuinely nice people that care about you here. Even many of the teachers want to see you succeed personally. The education I have received here is pretty diverse despite the fact that SSFS does not offer every single topic I am interested in. I would say that the school could use more diversity in the future. Not just among the student body, but also within the faculty and administrators.
I joined after my freshman year of high school. I was bullied and had severe depression and anxiety. The school seemed perfect. I got into a bit of a pickle but looking back I am gladi Switched
Overall, I really enjoyed my time at SSFS and I enjoyed nearly every part of it. A school that preaches the idea of community, there are plenty of events that includes all three divisions. There is also the Community Play, one of the many extravagant things that the arts department pulls off is a production in which all three divisions can audition or, work behind the scenes for. Everyone is welcome regardless of talent. Being a Quaker school that is fairly progressive, no one is afraid to speak their mind during Meeting For Worship, a time where we sit in silence until something speaks their mind. The school isn't too diverse but there are affinity groups. Academics, arts, and athletics are all really good but I believe that the administration and student government needs some tinkering.
I attended this school since freshman year. The school does a ton of activities for students who are in 9th grade. In March, they have the opprotunity to go to the Florida Keys. It is a wonderful expeirence.
Sandy Spring Friends School has an amazing community both in and out of the classroom. SSFS provides amazing opportunities, such as intersession, in which the entire upper school is provided the chance to travel in small groups internationally or domestically. Each grade from 4-9th grade leaves the classroom and partakes in a camping trip of varying lengths in order to allow the grade to become closer and allow students to create a better bond with not only their peers but the teachers as well. The class room environment is also incredibly friendly, and students call their teachers by their first name in order to follow the Quaker principe of equality. Very few classes exceed 15 people, meaning that the teacher can focus individual attention on a student in order to help them succeed. SSFS provides social and academic opportunities that focuses not only on teaching students facts to, but to make them better people and teach students how to let their lives speak.
My experience at Sandy Spring has been a positive and meaningful experience overall. I think Sandy Spring Friends School is a special place that attracts a variety of talented and unique people from all over the world and although I compromised on things that come with going to a large school, I think it was worth it.
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The community is really close-knit. I consider it my second home, rather than my school. Class sizes are small, and students get to develop personal relationships with teachers, which makes all the difference in the learning process.
The teachers are really nice and they are what keep me wanting to go to SSFS but on the other hand the kids are insane. i understand that everyone is different and that people have their own problems but the kids take things to the next level. I would not send your child here if you want them to enjoy high school. The Student Government is well run but the students never obey the simple responsibilities that Ben Mclelland gives them. I give SSFS two stars. I got ripped off by this school and I do not recommend sending your child here if they want to have a social life. There are tons of amazing schools in Maryland. This is not one of them.
Caring staff, Quaker ethos, fabulous school. Especially good for the quirky, shy, nonconforming child. Let your life speak.