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Sandy Spring Friends School has been such a welcoming community for my two kids in the lower school. The faculty and staff are nurturing, but academically rigorous, providing a challenge when needed in a safe environment. My kids have grown so much because of their SSFS experience - they have the confidence to meet academic challenges; they are caring and supportive to their classmates, because that is the behavior they see modeled; and they are curious about the world around them, because that is so encouraged and nurtured. SSFS is truly a special place, and I’m so thankful we can provide an educational experience like tips for our kids.
I absolutely love attending SSFS and cannot recommend it highly enough. The school fosters a kind, supportive environment while also pushing students to do their best. They help foster positive relationships between students and teachers. I feel thoroughly challenged and also equipped with the resources to meet those challenges. I also love our theatre/dance program and have found so many great opportunities through the school!
I have been at Sandy Spring Friends for my entire life and I have made some amazing memories here with all of the experiences Sandy Spring holds. It offers so many opportunities for growth and experience, and they have made me into the person I am today. The school isn't just a community but it's a diverse family full of loving students, faculty and staff. Our community has grown a lot in the past year with issues of racial inequality and diversity by listening, learning and responding. No school is perfect but I am proud to be at a school that is doing something about its issues and keeps the students in the loop. The school listens to our social and academic concerns and works with the students for solutions. The school and its teachers are very transparent with us students and they treat us as equals. Sandy Spring Friends gives a well rounded education that prepares me academically and socially. The school is tight knit but welcoming, and always excited to expand our community.
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I have grown so much from Sandy Spring Friends School, I have made some many beautiful connections with both domestic and international students, and now have a very diverse background.
We have found SSFS to be a well rounded and balanced school that places personal social emotional growth with an equal importance to academics. The school culture is one of inclusiveness and a safe space for all children. The academics are well balanced without being overwhelming. The facilities and extra curriculars well managed and organized. The school has ample opportunities for educational trips that also build independence and responsibility. The faculty is extremely caring and works hard to help the children thrive. Self advocacy is promoted and encouraged. The small classes aid in learning and the inquiry based curriculum engages the kids. This school has been a great fit for my two children.
All of the faculty and staff are very kind and encouraging. The beautiful campus allows for a unique way of learning that is very beneficial to students.
I have enjoyed my time at SSFS , obviously there are some issues with the school, but otherwise great!
Sandy spring friends school has made me grow, open my mind and become a better person.The school campus is really nice and the best part of the school is the international environment since there is a dorm on campus where students from all over the world live.

The teachers have a very good relationship with their students and are always there to support them. Going to sandy spring friends school is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
When I think of Sandy Spring, I think of 'good people.' Out of all the things that came out of my experience at SSFS, I'd say I became a good person. While the academics, sports, and other extra circulars are not as renowned as Montgomery County Public Schools are, the people that come out of SSFS are much more diverse, open-minded, and overall, interesting people.
I’ve been at SSFS for 3 years. I’ve really become one with my inner light. I was able to embody the Friends sprit and give back every chance I get. The academics will push you to thrive and grow.
SSFS is a caring community that fosters learning using a hands on, inquiry based approach. Classes are small, students learn through exploring the world around them and engaging with their community (at school and at large). Teachers are caring and many have long tenure at the school, which says a lot. The Quaker values are weaved into daily experiences and learning. Academically, faculty has been trained in the Mind Brain Education model, a research based program out of Harvard that focuses on understanding brain development and how children learn and develop critical thinking skills. SSFS strives to help children grow into good people who are not only prepared for the world but eager to make it a better place.
Female students and teachers are sexually harassed ON CAMPUS and the administration does nothing to hold the parties accountable. Why pay $30k for an environment like that? They act like their values are so important to them, but they do nothing to uphold them. They treat the school like a business not a school--they want to make themselves look good at the cost of their most vulnerable students.
Great performing art, poor STEM. Pretty safe campus, small community, but only a small percent of students are good at academics.
New to SSFS, we were welcomed warmly by staff. Our son was given numerous opportunities to connect with other students and has made many friends. It was magic in the first week of term to see him smile, laugh and grow in confidence as he settled in. The academics are excellent and suddenly the 'not so keen student' is interested in his studies. He really loves history now! The organisation of the school day and year has been done thoughtfully and allows students time to decompress - this is such a blessing. I was impressed that the school guided our son in how to study, how to manage his time, to organise his work. Staff care. More than one teacher gave time after school if extra input was needed. Art (ceramics) was enjoyed for the first time and Farming for Fitness has been amazing. The parent association is active; people are friendly and kind to each other. People do what they can. Choosing SSFS was the best decision we ever made for our son.
My two children both graduated from Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS). They started there in the early elementary grades and graduated from there, as well. In the middle, however, there were a few years when we had to be elsewhere. I will not lie . . . SSFS is not perfect. However, it was the perfect place for my children. Both of my children were well-prepared for competitive colleges, and the self-advocacy skills that they honed while SSFS students continue to amaze me. Campus diversity continued to increase during our time there. SSFS currently is building a new Upper School, and it looks like it will be fantastic. I encourage you to at least look at the school if you are in the market for an independent school education for your child.
The community is well knit, the teachers work very hard, and the education is well rounded. I love attending the school and feel i couldn't he happier anywhere else.
Sandy Spring Friends School gives children the opportunity to grow and mature by teaching them a basic life value: Love and respect for one another. I have found the teachers and administration very supportive listening to and attending to the needs of individual children.
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Started in my ninth grade year and it was truly life changing. This community is so strong and coming to the school is one of the best thing's i have ever done . You create a strong and personal relationship with all staff members from maintenance to administration.
Very diverse in every aspect, save politically. SSFS receive everyone with open arms, and you're sure to get a smile while walking around. The open campus is a great resource for spontaneous outside activities, and the food is better than others. Overall, a very good school.
Sandy Spring is place I really enjoyed taking my last 7 years of primary education. It's a great community and I met a lot of great people. The teachers, other students, and faculty all worked together really well to make everyone have the best experience possible in their time there.