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APS is a very poor educational system, and while the infrastructure presents an abysmal learning space, a majority of the instructors at SHS work very hard and care about the students very deeply.
I had a great experience at Sandia High School! I love the fact that its a smaller school, therefore it provides a more enriching education process with a community in mind. They also offer the International Baccalaureate Program for an advanced private-school education with a public school price.
There are some teachers that are passionate about their job and truly care for their students. Some teachers do not care at all and their classes are so boring and useless.
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I love Sandia High School and all the teachers were very helpful here. They support you through it all! Especially senior year, because they offer scholarships and have everything pretty much ready for us to graduate. We have had many meetings just to keep us on track for graduation and they still continue to offer us scholarships so we can have money to go to college. Sandia High School has a variety of opportunities to explore and find ones passion for something, that may end up turning into a career. All of the staff are very helpful with everything and a very special thanks to all of them, because in about a month, I will be graduating!
i liked my experience here, the people are cool and the teachers are nice and i loved my sports team.
I liked how diverse the activities in the school were. I really liked how friendly some of the staff were also. One thing I would really like to see change is how the administration runs things. The counselors are never there to help students. We ask for help and a firmly denied or just ignored.
my experience at Sandia has been nothing but wonderful. I attribute this to constantly being involved. I am involved in the student government and DECA chapter where I serve as an officer for both organizations.
I found my experience at Sandia to be fair all around. I thought that the rigorous AP classes were great in that they prepared me for college classes, and there was a lot of competition in terms of who would end up in the top ten. Academically, my experience was pretty alright. However, in terms of school culture, I definitely feel as though my experience could have been better. People at Sandia were highly clique-ish, and mostly kept to themselves and their groutp of friends.
I am a senior IB student and I have been able to get a wonderful IB education for free it has been awesome
The administration is sort of clueless sometimes and the academics are not very challenging for a person seeking such. Some teachers are very dedicated to readying their students for college—other classes are simply a waste of time or an easy A (this can be good or bad news depending on the student). The yucca building is a burden to walk to, I wish they would tear it down and build it closer to the main campus. Also, I wish the counselors were more invested in students’ futures/the application to college process. My counselor was the nicest lady, but she was clueless as to how to use Parchment to send my transcripts to colleges. I know it is difficult to get to know each student personally, seeing as Sandia has something like 1800 students, but I feel like I only ever spoke to my counselor 3 times throughout highschool and she didn’t know a whole lot about my experience or academics at the school.
What I like about Sandia is that there is such a diverse population; there is no way to stereotype or say that all of the students are the same. In one class you will find people of all different races, denominations, backgrounds. This diversity creates a tolerant and productive environment in which there is no formation of 'cliques', etc. as seen in other, 'typical' high schools. The administration works hard to be very involved in the students.
Originally as a middle school student I was apprehensive about attending Sandia High School; however, I enjoyed my four years there. I was very active in the music program at Sandia and I am very thankful to have been taught by many of the teachers. I highly recommend Sandia High School for spirited and driven young adults.
I honestly had a great time at Sandia. The principal was kind, the majority of the staff were great at their jobs and you could tell that they all cared about students and their school. The drama department is something very special and I wouldn’t have preferred to spend my time any other place than the theater.
The educational opportunities are some of the best offered in New-Mexico and the community is quite welcoming. Most of the teachers are enthusiastic to teach you. The school does it's best to make sure all the students are able to understand what they are supposed to in their courses. An outstanding math and science department.
Sandia High School is a great school to go to, they are very welcoming and the teachers are very eager to help all students learn and succeed in class.
Love the teachers and the school in general. Much care is taken over it by the administration as well as the student body.
I liked the International Baccalaureate Program at Sandia because the teachers worked closely with students and were there to see all of the IB students succeed. This is most definitely not the case in a large public school like Sandia but my experience in the program was very good. I would like to see more of the general education teachers focus on their students to this extent.
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I liked how most of the teachers were willing to help you no matter what time of the day. If you had a problem you could ask them and they were help you by showing you how to fix said problem. all the staff is very kind and willing to put you before themselves.
Sandia was a great place to go to high school. There are a lot of good teachers there, but I wish it had more funding. Some buildings just need to go, and there is never soap or toilet paper in the bathrooms.
What I liked about Sandia HS was that they offered an optional IB program.
The campus also had a new math and science building and new library facilities. I also liked the fact that the principal sent out weekly voice mails/emails on what was coming up in the next week at school. Another plus was the fact that the parent got a robocall if a student was marked tardy or absent. I was very pleased with the college counseling that was offered. The thing I didn't like was the way the baseball booster club was run this year. Everything was very secretive when it came to the financial end of it. Never did get to see what the balance was for the year that the parents raised and how it was spent.
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