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The teachers are really nice and friendly. They will work with students one on one if the student asks for help. If a student is struggling and the student doesn't ask for help the teacher will try to help them. Most students don't pick any fights and are nice to each other.
The academic advisors never mentioned college or possible pathways to community college. I had to actively seek out resources such as the college center to get an idea of what I was doing after high school. I noticed that the white kids that were attending our school were given more time and consideration when it came to college preparation.
Great school. Although San Rafael High has many strong programs, there should be more courses available. I feel like, compared to other high schools, San Rafael does not offer a wide variety of AP classes.
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San Rafael High School had it's ups and downs. Not every student was very nice at school, and a few teachers weren't all too helpful. Food wasn't good at all, I do wish they did a better job with it. The overall campus life was at least enjoyable and something you wouldn't get bored of. Athletics are pretty good at the high school.
At SRHS diversity = de facto segregation between the Latino and White students

Daniel Allen, Matthew Winton, and Andrew Simmons are the best teachers because of their passion for teaching not just to a rubric but inspiring you to learn. Major red pill from these great guys.

Football team is trash and will never be good but our soccer team is excellent. Cross country is the best sport at SRHS in terms of achievement and physical fitness.
I like that San Rafael High School is a highly diverse school with many students from different backgrounds. The school offers a lot of advanced placement classes and honor classes for students to challenge themselves academically. Personally, I think the school should increase their school spirit. That is one thing that I consider what our school lacks of.
It's alright in its entirety. Its one of the few high schools in the area with a higher percentage of Latino students to White/Caucasian students. It also has many different classes/programs allowing students to follow their interests. They also have a good amount of equipment for each of the specific programs. But, they also spend A LOT of their funds on things that don't really benefit the students. For example, they just spent about 10 million on a new football stadium that took a year longer than they said it would, and now they demolished a whole section of the school to build a new building, kicking out a good majority of the shop/art classes to some portable classrooms, greatly lowering their facilities to benefit the science department, which is not anything remarkable in itself. The health program is also taught by the PE teachers who will sometimes bring their personal opinion into the class. It has some benefits and some deficits. Parking sucks aswell.
It is a small community where teachers are really invested in their students. Teachers are accessible, parents are involved, and allumni have a strong presence.
I love how diverse SR is and I think that really adds to the student experience, but I think they spent a little too much money on our athletic department even though our teams were not that great. Also, there were a few straight months where there was no soap in the girl's bathroom. But overall, I think I got a really good education and had amazing teachers who cared about every student's success.
San Rafael High school is a great school. It is great for high school because all the teachers are connected with the students which is great! Defenitly prepares for college.
They are the key if why I started to speak in English, they taught me to be more responsible and independent.
I receive no help from the counselors due, to the size of the student body. The College and Career Center is always open to the students and is a safe space for everyone. There are not that many teachers of color while it's a school of predominate students of color.
I like the diversity in our school. The teachers are very helpful and I believe that they make an effort to help their students in any way. Only thing that I would like to change is to increase the school spirit.
I really liked going to school here because the teachers are great they show a lot of interest in your life and they do what they can to help you in any way possible. The only thing I would change is to start seeing more African Americans and Asian students and then it would be fully diverse. Also, I really did long for a good school culture and spirit. That would have made school more enjoyable and less uninvolement. School spirit can really bring schools together and can cause more friendships between upper class men and lower class men. Another thing I would change is the food. I know that in France, children learn how to eat properly and they get full course meals on a low budget. I wish the food would be of better quality. Other than that, the teachers are awesome! There is so many tutoring opportunities! Also, I wish we had a good/solid football team asap.
San Rafael High school is a very diverse school. It has a little bit of everything even though we weren't ever too good at sports. Great culture and student involvement with school events. Its not your stuck-up kid school and very liberal. Would not have wanted to go anywhere else!
I enjoyed going to San Rafael High School. The campus is not that large however the school spirit is amazing. I played on various teams and enjoyed the teamwork we had. There is a place for everyone at this school.
I am a senior at San Rafael High School. I have loved my experience at SRHS thus far. I have participated in many of our great programs such as our drama and science departments. I have also enjoyed our sports teams. I was on varsity tennis two years in a row and I also did soccer. Our campus is really nice. My favorite buildings are the library and the science building. Our library is a very nice and quiet place to study with friends or alone. The science building is great because we are lucky to have fully stocked lab stations and equipment. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because no school is perfect.
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I've spent 4 years at San Rafael HS and it's been a great experience. I come from a first-get family and there's so many resources for us around this city! I participated in Huckleberry Wellness Academy and it was great. At the school we have a college and career center that has had many wonderful advisors!!!! There's so much to do here in regards to clubs and sports. Its easy to find your niche here.
Terrible. The kids in there all act like gangsters. If given another chance I for one would not want my kids to go here.
SRHS has, so far, been a wonderful experience. I have been able to involve myself in all types of clubs, organizations, and even academics, which has definitely broadened my horizons. While our sports are not amazing, the communities across all playing fields (literally) are like a great melting pot of positivity and excitement. For the most part, the teachers are enthusiastic about students and involvement so it is relatively easy to stay engaged and active at school.
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