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What I liked about San Pedro was that I was able to get as much help in life and in school to my counselor. She really impacted the growth I have with myself and with school.
Great school with great opportunities but the office staff are difficult to work with. I was from the STEAM program and have had an overall good experience. The teachers are amazing and the clubs/sports are so much fun.
The teachers really care about you and your success, I was in the STEAM program all 4 years of high school so I can't really speak about the other programs at the school.
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There are some downsides to it like every other school, but overall, it's amazing. The school itself has two campuses and you make the decision on which one you go to based off of what classes you take. The school is very diverse in nature. Its location is amazing since its near the coast, so the view is amazing. The weather is also great, but quite windy at times if that's important to you. The staff and administration is amazing. They are always willing to help one out and to even have a conversation with the students if the time is available of course. Overall my experience was amazing. 10/10 would recommend.
My experience wasnt the best overall because sometimes the counselors give you a hard time switching classes and its not a very clean campus but I had fun with friends and met some really nice teachers that helped me so much.
San Pedro High School is unique there's two different campuses and it allows you to choose a "house" that is based off what you want to learn. The teachers are very helpful and understanding about things that are happening to you personally. If i could change anything, I would like to see San Pedro have some more school spirit because school is obviously there to learn, but it would be nice to have some fun once in a while too.
I have had a very fulfilling high school experience so far. I am in the STEAM Magnet program in my school, and really love it. The teachers provide a fantastic academic challenge and their are many classes to choose from. The sport teams are fun. However, the community could be viewed as a little rough around the edges. The students have some strength and character as a result.
San Pedro High School (SPHS) has many clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities that students could participate in. It’s a pretty diverse school and most people are friendly and open to making new friends. However, some teachers didn’t have very good teaching skills but most had very great teaching skills.
My experience at San Pedro High School was very good. I played baseball there and in my four years we won our league 3 years in a row.
In San Pedro high school Olguin Campus has a ver nice view of the beach and it a nice location. I’ve been here for 2 years and half it’s been good so far. Something I like for a change is for counselors to help students what’s our options after high school, what classes to take etc. Other than that everything is good. There’s good teacher that will help you and listen to you. I’ve been in leadership it’s going to be my third year it’s been fun and excited. I’ve learned a lot such as working in teamwork, helping others when they need help, organizing, and planning.
My first experience at San Pedro Senior High School was very difficult when it came to finding classes but the environment is very welcoming and most teachers are amazing. All the teachers hereat San Pedro Senior High School are doing their best when it comes to helping students understand and catch up, and the teachers that I have received to become my teacher for my freshman year was so fun to be with. I really am a shy person but the environment in the school made it so fun and I was able to be a little more confident than I used to. The only thing I would probably change about San Pedro Senior High School is how they show students which class they would have to attend at the beginning of the first semester and the second semester. The school would post students' names in the main hallway of the school where most of the offices are located. It's difficult to understand so I recommend my school to have a map for the school around in case anyone is lost since the school is big.
I started at this school thinking it would be a step up from the schools around my area. At this school the teachers care for their students but sometimes communication will be a problem. There are lots of sports teams to join as well as club. The arts department could need a lot of help. Here the school doesn't offer much classes related to music or dance.
The teachers are, for the most part, excellent and dedicated to their students. The work is challenging in the best way, and there are a wide selection of AP classes to boost your studies. The community is also a major benefit of San Pedro Senior High, as you are sure to meet very interesting and unique individuals.
Though I have been challenged in primarily two classes, I feel as is the instruction can be equated to average standards. Within the STEAM Magnet, there are several great teachers and several who seem to give an impression that they need to improve. Overall, San Pedro High needs more teachers that are experts in their fields and can ensure that their students are receiving the most rigorous education through strict discipline afforded to them in public school. Unlike nearby schools including Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy and Port of Los Angeles High School, San Pedro High School's performance on exams in preparation for college including the AP, SAT, and SAT is low and such participation is correspondingly low. The importance of academic excellence must be readily emphasized for larger rates of success.
It is in a small city of San Pedro in between Long Beach and Palos Verdes. I have had a great time during my high school career and it is great to know that there are great experiences available to you if you put yourself out there.
My experience so far has been really good. I’m currently a junior and I’ve been in leadership for 2 years for Global. It’s been fun we try our best to make the students to feel welcome, have a great experience and have lots of memories.
What I enjoyed the most about San Pedro High School is how the teachers are very caring and supportive! They will always lend a helping hand.
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I transferred to San Pedro High school for my last two years of high school and I loved it. Due to the school spirit, the caring faculty and staff, the rewards for good achievements motivated me to do so much better than I was. I went from being a C average to student to an A average which felt amazing. I was able to do work at my highest potential with still being able to have fun with the activities that took place throughout the school year.
I enjoyed this school because I grew up in San Pedro, CA. Got along with many staff, others I didn't. Some teachers were not very good at there job. We don't have lots of money so everything was cheap looking, and events weren't great.
San Pedro High School was the reason I fell in love with running and science. Because of the wonderful coaches and teachers, I am now a Division 1 NCAA student athlete majoring in biology.
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