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What I enjoyed were the resources and support from teachers and my counselor. This is help I reached out for which made the biggest difference but teachers definetly care about the success of their students. I’d love to see more diversity in the campus and more emphasis placed on the clubs offered and art program.
My experience at San Pasqual was excellent. Since the beginning of freshamn year I always felt welcomed. I loved all their school spirit, they always encouraged every student to participate in any school activities or spirit weeks. The councilors here are also very helpful, since it is my senior year it was always helpful when they would come in to talk to us about what we should be doing to help us get ready for college.
San Pasqual is a very open-minded school with bright intentions. It tries to keep a broad perspective on getting everyone involved. Diversity and intellectual abilities are embraced in everyday activities.
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I really appreciate the school culture that the staff, administrators, and students have developed. This campus is beautiful in many ways and has caring staff who want every student to excel. The teaching staff dedicate so much time to the students even when they are not getting paid for the extra time. Along with this, the clubs and extracurriculars the school offers are fantastic. They offer programs such as an award winning robotics team to many other types of clubs.
San Pasqual high school Is a great school, has lots of extracurriculars and sports to partake in. The people are very nice and the school spirit is ve is a great school, has lots of extracurriculars and sports to partake in. The people are very nice and the school spirit is amazing. some aspects do you need to be stronger like organization of events but overall good.
My experience at San Pasqual High School was above average. The security and programs offered at San Pasqual are outstanding, however some of the teachers are terrible educators and the counselors are never on the school campus to talk to when you need them. Overall San Pasqual High School deserves a four out of five stars because most aspects of the school are beyond expectation however there are teachers and staff that bring down that excellent score of a five out of five.
It is a really cool school with a lot of diversity. All the teachers are so friendly and nice. The counselors can help you with academics, or even with personal problems. They are always there to listen. The students are kind, and I have never seen anyone bully someone there.
The school overall is amazing. All the students are united when it comes to sports, especially football. I would love to see more diversity among the students and staff.
I enjoy the many opportunities they offer and that you are allowed to make your own choices on what classes you want to explore while maintaining support from teachers. However, the drug epidemic currently happening in America has effected San Pasqual and I would love to see students fighting their addiction and using their passion for something beneficial to the future work force of America.
After attending this school all four years, I can honestly rate it as fairly average when compared to other high schools in the area. We do have high spirits and a strong sense of community among sports, clubs, and activities. Though I can say with certainty that there is some amazing faculty on this campus. Unfortunately, I know many can't say that about some of our faculty (I speak from experience). I've been going back and forth about positives and negative about our campus, but there are many things that the people at San Pasqual are doing right, with the students and how things are run.
All the students are somewhat very friendly. The majority of teachers really do care about your education and your learning. They’re all willing to help you be a better version of yourself.
Well my experience is different from others. I was known but saw things from a whole new side that changed the way I looked at my school.Students aren’t cruel or rude but only care to help others in their own circle. They don’t really notice others unless they know who you are. The sports and spirit is extremely well and students are out going for San Pasqual. Staff is caring and know exactly what is expected from them. Teachers and Counselor’s are open to helping students in need of support. Every one is given a role to play and at San Pasqual it is exacuted nicely.
I’ve always had a great experience with the teachers, it is simple to say that the teachers are willing to help their student in order for them to succeed. Resources are always offered to student such as tutoring, computers and printers. Im glad that I chose San Pasqual High School to develop my knowledge.
The staff is friendly and very welcoming along with the students there. ASB is always finding ways to make being at school more fun
It’s a great school! I’ve been going to SP since freshman year and it’s the best. Teachers, security, and students are nice and the entire school is a great environment. “SP where the best be!”
My experience at San Pasqual has been great. I think I surrounded myself with the best people which up to this point, has made my experience so great. The teachers, admin and students are wonderful people.
The culture is good but could use some change to be more diverse in ethnicity and to get more groups of people involved in school events such as those who don't speak much English or those who are often cast away.
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My favorite part about San Pasqual high school is the staff. The teachers always push you to do your best and never let you give up. We also have many traditions at school that help bring everyone together. One thing I would like to see change is more people coming to athletic events.
I love San Pasqual's academic options. Taking AP courses has heightened my zest for learning and will help me throughout my endeavors as a college student.
I loved going to San Pasqual. I really felt that it was mixed with different cultures and everyone was accepting of that. Great experience
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