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I attended for all four years and met great teachers that relationships could be established. What I liked was that the teachers not only taught the material but also gave guidance on real life problems. What I would like changed would be to change the policy of no bell and to put the bell system back on.
It was a good school, there were some teachers that really cared about their students education and really went out of their way to help. Their doors were always open to students. There was too much emphasis on football, which made me feel like that was the most important. They didn't care much about music and arts. The math program wasn't the best, but the reading and writing program was great.
What i really enjoyed throughout my years here at san pasqual was getting to experience so much different academic opportunity as well as athletic opportunity. the coaches really push you to do your best as well as the majority of teachers do really care about your learning and try there best to accommodate your ways of learning. what i would like to see changed here at the school would be a clean sweep of teachers some teachers are not really the best and act more of a child than some students.
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San Pasqual High gave me the best 4 years of my life. The activities that are put on makes everyone feel at home and it truly feels like my home.
It wasn't too hard, able to challenge yourself if you want. Didn't quite prepare me for how hard college would be
I went to San Pasqual all four years, it was an overall great experience. The teachers are super knowledgeable and very good at helping us make the connections we need to retain the information. The school offers a lot of opportunities for students to get plugged in as well as classes to challenge students with higher academic performance. One thing I would have changed about my experience is to have pushed myself to make friends sooner. Freshman and sophomore year were harder because the cliques but as I realized I had to put myself out there I realized they weren’t cliques that I just didn’t try to talk to any of them.
I liked the diverse campus with involved staff that cared for the students deeply. I wish San Pasqual would have involved students with more activities and represented the students more efficiently as well.
I have been at San Pasqual High for four years now and I can say with confidence that it is a wonderful school. The teachers work hard to not only teach but make a difference in our lives. Staff including security have always been very nice and genuinely care about us. I cant even begin to explain the unforgettable memories that I have made in such a short time. All I can say is that I am forever grateful for them. GO Eagles!
San Pasqual has been a second home to me. The teachers are amazing and are devoted to make everyone succeed during and after high school. The amount of spirit throughout the school impacts everyone to be involved in school activities. Overall, San Pasqual is one of the top high schools in Escondido.
I really liked how updated the school liked to be and liked to strive for. I do not always believe that they handled situations correctly. Such as bullying and bad atmospheres.
Overall my experience at San Pasqual has been quite thrilling and helpful in these years of growing up. The staff cares and the environment is welcoming.
What I liked about this school is that I met pretty interesting people. Would do it again with them. The teachers were so helpful in what I needed.
The school itself isn't horrible. Teachers could be more open to teaching in different ways but they aren't. The counselors aren't helpful at all and tend to push community college on students. Security guards are amazing, love them. School spirit is eh. If you go to the career center asking for help, it'll more than likely be closed.
What I enjoyed were the resources and support from teachers and my counselor. This is help I reached out for which made the biggest difference but teachers definetly care about the success of their students. I’d love to see more diversity in the campus and more emphasis placed on the clubs offered and art program.
My experience at San Pasqual was excellent. Since the beginning of freshamn year I always felt welcomed. I loved all their school spirit, they always encouraged every student to participate in any school activities or spirit weeks. The councilors here are also very helpful, since it is my senior year it was always helpful when they would come in to talk to us about what we should be doing to help us get ready for college.
San Pasqual is a very open-minded school with bright intentions. It tries to keep a broad perspective on getting everyone involved. Diversity and intellectual abilities are embraced in everyday activities.
I really appreciate the school culture that the staff, administrators, and students have developed. This campus is beautiful in many ways and has caring staff who want every student to excel. The teaching staff dedicate so much time to the students even when they are not getting paid for the extra time. Along with this, the clubs and extracurriculars the school offers are fantastic. They offer programs such as an award winning robotics team to many other types of clubs.
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San Pasqual high school Is a great school, has lots of extracurriculars and sports to partake in. The people are very nice and the school spirit is ve is a great school, has lots of extracurriculars and sports to partake in. The people are very nice and the school spirit is amazing. some aspects do you need to be stronger like organization of events but overall good.
My experience at San Pasqual High School was above average. The security and programs offered at San Pasqual are outstanding, however some of the teachers are terrible educators and the counselors are never on the school campus to talk to when you need them. Overall San Pasqual High School deserves a four out of five stars because most aspects of the school are beyond expectation however there are teachers and staff that bring down that excellent score of a five out of five.
It is a really cool school with a lot of diversity. All the teachers are so friendly and nice. The counselors can help you with academics, or even with personal problems. They are always there to listen. The students are kind, and I have never seen anyone bully someone there.
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