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My experience as a student at San Mateo High School was great! I went here all four years and I wouldn't transfer to any other high school if I could. I believe San Mateo High is the best high school out of the SMUHD district, and I'm not just saying that because I am a student there, because our students are the most spirited out of the whole district and show their passion for San Mateo not only on campus but off campus as well. The teachers and faculty work very hard in order to make San Mateo a fun and friendly learning enviorment.
After years of attending San Mateo High School, I have seen how diverse and acceptance of different cultures everyone attending this school has. There are amazing clubs that always come together to join the school even more. Personally, I have never felt that my race or my personality has been targeted negatively in any form. I have been lucky to meet so many different people with different backgrounds, get to know them and become great friends. Also, all the staff I have worked with are enthusiastic to help me. They would always come in to classes to let the students know that they are there for them. They really work hard to help people with their struggles. But one thing I would change about this school is the food because it is of poor quality for those that receive free or reduce lunch.. But overall, this school has done a great job to help students feel accepted and welcome in this highschool.
San mateo high school is very diverse and has great spirit. Throughout my 4 years of high school, i feel prepared for college. There is a great AVID program. The school lunch could be better. Not good. Throughout the school year i had multiple substitutes for one class, which eventually sorted itself out, Overall, a great experience.
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My experience in this high school is unique. The staff is quite friendly and helpful. The student are also amount the nicest people you can possibly run into
San Mateo High School is a great school to enroll students in. The amount of help, opportunities, and the variety of AP courses is amazing. As an AVID student, I think first generation students could benefit from having a support system and eventually the group of students and teachers become family. In addition, San Mateo High School gives English Learners the opportunity to learn from a variety of subjects for them to succeed.
What I like about San Mateo high school is that the teachers will take the time to help you if you do not get what they are teaching. I would like to see that San Mateo high school can be a open campus school.
San Mateo High School has given me an amazing high school experience that I will always remember. The helpful and caring teachers have further developed me into the individual I am today. The academics were challenging aswell as manageable due to understanding teachers. The spirit and sports events with friends made these 4 years even more memorable.
I love attending this school because it is so diverse and the teachers are easy to comprehend with. Also, the counselors at this school are just great. Love to be here.
My experience was very diverse. I really liked the diversity and openness to people. I like to see a change in the way diverse people of different backgrounds are included into things.
Through my 4 years of attending San Mateo High School I can say that the teachers here can have fun, but that's not all of them. Some of them don't keep your grades updated and some don't even grade at all. The only I want to see changed are the teachers. I want them to hire great teachers that can teach and make a big impact on your life.
good school with good people and good teachers...................................................................................................................................
This school is very cliquey and it makes people feel isolated. Besides that it's a great learning environment.
San Mateo High School is a very good school full of school sprit. This school makes you feel welcomed and has a lot of diversity. The teachers are very helpful and fun to talk to. San Mateo offers AVID a program to prepare you for college.
San Mateo High School was an amazing school to be a part of. All the teachers here really care for their students and everyone has someone to talk to. I see this school as a community of students who all want to achieve a certain goal. The staff are all in the look out for what is best for their students.
San Mateo High School is the place to be , amazing school everyone is friendly and makes sure you are safe.
My experience at San Mateo High School is very memorable, most of the teachers are great and friendly. The events going on every year are great, once in a while we an event called a "rally" which is a show put on by the leadership program to show the whole school. In these rally's we have games that participates play.
The school is an alright school, some teachers are very helpful and encouraging while keeping the subject they teach interesting. Some other teachers just give you work and rarely seem to teach the subject they were meant to teach. The school lunches are terrible and it seems like they don't spend any money on their lunches to improve it for the students.
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San Mateo High School provides many opportunities for students to become involved in their school community. With various courses led by qualified teachers, students are able to actively pursue and realize their passions.
San Mateo High School is viewed as the most spirited high school and the most inclusive high school. I had a great experience at San Mateo. The people at this school make you feel like you are part of a community. This school is always the loudest and the most supportive at all the sporting events. Many other schools in the bay area yell negative cheers towards our school but we always have a positive attitude, not matter what the situation may be.
SMHS has very amazing, supportive teachers. It may not be the best at sports but it wins in spirit!!
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