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The teachers and students are great. It is an extremely diverse school and I am excited to go there everyday. Everyone is very supportive and offers a variety of classes.
I personally didn’t have the best experience not because of the teachers or staff but because of personal issues. However, I did learn a lot , and the teachers I had were very patient and understanding.
San Mateo High School is an amazing high school. It has an incredible wealth of AP courses, art classes, and everything in between. San Mateo has an amazing Biotech program (the only such program in the entire district) which gives all students the chance to learn lab and biotech techniques. The spirit of San Mateo is great, San Mateo is extremely diverse, and teachers for most courses are excellent. In addition, San Mateo also has the only true marching band in the entire district, which competes across the Peninsula in Antioch, Cupertino, Santa Cruz, etc. I wouldn't have gone anywhere else. Go Bearcats!
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I love the diversity and the spirit of the students both in how they have a voice and they want to use it to change the world and in just the basic days of life trying to enjoy everything. There are very friendly teachers and facility that really attend to each student and as long as you give effort and interest in learning the teachers and staff will work with you.
This school is amazing. We have the best spirit in the whole district, the most caring teachers, and the most fun school events, in and out of school. I can surely attest, as I myself am very active at school. Every grade here has activities to look forward to, but in my opinion, there is no better place to be a freshman. I shadowed at Hillsdale and at San Mateo before choosing San Mateo. I got the biggest welcome from SMHS, and throughout the whole school year, too. Everyone I know who chose Aragon or Hillsdale wish they came here because the spirit just doesn't compare. Who else gets games and good music at lunch in the quad every Friday? No one. Also, as a senior, I am getting so much help from the amazing counselors and the English teachers with college essays and admissions. You will be much happier attending SMHS than any of the other neighboring high schools. Everyone says so!
San Mateo High has a great sense of community and spirit. It's a super inclusive campus celebrating diversity of all kinds, and is a safe campus for students regardless of their backgrounds and beliefs. The academics and teachers are great, from high achieving students to struggling ones. There's lots of clubs, athletics, and organizations for students to join and participate in the community. It's simply a great high school.
Great life experiences with teachers that care about your learning when you show them your effort. Get out what you put in!
San Mateo truly became my second home over the four years. The school spirit is unparalleled, and there is truly something there for everyone. My journey was not always smooth, but the guidance I received and the connections I made helped me overpower the bumps in the road. It is true what they say, once a bearcat, always a bearcat.
San Mateo High School is a special place that has a combination of some of the greatest technology and resources and also oddest teachers and academics. I loved my experience at the diverse school and made a lot of friends I never thought I'd be friends with. I didn't feel prepared for college coming out of SMHS, though. It is a great school for people who are capable of ignoring social life and focusing on school, for the social scene at SMHS is lacking (as are the sports).
What I liked about San Mateo High School is that there was never any drama and everyone supported each other. The teachers were amazing, super friendly and supportive as well as very trust worthy. I wouldn’t change anything about the school we just need to make sure that the spirit continues to grow and shine through the students.
San Mateo is an extremely welcoming community where the administration truly cares about their students and their success. Lots of spirit
It brought out the best characteristics from each student, helping them grow as well-rounded scholars while making them feel as part of a welcoming community. It also offered opportunities for self-growth and learning at every step, thus nurturing talent and excellence from everyone.
The spirit is real !! It makes the high school experience very fun. The teachers are very good and the academics too. Good clubs and sports.
I love the performing arts program, the unprecedented biotechnology program, and the overwhelming school spirit the school inspires in all of its students. It makes going to school feel like one big family!
It is a very inclusive and amazing place that makes everyone feel they are at home. The support we have for any student is unparalleled. We are extremely diverse and there is always something for someone to be apart of.
San Mateo High School is a wonderful school full of enthusiastic and spirited students. The academics in this school are not perfect, but there are a wide variety of courses that are offered, with wonderful teachers teaching.
San Mateo is a great school overall, it brings San Mateo county together as San Mateo brings in Foster City community as well as different parts of San Mateo into one school.
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Throughout my four years at San Mateo High School, I have thoroughly enjoyed many aspects of the campus, staff, and faculty. Overall, I loved the welcoming and positive environment that San Mateo High offers. I felt more comfortable joining clubs, sports, and other school activities than I would have been at different schools in my area. I also enjoyed how reliable and caring the teachers are at San Mateo High. It became evident from the start that the teachers are there to support you to their fullest ability. The one thing I would change is how much a student's voice can be heard. I feel as if the students should have more of a say in how their education is handled.
I have been attending San Mateo since my start of high school. Starting here, people are very welcoming and from the start you know you are going to be at a place with very friendly people. The teachers here are good teachers. They are not only there for the students on an educational level but also as friends with support and help with absolutely anything that is needed. San Mateo High School is also very diverse with people, teachers, and staff in general being from all races. The safety at San Mateo High school is also taken very seriously to make sure that all students are in a safe environment. Overall, San Mateo is a great school with a friendly atmosphere all around.
My experience as a student at San Mateo High School was great! I went here all four years and I wouldn't transfer to any other high school if I could. I believe San Mateo High is the best high school out of the SMUHD district, and I'm not just saying that because I am a student there, because our students are the most spirited out of the whole district and show their passion for San Mateo not only on campus but off campus as well. The teachers and faculty work very hard in order to make San Mateo a fun and friendly learning enviorment.
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