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At San Mateo High School, students are exposed to different people in a safe environment. This leads to a open minded, thoughtful student body. The hard work and vigorous classes provided by this school prepares high school students for college, as well as life. This school is a place where anybody can fit in since everyone is unique at San Mateo. being a student at San Mateo high really widen my view of others in a positive manner.
San Mateo was really a diverse. The teachers were nice and they helped you to get your work done and they also motivated you. Also San Mateo is very spirited and all the students are nice and caring
For me high school was so far has been a great experience. There aren't amazing teachers you can grow a connection with, clubs and programs that help you meet new people and learn more not only in academics. It is a very spirited school and you can feel it in the rallies and sports games. We are known for the arts and performances which is a good thing. There isn't really anything I would change about the school.
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Everyone is so nice, and spirited. Even though I can't stand loud noises, I'm with all my classmates cheering. Somehow, this school has gotten me to open up.
great district to pursue an education especially if you're really into technology or sports!
however, the school could use more diversity because i did feel as if i were alone in terms of ethics.
I moved to San Mateo entering sophomore year. The people don't make me feel that great personally but the overall atmosphere of the school and people is fantastic.
My experience at San Mateo High School has been a large turning point in my life as both a student and as an individual. The tight and closely bound community ensures a sense of belonging to each and every student regardless of where they came from in the past. With all the help given to students, fun spirited activities, and quality academics, they school has changed my life in the best way possible.
I enjoyed all four years at San Mateo High. I met new friends in a short period of time, and I learned to bond with many of my teachers. The spirit at this school is unmatched. I felt the influence of the performing arts program as I participated in many of its events. I went on spectacular trips with my new friends. What I like tho see change for this school is the class scheduling system. Many seniors were not able to get the classes they wanted even though they were given priority. I feel that the counselors should meet with the seniors first in order to get their desired classes.
Overall, my experience at SMHS was extraordinary. The entire student body and staff was incredibly welcoming, friendly, spirited, and I can call them my family. I made so many friends not only with students, but with teachers. The academics and spirit combined makes for the best high school I could have ever asked for.
I loved San Mateo High! They made me feel like I was completely at home! Mrs. Montoya, Ms. Vasquez, Mrs. madaka and the whole special ed department was the best and helped me gain so much confidence and believing in me ! If I could I would start my freshmen year there and have so much fun !!
San Mateo high is fun! So much spirt and great people. During my high school experience I did a lot of fun school related activity. Quads, little big games, formal, homecoming, even prom. It's just a great school over all and I'm thankful I went there. I actually almost went to hillsdale high school, that would have been all bad.
I love San Mateo. I believe there is a place for everyone there. Walking into school there you can see the spirit everywhere you go with posters all over the school and the trash cans painted in our school colors. The teachers and staff are really supportive and always willing to help. Although we may not have the best sports teams the crowd is always the most spirited and makes the game so much more fun.
I really love this school with all my heart!! There's diversity, there's love, and there's so much school spirit! However, I wish that the school may look to care for the undermined programs more. For example, the girls basketball team seem to not get the same love, attention, or even funding/coaching the boys receive. This is a school that knows it's diverse and loving, so hopefully these few flaws can be fixed!
My experience in San Mateo High School has been great and wouldn't change it for anything. The staff is the best and is always willing to help anyone who is either struggling with school or their personal life. San Mateo High School campus is one of the nicest you'll ever see and is full of spirit showing through all the walls. During school I feel very welcomed by the staff and students making my learning environment very fun and easy. Through out my 3 years attending San Mateo High School I felt my improvement as a student and as a person because of all the help from my teachers and classmates.
San Mateo High School is truly a gem! From its excellent academics and challenging classes (Most AP Classes in the district, National Merit Scholars every year, kids getting into top colleges like Harvard, Stanford , MIT etc.), to its incredible performing arts, biotech and leadership programs, to the huge number of clubs on campus from Mock Trial to Model UN to JSA to Jefferson Awards Club, San Mateo has something to offer to every student. The incredible spirit and inclusive atmosphere at San Mateo was a huge deciding factor in addition to the advanced math, history, writing, music and performing arts classes she wanted. SMHS is a safe campus where diversity is celebrated. It is a completely safe campus with excellent, challenging academics and that is precisely why I am thriving at San Mateo!
Within the San meteo union high school district I was able to reach my full potential as a student. I started actually participating and believing in myself with my schools help.
San Mateo High School is no doubt one of the most diverse high school in the United Stages. The multi-cultural atmosphere and tolerance are the two most important and valuable characteristics of SMHS. With a great amount of ELD students, the school gives them so many opportunities and resources to learn. But one thing SMHS could have improved is that, the school should try to let those students who came from foreign country more blended into the school with other native English speakers instead of having "shelter classes" to accommodate those ELDstudents. SMHS is a great place where I found love and happiness in every corner of the campus, but the school would be even better I'd it's less segregated. Additionally, SMHS has really nice Art and Biotech programs, our bio-tech room is filled with advanced facilities, and our brand new art building gives art students a good mood to turn their creativities into art.
Review San Mateo High School
The level of commitment for Leadership is a lot, it's very time consuming but very fun at the same time. You always have to create events where students can be sociable or participate in for example open house. Open house is a big event and we always have a lot of volunteers especially bilingual students.
This school is unique because out of our whole district we're the most spirited! You always see us wearing our school colors every Friday and lunch Rallies out in the Quad. We're also very diverse, we meet new people everyday, and we don't have any clicks like most schools do.
Teachers at San Mateo High School are the best! They honestly do care for all their students and help them succeed in High School. When ever you need help or have a problem you can always go up to one of them ask them for help. All they want to see is their students graduate high school and go out and change the world!
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