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San Marino is SUPERIOR!!! All the teachers have taught me so much not only academically but just life skills in general. Being involved in SM is one of the biggest reasons why I fell in love with this high school. Drama, dance, choir, cheer, soccer, asb, jab, sab, and link crew are all great things to be involved in!! The teachers are just next level, they do prepare you for college I’ve heard from multiple alumni. I just could not think of a better High School, I’m going to miss it so much!!
The fact that Joseph Carmona and Issaic Gates work here is a clear testimony to the quality of San Marino High School. Other than them, the other teachers are excellent.
I have a blast meeting new friends and have a great time learning from the teachers at the school. I also learned many things in education and also in the sports that the schools offered. The only problem about the school is the clubs and activities that are available at the school.
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I had an okay time, not so much for some others though. The change in administration definitely screwed some traditions up, but there’s also the fact that apparently there’s a budget crisis going on due to the sharp decrease in freshmen.
The school is very advanced when it comes to its academics. Even though the classes are hard, they prepare the students well for college life. Right now when it comes to learning, I feel like my high school was harder than college. The thing that needs to change is the quality of the teachers. Some of the teachers do not motivate the students enough to want to try in the class.
San Marino High School has strong math and science departments, but its english and social studies departments are noticeably weaker. Student spirit is low in the school as students are extremely focused on their academics.
Grades can be biased due to the type of teacher you have. Other than that great community to be involved in and was a wonderful 4 years.
San Marino high school is very focused on academics. The school offers phenomenal amount of resources. The spirit in San Marino high school is not at its best, but there is some.
San Marino High School is a very diverse school, both academic and athletics are very outstanding. Our school offers a lot of courses, including pre-college courses and many electives, this makes our weekdays very rich and never boring and exhausted. In addition to academics, the school sports and clubs are also very attractive. I have participated in several clubs, such as Math Team, Girls Who Code and some volunteer organizations. These clubs can not only greatly help my college application, but also make me able to develop my extracurricular interests. For sports, we have football, rugby, water polo, basketball, tennis, swimming, track, and golf, etc. They are all fantanstic!
Our campus life is very dynamic and full of enthusiasm. I hope that our school can continue to flourish forever. The only expectation is that teachers in the same subject can try to unify the standards and processes as much as possible, thus avoiding the students' grades greatly depend on different teachers.
San Marino High School is awesome. The classes are challenging, the teachers care about you, and your classmates motivate you to no end. However, I rated it a 4 because only few AP classes are offered.
Competitive academic curriculum with teachers that challenge intellect. The student body is primarily focused on succeeding. There are plenty of extracurriculars for any student.
The school is indeed average, it is very competitive. Since the school is too competitive it causes kids to lose trust at such a young age. Majority of kids just study and some kids don't take a break and just breathe or have fun once in a while. Everyone compares themselves to each other. The teachers are great, but some of them can grade harshly. The school is about 70% asian and the rest of the percentage is white + everybody else. Compared to any other school, the food is average for a school lunch. Which is expensive with bad quality. Luckily, if your a senior, you can drive off campus and go to Tony's to get pizza.
The teachers are objectively good, clubs like Speech and Debate and Robotics offer really good extracurricular opportunities, and the school has a sunny feel of camaraderie and safety in an increasingly unsafe world.
San Marino is a stress ball, literally. The teachers expect the students to have prior knowledge of a class before stepping foot in the classroom on the first day. Not only are the teachers not the best, but the environment is fake and filled with people that try too hard to fit in. Being at San Marino has opened my eyes to the amount of fake people at our school and how poor the student body is becoming. After the Class of 2015, SM is neither athletic or academically as strong as their past history. Also, students are heartless and are very judgmental in the fact that they all compare grades and test scores; not a healthy learning environment at all.
I loved attending San Marino High School! It was one of the best 4 years of my life and if I could do it all over again, I would!
Studying at SMHS can be tough with the competitive environment, but teachers try their best with students. There has recently been many staff changes, and I was lucky to get to know some amazing teachers before they left. I took part in some of the sports teams (basketball, soccer, golf, and track & field), and the school really tries to maintain clean facilities for the student athletes. SMHS has many clubs and motivated students running them, but I have seen a drop in club participation over the years I was there.
Ever since I joined this school it has all been caring staff and amazing friendly students. Never a dull day passes at this high school. Though the academics here are competitive and much harder, everyone are willing to help you out!
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Very academically oriented. A hefty chunk of the student population spends their afternoons at SAT prep or something similar. Most of the teachers I had were both enthusiastic about and good at teaching their subject of choice.

If you're a sports nut, you'll either stand out or be bored out of your mind.
I've been at SMHS for the past four years, and overall, I've had a good experience here. Most of the teachers are great - helpful, very knowledgeable, and readily available. However, there are definitely a few that are on the opposite end of the spectrum, but, luckily, I haven't encountered many of those! The environment is rather competitive and somewhat stressful, especially if you're in all or mostly AP and honors courses, but if you ever find it too overwhelming, counselors are easily met, and I've heard there are other resources you can turn to as well!
My experience at San Marino High School was extremely educational, not just in an academic sense. I learned how to overcome opposition and I discovered passions that I did not possess going into my freshman year. The students are very focused on grades and the academic rigor is high, but it is well worth it if you wish to be better prepared for more competitive settings later on in life. The school itself is very modern and well built, with a wide variety of activities and sports to participate in.
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