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My experience for San Leandro High School is an average. Teachers were biased there and will only help students they like, other students that didn't know anything had to ask help from students. Students weren't really taught well especially the Math Department. There's been many complaints about San Leandro's Math Department because the teachers really don't know how to teach. They would think watching a video for make us learn instead of helping us in person. We would have to rely on others rather than the teacher, but San Leandro High School is really an okay school. The teachers there are gullible and very kind, but the others aren't really that nice. San Leandro High School was okay, but the staff and teachers there were biased. There would be multiple complaints from the students that are/were in San Leandro High School.
I liked how they have a college and career center. I think teachers that teach pre-cal are the worst teachers because they're the oldest and they need to hire new teachers.
Some of the teachers were good and helpful, and others would get frustrated when help was asked for. The security had favoritism towards their own rece and ethnicity. Many different cultural groups, very diverse.
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I like how diverse San Leandro High is and how accepting the staff is of everyone. The school itself is extremely over populated. The two campus system seriously needs some work because kids are getting to class late and it is a struggle. Some teachers here really love their jobs, but others (like the math teachers) are impatient with students.
I like all the class subjects they have to offer and all the extracurricular that are available. Most of the teachers that I have had so far are great especially my History and Math teacher. Although, they are not that great at distance learning.
It was a great experience being there, so I can prepare myself for college. I made a lot of friends and the teachers were very supported.
San Leandro high school is a all around good school. it is very diverse so you will have the chance to meet plenty of people. the teachers are more helpful than not. they are there to assist you. with the school being fairly large you will have the opportunity of being apart of diffrent types of clubs and and after school activities such as sports. I personally played basketball and it help me stay on track with my studies while staying in shape. if your a person that is very social then you should go to San Leandro high. its big enough where you will have many Friends with the opportunities that are available to you. you will not regret your decision.

Also, it is in a great community. you do not have to worry about your safety. every school has there students that are not the best but those students are rare at San Leandro high. there is a plaza right next to the school where students like to go and eat. its overall a safe environment for students to let you be yourself.
Honestly this would be a great school for you if you're friendly and outgoing. There are a lot of activities that go on during lunch and after school that are super fun. The Richardsons are the best principles you can ever have that always say hi to you when you pass by. They ask you how you're doing and are genuinely concerned for everyone like the students were their children. It's super diverse and there are lots of friendly people. However, I did not give it 5 stars because the lunch food is terrible but what school food isn't? There are also some people here who aren't as friendly and they pick and choose who to hang out with.
From the years I've studied at San Leandro High School, I could say that it was a pretty normal high school experience. It's just that I regret not being more involved than I could have like clubs and volunteer work. Some things that I enjoyed in high school were teachers who were passionate about the subject they were teaching and it really helped me learn. I do not regret joining cross country because it was really nice to run around the neighborhood with friends and relieve any stress, but racing is a different story. The clubs that I got involved in were great because it was really straightforward on what was happening and I could easily volunteer to help at events around my community. Something I wish would have changed is that the high school would actually prepare us for the future; I didn't benefit from anything about adulthood like knowing how to do taxes, understanding which college is best for my interest which leads to knowing what I want to do in the future.
San Leandro high school is a very safe, diverse and resourceful school, with over 2000 students. I like San Leandro high school because of it's many classes you can take, it's sports, and the help I get with my academics. San Leandro high school has classes from computer sciences to medicine and to even hand to hand auto tech classes available even to sophmores. One of my favorite classes at San Leandro high school is computer science, were I learned to code, make websites, learned languages such as HTML, CSS, and even JavaScript on my first year. Even with obstacles like the Corona Virus San Leandro High School teachers continue to be as supportive and helpful as possible towards me and my peers.
I attended San Leandro High for all my four years. I have met a lot of people over the years and I felt like I have become a better person. I wrestled since I was in 7th grade and I met some amazing people from the wrestling program at the school. Two of my coaches and I are so close. They're always a call or text away if I ever need anything. I know they will continue to support me after I graduate.
At SLHS there are also other programs students can get involved in. We have a few Trade programs such as Auto-shop or Wood shop. I took wood shop my junior and senior year. The teacher was really cool and always gave us advice about what to do after high school. We also helped out our community by making planters for the district or starting to build a bike shop.
I liked how San Leandro High School had three different academies that students were able to join and learn more about that specific subject. One thing I wish was different was definitely the amount of academies that were offered with different subjects like health, etc.
I very much enjoyed my time at this high school. Although there was a few bumps on the road San Leandro High School ’s administration was always there for me and other students to put us on the pathway to success. Having the school so diverse impacted our experience because we learned from one another and created a great bond
San Leandro high has a very unique and diverse community. There are many opportunities inside and outside the classroom to grow as a student or as a member of community.
San Leandro High Has been a Grand experience for me. I have followed in my Older sister foot steps. My sister graduated from San Leandro High and continued on to Obtain her Bachelors degree in Business at Cal State East Bay. San Leandro High prepares you Mentally, Academically and Emotionally for your future. The teachers, counselors and other staff are readily available to assist students with what they need to succeed. Thank you San Leandro High For being there for my Family
Going to San Leandro High for the past four years have been an amazing experience. Everyone is very accepting and supportive. I wish there was more school spirit and togetherness between everyone. One thing I would change is our campus/crosswalk situation. San Leandro High consists of 2 campuses, Main Campus and Fred T. Korematsu campus. A couple of years ago, FTK was just a freshman campus but they changed it so that everyone would be able to access it. After this happened, it caused chaos on the crosswalk and they had to increase time for passing period from 7 minutes to 10 minutes.
My experience at San Leandro High School, was good. Although, I do not believe that it prepared me for what University would bring. The math department has always been the most shakey, however, the other teachers are for the most part caring.
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I just transferred to this school my senior year, and it has been the best year for me in my high school career. The community here is amazing, the teachers are understanding and respectful. Overall, I've never received as good of grades as I did this semester, because I actually learned! The honors and AP program they offer here are perfect for those who want to go above and beyond with their academics.
I was not altogether pleased with my high school. There is a serious problem with overcrowding, and this was back when I attended in the early 2000s. I can only imagine it has gotten worse in recent years. I was not fully prepared for college.
I felt safe at school. Lots of sports and diversity. Very open and kind teachers. Security was always around the school making sure no one got in. Being at school was much better than being at home. I was able to grow at school and learn. There were many activities for student to do such as football games, rallies, spirit week, clubs, SLAM and more. Many happy students.
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