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San Juan Hills High School Reviews

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It’s pretty average for a large school. Has lots of options for extra curricular and pretty good academics.
The school had great teachers and a terrific athletic program! The other clubs and activities were great as well.
Everyone is very respectful and the teachers are very good. The people guide you and help you find a direction for college. It was just hard for me to fit in, but it is normal.
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I really like San Juan- so open and a friendly environment. They encourage you to try different things like sports and the arts, which is really cool.
San Juan Hills High School is a very nice school. I give it five stars because it is excellent and the teachers are very nice and the resources are great.
The teachers care about their students and want them to succeed. The school culture is very average, many different cliques. Administration is okay, doesn't seem to care that much about their students
I loved high school. I think it was a great place to grow and meet some of my closest friends. I say very good because although there are the ups and downs of high school, at San Juan Hills they did their best to make sure that I was happy. I was offered many opportunities to do things that I like to do. I never felt peer pressured into doing other things because people were very accepting of people's differences. Overall I had a great 4 years at my high school- it made me want to seek a higher education and go to college and I think it did a good job of preparing me for this new experience.
San Juan is a great school with great people who can come together especially in classes. They have activities that make the school year fun and a great teaching staff that helped me feel very well prepared for my college classes. I could not have asked for a better high school experience than my one at San Juan and wished that it could have been finished on campus and not online.
San Juan Hills in my opinion had the nicest campus in the area. the counselors and teachers were very nice and extremely helpful. I always felt that I had someone to go-to for any need I had. the programs they had at the school such as the engineering class they added were great.
It is a very nice school with a beautiful campus and great location, however some of the staff, including some administrators and teachers, I would rate very low.
San Juan Hills High School is a pretty good high school with tons of opportunities to get involved with sports and clubs. The administration at the school is poor and difficult to work with. The guidance office gives pretty poor advice when it comes to college selection, while the inflated grades given by the school can make it difficult for students transferring from other high schools to stay competitive in terms of GPA. The sports at the high school are notoriously terrible but the sport facilities are second to none. The math department at San Juan Hills is probably its weakest link while the science department is exceptional. Ultimately, San Juan Hills is a uniquely inconsistent high school with many good teachers but a curriculum that could be better at preparing students for college.
I very much like the staff and think they are caring and helpful towards students. They try to include everyone and have clubs or programs for certain minority groups. Sometimes, the campus or bathrooms can be bit messy. I also found that some students on campus were not as respectful as I would like them to be.
My experience as a parents was wonderful at SJHHS. Both of my kids played sports for all 4 years. Coaches changed each year and since the school was relatively new programs were not well established. We still enjoyed the programs we had at the time.
My kids still have relationships with past teachers through social media even though they are in college.
San Juan Hills High School is so unique in the way that the community feels. Both teachers and students are so open to different ideas and are committed to making everyone feel known. This school opens so many opportunities for everyone who wants it!
It is amazing; I transferred to this school from Santa Margarita Catholic High School. Transferring to this school was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Every one is very accommodating and kind. My teachers have been just the same; the only negative thing I can say about the school is that the parking lot traffic is horrendous.
It is a wonderful high school, with a beautiful campus surrounded by mountains. The atmosphere at this high school is very friendly and overall joyful! It is a great place to learn, grow and spend time with friends! Every student will make memories here that they will cherish for the rest of their lives!
I am currently a senior at San Juan Hills and I have to say I have been quite impressed with the way my school conducts itself. Most of the staff here at SJHHS truly care about us students and do their best to help us reach our goals. What I will say is at SJHHS individual initiative must be taken when it comes to earning good grades. However, most teachers are more than happy to help students who need help in various classes. Compared to other schools in our district, I feel as though San Juan Hills is the best, both academically and socially! I always feel safe on campus and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at San Juan Hills!
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I truly love school. The staff and teachers are so nice and if I ever need anything they are all open to talk. The teachers are very involved and understanding. I have gone in for help multiple times with all my teachers and they all help. They truly want me to succeed in life.
I really like the teachers, the curriculum is rigorous but not suppressing in its course load. The teachers have a true passion for teaching kids and it is apparent in every class. The student body is very welcoming and the clubs are always actively working to make out community a better place, something very appreciated by all.
I love about this school is that the teachers are great and it the best school to be at. It is very well welcoming school.
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