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I loved seeing a campus where I get to meet my friends, run around over the place, have a lot of fun learning and have a caring staff. I especially liked the fact they let us use iPads for our education. I think I don't want anything to change San Joaquin Memorial.
This is a great school that combines education and catholic faith. The teachers are knowledgeable and the honors/AP classes are challenging.
Great experience love the school. Transferee junior year wish I came earlier. Atmosphere is great and my education really improved.
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My mother who is 81 years old, my aunt and 3 uncles, 16 first cousins, 4 siblings, my spouse and I are all San Joaquin Memorial High school graduates and LOVE the place! We cannot say enough good things about this amazing college-preparatory school and we all continue to actively support it as alumni. Our eldest son is now a sophomore at the University of California at Berkeley and he loved SJM as well and had an excellent experience there. He is getting A's and B's at CAL and has said SJMHS prepared him well. Our youngest son is currently a sophomore at SJM.
The best faculty and staff in the Central Valley! Couldn't be happier with my experience at Memorial.
I was a public school kid (Tenaya MS) until I went to SJM freshman-senior year. I was very involved with my previous schools - sports and clubs -and was very scared going into a completely foreign environment. I was not raised Catholic and I didn't have a single friend for my first day of HS. Mid-freshman year I started to adjust, finding my way and how I was going to fit in. I stepped back and analyzed my experience and compared that with those of my friends all around Fresno/Clovis my senior year. SJM has its perks and its faults, like any school. BUT overall, I would not change my HS experience if I could. You get the chance to really connect with faculty on a personal basis. I recommend SJM to any multi-sport athletes - you will be able to play any of the sports you love at the varsity level and be competitive with the other "top" public schools. I loved my 4 years at SJM. Though, related to all aspects of life - you get what you put in.
As an alum and a former SJM parent, I can truly say it is a wonderful, family-like atmosphere. It is not only a challenging college prep school, but is small with all of the athletics, clubs and activities of larger, public schools without all the drama. It is an incredibly safe campus and offers a Christian atmosphere while welcoming students of all different faiths. I highly recommend SJM!
I had a great experience here. Awesome teachers who care about students. It is totally a family environment and I’m thankful for the sacrifice my parents made to send me here.
I enjoyed the small-school feel. However, the teachers are mediocre with only a few that are clearly passionate and educated on the subjects they teach. The iPad program is inconvenient and unreliable since much of the schoolwork is done online. The Wifi is inconsistent making the whole iPad program much more difficult. The sporting events and other extra circulars such as rallies are either a hit or miss.
This school has been truly a God send for our daughter, and she really loves the comraderie and support she gets from students and staff!! We recommend this school to anyone that really wants their child to succeed!!
San Joaquin Memorial is a wonderful high school. Personally, I enjoy the rigorous academics combined with the athletics. I feel confident that I will be able to attend college with Memorial's help. So far my high school experience has gone well. I am excited see what is in store for the school in the future.
During my time at Memorial, it helped me prepare for college and excelled academically. It also helped me to grow spiritually and more confident as a person. This school is very welcoming and has given me so many opportunities to do my best.
SJM was a great facility to advance my education in preparation for college. The course material is the perfect amount of rigor, allowing one to challenge themselves in pursuit of understanding of the material. The teachers involved at SJM have a great passion for helping students learn new things, and let them enjoy learning. The school's size lets many students feel like they have a friendly relationship with the teachers, with mutual respect in the classroom providing the chance for students to flourish. Extra curricular activities are well maintained and the faculty involved in those activities are similarly great to be around, providing role models for students of all backgrounds. My only complaints regarding the facility was the chaos of maintaining a stable administration, as well as my personal belief that the school was wasting money where it could be spent giving the teachers better wages so that they can comfortably support themselves in their teaching careers.
It’s a good school. It’s a tight knit community and everyone is willing to help one another. The administration know what they’re doing and teachers are able to help. I would love to see more people attend the school because I think it’s different compared to a public school.
The best thing about San Joaquin Memorial is the tight-knit community that is deeply rooted in their faith. Everyone is kind and Memorial provides a safe and comfortable environment. In addition, the school itself prepares you for the challenges we will face in our college careers. I grew closer in my faith because of Memorial and I appreciate what they have done for me.
I've attended San Joaquin Memorial for all my four years of high school and I can say it's been one great experience. The teachers are top notch and are very cooperative with students and parents. Classes aren't as impacted like other local high schools in the Central Valley, class sizes are very small ranging from 12 students to 25! That's a deal right, and since the classes are so small it makes life real easy for one on one talks with teachers. The schools iPad program is great and makes using the iPad a real helpful tool for school work. All in all going to SJM has really satisfied my high school needs.
The culture here is decent, but the administration is toxic. Also, food hasn't been as good as in years past.
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I love the involvement our school has with outside communities. We always find ways to bring people from outside our school together, and try to find ways to improve the lives of others. The clubs, sports, and student involvement are one of the biggest reasons why I love this school so much. The education I received here is life changing, and has prepared me enough to face challenges in college. However, I would like see a better selection in some of our teaching departments. I have struggled with specific departments academically throughout my junior and senior year. I personally shouldn't have to go to tutoring for such subjects, when the teachers should be teaching properly and throuroughly for students to understand. All schools have its ups and downs. Memorial has shaped me into a person I never thought I'd be. I hope that it can improve the next year, and be the best it can be.
Overall my experience at SJM has been okay. Some of the teachers are very good, while others are completely awful. The religion class each year is pointless, and should be replaced by something such as an SAT class. Drug use is rampant on and off campus. I have walked into the bathroom a number of times and seen drugs. The food is absolutely terrible. Very expensive and no health options at all. For a school that prides itself on sports, the food is terrible. Also, the sports are not good. If you didn't go to St. Anthony's you may feel left out and become a social outcast. They change the schedule every year, and the administration is the worst. Cheating is rampant, and no one earns their grades. If you can get into Univeristy High then go there. If you live in Clovis, then go to a Clovis school. I regret my decision of coming to SJM. Don't waste your money to go to this school with its subpar academics, terrible location, and overall bad environment.
The school offered excellent academics and teachers who genuinely cared about their students. I was thoroughly prepared for college due to the rigorous course load I had during high school. I would like to see improvement in the facilities, as they were a bit outdated.
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