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I had a very good and memorable experience at International Studies. The vibe and energy there is pretty good. The people and environment at the school is quite friendly. I met a lot of great people and I continue to hang out with everyone I met in high school. The teachers are very nice and they prepare you very well for college. To improve this school, I think the staff and administration should do their best in trying to get students to get involved in school activities and clubs. That way, students can get a chance to know more people and become more active.
Very focused on college prep, which helped me be more prepared and successful in my first year of college. Unfortunately, the teachers are not invested in the students although they have an attitude of superiority. This caused a divide between IS students and others. Lack of diversity and inclusion. Good academic preparation, but severe lack in social diversity.
I liked SDHS because once you got to your junior year, you were provided with so many options for academic pathways that you could take, involving IB classes, AP classes, and college courses. This allowed students to self select and decide on their own what subjects they wanted to genuinely pursue, and what kinds of classes they wanted to take. What I'd want to see change at SDHS is the exposure to these different course pathways to underclassmen, in the form of class meetings with administration.
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I met a lot of great people from a variety of different backgrounds that all helped support each other find success in all walks of life.
This school offers has great programs like the AP Capstone, IB diploma, MedTech and SciTech. However, the problem is both students and administrators. The some students aren't well behaved because they aren't motivated to pursue a higher education and don't create a good impact on our school. The administration create these "rules" to help regulate however, there are making it worse and students rebel against it. There should be consequence to the students actions however, administration doesn't do anything about it for example expulsion or suspension. Thus leading to more students committing other serios actions knowing there would be no consequence.
San Diego International studies is a very diverse and friendly school with multiple teachers that will support you until graduation. It offers rigorous academics that will prepare anyone for college.
This high school prepared me extremely well for college level courses.
It was also a great in a great location and offered the IB diploma.
Attending San Diego High has been of the best decisions that I have made to get academically ready for my future. Being part of the academic atmosphere in San Diego High School has made me feel prepared for whats to come in college and it has also tough me many life lessons that I will apply to my future.
It’s a very difficult school that causes a lot of stress. I wish it wasn’t mandatory to take AP classes
International Studies is an amazing school and is meant for anyone who wants to make it to a four year university. San Diego high School (international studies) offers high level course that would look amazing on College applications. International studies also offer International Baccalaureate program that is great for students who want to go to school outside of the US
What this schools lacks in resources, administration, and facilities, it gains in location and teachers. Being in downtown meant that after school I was a short walk away from the downtown library and balboa park. The teachers I had, especially in junior-senior years were stellar. The greatest weakness of this school is its very run-down buildings, lack of good programs in the arts, and poor administration.
This school is a very strict school and they give a lot of homework, they pretty much base on that since they want students to succeed and achieve getting into college or university. But overall, it is a pretty good school.
I really enjoy all the different levels of academics that are offered. Allowing us to take many different classes and opportunities let students grow and achieve a sorts of goals.
The environment at San Diego high is very welcoming and full of school spirit. There is not any bullying going on that is shown because everyone knows each other and just want to be finished with school. There is a lot of homework so be prepared to work for about 3-4 hours. The teachers assign a lot of busy work but if you complete it then you should get out of the class with an A as a grade. Overall, I have been at San Diego high school for 3 years so far and I LOVE it. Its fun, while you are still getting the learning.
Teachers at this school teach really good and provide a lot of resources for students. There are tutoring hours after school where students get help on their homework. Teachers also provide tutoring hours for students that need help and most of them stay after school.
I like that they offer IB classes and push their students to strive . They also do not accept grades lower than a C.
This high school is great because the teachers put in effort in their students which motivate them to do great in class and school. There are a bunch of clubs there, a variety that you for sure will fit in somewhere from the long list of clubs and activities. Though, something that I wish would change is the college readiness along with resources. This is something that should be looked at, in at least sophmore year, but not a lot of information was given to students and resources as to where they should look and search up for.
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This school has very intense rigor, and demands A LOT of hard work. An upside is that the teachers are high caliber and the counselors are kind, just be cognizant of the fact that you will spend most of your free time on homework.
It was a fun and engaging experience i had the pleasure to be a aprt of, that helped me to ready myself for college, and other challenegs i may need to face later in my life. With the education recived in advanced courses, i feel well prepared for the college classes i will be taking.
San Diego High International Studies is a pretty decent school. I did the IB diploma program so the academics were challenging but not impossible. The teachers are great but the administration is awful. The attendance and administration don't know how to communicate with the students or their parents which makes it hard to meet the student's needs. The school is very diverse with students from different backgrounds coming from all over San Diego to do the IB program. As for the clubs and sports, it's just like any other high school with kids that are really athletic and kids that aren't.
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