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San Diego High School Science & Technology (SciTech) Reviews

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this is a nice school. the teachers are very involved and do their best to have us reach out goals. the students can be rude but the school itself id very nice, there are programs that can help the students in their pathway. there are two parts to sci-tech, med tech and Geo tech. i am not very familiar with Geo tech but in med tech there are cohort classes that specialize on teaching the students many medical related technologies. some examples are how to work in lab settings using things such as micro pipers. the campus is shared with other schools. all the general studies are available to students and there is a large verity of clubs students can chose from. some clubs and Councillor provide wonderful opportunity to visit other colleges and receive a large amount of community service hours. the food in the school is not that good and i personally don't eat it but the school has vending machines you can buy snacks from a school store that sells decent food and is near fast food
I was in the MedTech Academy program and we had many once in a lifetime opportunities and they expose us to careers.
I appreciate that Sci- Tech gives an array of research and volunteer oppurtunities to students. Some of the facilities are a bit run down however, overall this school is good.
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At San Diego High , I had a fairly poor experience. Each year at least one my teachers from a core class, such as math, was either fired or disappeared. This was very disruptive to my learning and understanding of the subject. The safety precautions were poor. Many times, students would bring fireworks on camps that they would set off in the middle of crowds. Faculty was very hard to get a hold of and many times they were unable to answer my questions. Staff was only able to assist me with college readiness as far as in state schools, but had no information about leaving the state, so I had to struggle with this on my own. I had very little support with my education at San Diego High.
I went to I.S. but SciTech is a good school, each academy has its own purpose and focuses on the various forms of science
I enjoyed SDHS because of the students and teachers here. Participating in JROTC is very rewarding, and I look forward to school every day because of the connections I've made here. Academic rigour is very poor and while the administration is very heavy handed in encouraging college as the only option, students are not academically prepared. Many teachers simply do not care and the attitude is shared by the students. Many academic issues stem from the three schools system, which limits which level classes students can take based on which school on campus they’re in and restricts the most challenging to IS. There are great programs for students in place here. Teachers could take care to be more mindful of the difficult situations many students are in and put more effort into their curriculums. Administration could do more to better serve their students and break down the separation between the three schools.
Being a student here for the past four years, things have definitely changed, in a bad way. The new generation is a mess and I think the administration has no control over them, they do whatever they want and at times because of this it has made me feel unsafe.
I enjoy the friends you are able to make at such a diverse school. The three years that I have spent at this school has been filled with learning experiences and have had a lot of help along the way from teachers who want to see me succed. All the teachers I have met have shown that they care more about their students and their well being than a paycheck which makes it a very welcoming enviornment.
The school has a small diverse selection for career pathways which are also 2 of the most popular majors. As of what they teach, the schools interact a lot with the major in the classrooms and there is plenty of field trips followed with many activities which all can impact, help and teach the students a lot.
There are many great programs within this school, from a choice of different academies (MedTech, GeoTech, ITech), a multiplicity of field trips to locations around the community, and special classes to get a head start on your college experience. When you join one academy, you immediately join a family, which is possibly the best part, especially for students who have a hard time making friends.
San Diego High Sci-Tech is a great school within the 3 set of schools in San Diego High if a student wants to pursue a medical or technological career, however the information provided to students and availability of programs should be fixed to ensure more students can be involved in the schools activities.
My experience at this school has been very interesting. It is a very unsanitary school. A lot of improvements can be made . Most students are disrespectful and have no manners. This schools needs improvement immeadiately.
One thing about san Diego high is that it's not sanitary. The bathrooms are always locked and there is most of the time only like one or two bathrooms open for ALL students in the school.
I love SciTech. I am in the school's MedTech academy. I have had a lot of cool experiences being a student here. I like the focus on science. I just wish there were more AP classes and more resources, just as internship connections.
San Diego High is divided into three individual schools that are within this one big high school and one of them is SciTech. SciTech has three academies within its school: 1. MedTech 2. GeoTech 3. ITech. MedTech focuses on the medical side to science, GeoTech focuses on the engineering side of science, and ITech focuses on the technology side. SciTech offers many opportunities through these three academies and students should take advantage.
I have been attending San Diego High School Science & Technology my entire high school career and I have to say that faculty do an amazing job in educating students. There are always opportunities to grow through internships and field trips that are available for students to participate in. Internships at hospitals such as UCSD and Scripps Hospital; and field trips at labs or conferences that involve the future of medicine. Without having attended this school I probably would not have had an idea of what I would like to pursue as a career nor would I have been as knowledgeable as I am today in medicine.
I absolutely love the teachers at this school. They are also so motivated and you can tell they actually like teaching. They also check in on me and push me to do my best. It is a lot of work and requires a lot of persevering, however, I can always count on my peers and teachers to help me do my best. I am in the MedTech academy within SciTech and I can say with no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice. I love the classes and how hands-on everything is.
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SciTech is divided into three different academies. There are iTech, Med-Tech, and GeoTech. I was in iTech my sophomore year then transferred into the Med-Tech academy my junior and still in it my senior year. My overall experience was good because the teachers are helpful when needed. I learned a lot about how to make my own game and how to edit videos that I made. Something I would change is fundraising more for the iTech academy and getting them a new equipment for videos.
Being in San Diego High School was a great experience, not just because there was diversity but because many teachers showed that they cared about me. There were times where I struggled with my classes but my teachers offered their time to stay after school to help me do the work I would not understand, some would even come to Saturday schools to help their students. Something that I would like to see a change is the bathrooms, many of the bathrooms were dirty and did not have the supplies we needed.
The teachers were very kind and I had an amazing time with this school. I met so many people who were willing to help me out and definitely changed my life. The classes were challenging but it was worth the time. They helped me with everything I needed.
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