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I have had a pretty good experience with San Clemente High School. The teachers have been mostly good, with many being alumni that come back to the school due to their pride in our school and the vested interest in its future. This leads to many interesting and passionate teachers, especially in many of the more challenging classes. There is also a large amount of pride in our sports, with a huge turnout at many of the football games to where the bleachers are packed to the brim. The campus is friendly and the teachers are supportive, which has added greatly to the learning experience The only gripes I have with the school are that it is in need of repair, as it is a very old campus and has not had the renovations to the main campus to fix up many of the problems, and that some of the teachers are not very good at their job, which is apparent in our Spanish department. Otherwise, I am very proud of my school, and hope to be able to enjoy the rest of my time as a student there.
I love SCHS! I am so glad I had the opportunity to grow as a person as well as a student. The school cares about its students while placing importance on education and extracurriculars.
Our experience with the Honors and AP classes and teachers during Freshman year has been outstanding. The teachers are funny, knowledgeable, passionate, and most importantly always available. Despite the size of the school, every teacher knew who my son was and commented knowledgeably about him or his work on back to school night a month after the first day. My son's experience in several of his classes has rivaled the experience I had at a top public ivy. The projects and curriculum prepare students for both the application process and a college curriculum. We have been incredibly happy with San Clemente.
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My experience at San Clemente High School was unique. Each teacher tries to get know you as a student and as a person. The school offers a lot of advance placement classes and even IB. I was on the track/field team and I did cross country, my experience with coaches are lackluster. Some of the assistant coaches were very attentive but the head coach didn't cared about you. The school events were exciting and interesting. The school dances were nothing special honestly, it was always the same every year. However what made this high school special was the people I've meet here.
Overall San Clemente High School is a decent school. There were really good teachers and really bad teachers, some teachers really wanted their students to thrive and others were just glorified babysitters who didn't seem to care one way or another. The campus is huge with only a few different points to get lunch, and that would be something I'd like to see improve. Sometimes we would stand in the lunch line for the entirety of lunch just to get something to eat and then barely have time to eat. Sports was the main focus on the school, and there was more push for sports than there was academics. Understandably, sports are a big part of some students lives, but overall, there should've been a bigger push for academics and for the students involved in sports to not get the special treatment that they did. SCHS was decent, but there should definitely be improvements.
Overall, I had a great experience at SCHS! The faculty was great and there was a lot of school spirit on campus and in the community. The facility itself is old and needs some updates but could be worse. The location of the campus was nice and I always felt safe.
Huge school. Lots of offerings. It is what you make of it. My teachers were all great, can't speak for all those I didn't have. Facilities need somework.
It was a good experience for me. I been their for four years. Faculty is very nice. Only scary part was making new friends when I started everyone else already knew each other so I had to break my way in into groups.
There is a great sense of community. Most teachers are very passionate about their job and genuinely care about students' well being. However, the school is very old and needs remodeling.
Throughout the years I have spent at San Clemente High, I have been able to develop into the person I am today-- doing so through the quantity of opportunities given by the schools overwhelming student body involvement. SCHS is known for its level of inclusivity in all programs that establish the campus-- from sport involvement to club life and academics, our programs build off each other to create an atmosphere filled with positivity. I personally am very involved on campus acting as a Link Crew Leader, Rugby Squad Captain, and acting as the Club President of one of the largest clubs on campus, Inspire To Be. Having been a transfer student to this school my Freshman year, I had been given the tools necessary to intergrade into the schools community and build upon myself, and so have so many others.
As I head off to graduate and attend a university, I can proudly say that San Clemente High School has prepared me well. The community is welcoming, and in classes, clubs, sports, and school activities, it is easy to make friends and connections that last. The small town feel incorporated into the school with the "One town, one team" slogan creates a strong bond between students, staff, and the city, as we all come together as one for the homecoming parade, football games, and ceremonies to honor hardworking and devout students. Upperclass years allow for some freedom in class selection that can assist in deciding a college major while also exploring other topics and subjects that haven't yet been engrained into the curriculum yet. Additionally, the ability to enroll in many AP and IB level courses helps with GPA, colleges, and the overarching experiences involved with these levels of academics, and uniting with other students with the same ethic to succeed even more so.
Most of my teachers provided me with the knowledge and work ethic that has carried me through college. I took AP courses and learned a lot about my general interests that led me to pursue a degree in Psychology.
I really enjoyed attending high school here! I made life-long friends and learned so much. I really progressed academically every year while attending this school. Mostly every teacher takes pride in their job and cares about the future lives of their students. Resources such as computers, books, supplies, etc. are easily accessible to all students. Most importantly bullying was a minor problem and I never experienced it or witnessed it in all my four years attending.
San Clemente High School is a great school. The teachers are amazing and the overall condition of the school is good, although it could be improved. The sports are also excellent and we have had many great athletes come out of the school.
I loved the friendly atmosphere of the school, and most of the teachers and advisors are very helpful and encouraging. The academics are above average, since we do offer AP and the rigorous IB program. The athletics are also fantastic, as it is rare to experience a year where most of the sports do not win their division (sometimes even CIF champs!). We also have other great art/music programs as well. The only downside is that the campus is outdated and needs to be renovated.
Great school and amazing teachers. They have amazing after school (ROP) classes that really set up there students for future success. These programs are a great chance to get an insight to your future Career. There are amazing teachers with a great sense of love for what they do. Not so diverse there are mainly lot's of Hispanics and American people.
San Clemente is a small town and great community to live in. Our motto is "one town, one team." The whole town is very involved in our high school and everyone comes together to support each other. SCHS is a very close and loving high school with amazing students and staff.
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The administration is out of touch. The teachers lack ability to maintain behaviors in class. The counselors are not helpful.
I had a mix of incredible teachers, and many that were less than satisfactory. I feel like there is a true determination to help us succeed, but the school needs to reevaluate some of their teaching staff. Tenure does not always equal a good teacher.
Amazing teachers and staff, however facilities are very old and need to be updated to match the level of quality the community deserves!
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