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My experience at San Augustine High School has been for the most part good. They care about their students and it shows in their work. Especially during this time with the current pandemic in place, the teachers and staff are constantly checking in on the students, wanting to learn ways to better adapt to the change.
San Augustine High School is a really good school with a really good environment. Classes are really small which makes learning easier because it gives the teachers more individual time with the students that are struggling. Our school clubs are really active and we also do a lot of community service and we try to help our community as much as we can since our community is very small. We also have a really good UIL Academic group who is always taking the top places at competitions. We also have a really good athletic program with really good athletes. Our football team has made it to the state semi-finals 3 years in a row. We also have had a couple of Track/Cross Country runners make it to state every year. Our High School has also a great band program. Overall our High School is a really good school to attend to learn to do become a better academic and athlete student.
San Augustine is the best high school ever! Teaches go out their way just so you can have a great education!
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San Augustine High School is a small school, but everybody knows everybody in this school. We all know each other every well, we treat each other like family. our teachers try their best every day to make us better. Mrs.McNamara is one of my favorite teaches because she's always checking on every student making sure they all good.
like everything about Sam Augustine High School i like would like to change a little bit of everything like food some teachers some of the classes and activities during school and out of school
What I like about San Augustine High School is the classroom setting. They are small and the teachers are very welcoming. I am able to learn faster and comfortably because of the small class sizes. One thing I would change is the fact that we do not have lockers. I have really bad back problems due to carrying heavy books in my backpack since my freshman year. It would be nice to have a place designated for my books and other belongings.
What I like about San Augustine is that, there are many opportunities here. From excellent Athletic Programs, to acing UIL Academics. We got things many small 2A schools wouldn't have. There are some downsides but the Pros outweighs the Cons
I like that the teachers are very determined to prepare students for their future. I think the mindset some teachers have needs to improve.
This is a great school for students who want to go to a small school in a small town, where it's quiet and not a lot happens. The academic system is judged depending upon how you take it. If you pay attention in class and ask questions in order to understand, you will tolerate the system. If you are one of those students who have lack of interest and willingness, then you will not be fond of the system at all. There is a lot of diversity, basically at least 20 of each race here; It is a 2A school. Clubs and Activities are judged based on whether you use them to your advantage or not. If you try to make them fun, like Student Council, they will be fun. But if you're just looking for personal benefit, and not fun, then it's 50/50 because it's only fun if you make it, and there is personal benefit depended on what your definition of it is. Overall, everyone knows each-other, there are few physical interactions, and the little moments that happen will make your school experience better.
The academics that are offered at this school are tutoring, morning/afternoon tutorials, college help on essays. The amount of tutoring that the teachers take from their brakes are ridiculous because they really care about their students.
There are a wide variety of things to do at this school because people are very involving in this school.
My experience at this school since I have been here are great because I have a lot of friends an the teachers a very friendly to the students.
The teachers are great at this school because they make learning fun and help you with your schoolwork when you need it.
Our clubs are awesome and very much supported bu staff and community
Most of the teacher at the school have a very caring attitude for the students and how they perform in the classroom
They always look out for the health and safety of the children
The school has been an awesome environment for my daughter and the teachers are great
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The parents and familes are very active with the students.
San Augustine High school is one of the best schools to attend. In my 13 years of school i havent ran into any problems. Sure the school district is a little strict, but it serves for the best result in education.
I love being around the teachers, especially when are having to work with the students that are having a hard time working.
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