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I love that San Antonio Christian School has become a home for our family. The school is large enough to have great resources and support, yet small enough that we personally know the administration and teachers. We know that our kids are getting a great education while remaining strongly Christian.

The athletic program has been growing strong under our current athletic director. He does a great job of leading the school's support for sports other than football, resulting in the Henderson Cup last year. This year, the school has already won state in boys cross country and boys and girls swim.
Our children transferred to SACS for high school. It has been an incredible experience. From the academics to the athletics, and everything in between, we have enjoyed the experience! And our kids are growing in every area!
We started SACS in the 8th grade and Freshman year. The friendships that have been built with students and parents has been amazing. The school community is like a family. High School football nights are the best in The Lions Den. Very family oriented. The girls sports program is first class. Varsity Girls Basketball went to the State Finals two of the three years we have been there. Looking forward to another run in 2020. We have also made it to the State Finals in Volleyball, Soccer and Swimming just to mention a few of the sports. The teachers are so involved with our kids, which is wonderful to see these days. We have been so pleased with the growth and development seen in our children over the years. Go Lions!!
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I love the parent involvement at sacs. I also appreciate the preparation sacs teachers give their students for future education. However, I do not like the administration and how they run the school.
Not much diversity, so that is disappointing. Teachers are sometimes inexperienced. Extra curricular is not all that robust. So, all in all, difficult to justify the cost.
Where to start?  Well, first of all, just understand that the teachers RUN THIS SCHOOL!!  The administrators turn a blind eye to the tantrums and shortcomings of their petulant children they call "teachers".  Seriously, it does not matter how agregious the behavior of the teacher is.....they will stand there and back them up.  I am pretty sure most people come to private school and spend a fortune on their children's education, so their opinion will AT THE VERY LEAST be heard and respected.  NOT gonna happen at this school.  And let me tell you, this mindset is rampant.  Starts at the top and just rolls right down.   But the teachers are NEVER reprimanded for maltreatment of a student, or for poor judgment....they are just left to RUN THE PLACE.  And they know it, so it perpetuates the problem.  There is no end in sight.  There are many schools here in town that will give your child a good christ-centered education....minus the headache of teachers run amuck.
SACS is an overall great school. Academics can be vigorous if chosen to be and sports are great. The student sections/community could be better. Most of the teachers are nice and easy to work with. Chapel on Thursdays have different speakers every time and usually aren't boring to listen to.
San Antonio Christian School is like no other Christian School. I have attended since Pre-K and I have gotten a Christ like education, like no other. I have made the strongest friendships and most importable gotten a great education.
It was a very good environment for me to pursue the acuities that I enjoyed and strengthened my faith in christ.
I love this school the coaching staff is amazing, the teachers are great. The education excellent. I participate in football, wrestling, and cinematography. The teacher really take time to make sure every kid achieves the best they can.
The elementary school is excellent. The middle/high school are lacking. Math program doesn’t provide adequate support for students. The football field has been upgraded many times but the High school is mostly portables. No support for female leadership in administration (they don’t let women be on the board of directors) nor do they encourage their female students to be in positions of leadership . We had a calculus teacher leave in the beginning of senior year and had subs all year. Considering the amount of money we have paid to this school, parents should not have to hire math tutors for their kids to keep up. Bullying , racism, sexual harassment among students is never addressed to parents and not disciplined by the administration. After having one child go through the high school program, we decided that we would be better off saving our money and go to the high rated high school close by. After this past year in a new school we all agree that it was the best decision.
As a parent of a current graduate.. we left with the sense of relief.. not only did the counseling office fail in helping students, there are many teachers with no consistency in teaching the curriculum. The administration does not know what communication means, they never let you know about changes with teachers and rules within the student handbook.
The principal has direction but lacks consistency in his direction and following handbook rules and he plays favorites.
The Athletic department needs a degreed Director who doesn’t believe in letting his coaches belittle the athletes on any level.
Yes these problems can be found in every school, but when you pay a high tuition, they can at least listen and pretend try to make a change . I wish SACS the best., but for that to happen they need to make a change and take a look at the top Christian College prep schools in Dallas and Houston so they can get back to the top...
San Antonio Christian is a large mixed bag in terms of what you will receive in an education. Some teachers are great people and educators while others simply are unqualified as mentors and educators alike. Thus, the quality of the education varies from year to year. Likewise, the culture of the school varies greatly from. However, most, if not all, have an underlying level of toxicity. The classic trope of viscous private school kids holds true. Meanwhile, the administration puts a protective barrier around these bullies as long as they continue to put up a religious front. Overall, my experience has been semi-positive, however, that is of no thanks to the administration or the student body but rather to the rampant sub-culture of SACS that holds disdain for the administration. These people tend to be of the highest standard and have positively impacted my life in a place of almost utter negativity.
San Antonio Christian School was a great place to grow in your faith. Staff and Faculty made it their job to guide you in the word of God, while also allowing you to experience his plan for you. Class sizes were small and it felt like you receive hands-on, one-on-one learning.
Great family environment, but too much turn over in faculty and lack of consistency with the curriculum.
I loved the school spirit and the values the school upholds. Their athletic teams are doing so well, and I loved getting to be apart of them during my time here. This school prepared me well for going off to college to continue my education.
Our daughter attended SA Christian and is now thriving in college. The teachers take a personal interest in every student and prepare them for a life of faith and service. When you consider the tuition, spiritual discipleship and strong academics, SA Christian is the best value for a balanced, Christ centered education in Texas. They have been recognized by Microsoft for their state of the art IT program and have a great athletic program and fine arts school.
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The teachers are great, but the pharasees aka the board of directors judge, chastise, and crucify the innocent. It lacks a Christ based faith foundation. It is all about the money, not the well being of all children. SACS has left God out of the picture and has replaced him with money. I pity them.
over all the school has a great christian atmosphere. The facility and students are vey welcoming and you will never feel left out.
I’m a relatively new student at SACS, I transferred from Reagan High School in the second semester of my sophomore year, and I love it. As a new kid, I was being reached out to with open arms. Almost immediately, I had friends and was felt involved. Due to the fact that the school is so small, it’s easy to think that it would be difficult to enter a friend group or find your “clique”. This is not the case. Very friendly students, very understanding teachers/staff, very committed to seeing you succeed. Not only academically, but to see you grow as a person as well. I’m closer to the people at SACS than I ever was with anyone at Reagan. This is where I wish I was from the start of 1st grade. Go Lions!