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Saltsburg Middle/High School Reviews

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I liked the intimacy of my school. I had a very good relationship with all of my teachers, and they were always willing to help me. I feel like I am receiving a good education. However, the small size has also had some drawbacks. There were not many club opportunities, and I was limited in the classes that I was able to take.
With a school as small as ours, students are able to receive more one on one help from teachers as well as develop close relationships with faculty and other students.
A rather nice, quiet school full of personality and excitement. Having gone to the Saltsburg schools my whole life, I say that the education offered is superb for the quaintness of it all, and the teachers are personable and friendly. The only thing that could be better would be the attitude of the students, who have begun to be too lax about their futures, and spend more time fooling around than sitting down to work.
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For as small as the school is it gives it's students so many opportunities. I do wish that the size was a little bigger because the amount of kids makes it difficult to get sports teams.
Saltsburg is a very small school with little to no diversity. I graduated with only about 40 students so it was easy to make friends and know the names of everyone.
Saltsburg is a nice small school, and with that you get all of the benefits and problems that come from living in a small town. It's nice to know everyone and have small classes, but the funding and academics could be better.
I love the small community. The teachers truly care about student growth and development. There are also a lot of opportunities to participate in activities and sports.
I loved this high school. The teachers were unforgettable, the class sizes were perfect, and the academic aspect was great while I was there.
Something that is great about saltsburg middle high school is its very small size. It allows you to feel comfortable and secure that you are always seeing firmilar faces. It always allows teachers to most of the time be available for extra help and support, they’ll be able to know you personally
I wish that more classes and languages were offered and teachers were stricter with discipline. I also wish we took classes that taught us note taking and study skills to prepare us for college.
Saltsburg-Middle High School is a small school in a rural community. The academics are decent and I have learned a significant amount that will help me in college. However, it is not very diverse, there are virtually no clubs or anything extracurricular other than sports (with mediocre teams and mean coaches with favoritism). Also, certain families with reputations or involvement are preferred over students who have families unable to provide the same things that favorited families provide.
The school overall has a positive vibe, so I never feel unsafe. But the things like bullying and fighting are not tolerated at all, and our met with pretty serious consequences. There are security cameras all over the school, and we always have a security officer on duty during school hours.
SMHS has a plethora of after school activities, and while I'm not really involved in them due to the fact that I work, the majority of my friends are involved in them in some way. My schools offers access to many sports clubs, and since the school is so small everyone gets a shot. There are also quite a very academic clubs which help out the community, and try to teach leadership skills.
I began attending SMHS at the beginning of my 10th grade year, and have enjoyed my time here. I've made great friends, and learned a lot of very important academic skills. I feel that my mathematical and writing skills have improved exponentially as a result of my attendance, and feel the overall effort put in by the teachers has a positive impact. Due to the fact that the school is very small everyone knows each other, which creates a very close environment, this made it very easy to get involved in the school, and make a close group of friends.
For the most part the teachers at SMHS are very good at their job. The majority of my teachers consistently involve students in thought provoking discussion to try and develop our critical thinking skills, most incorporate technology into the classroom, and they're all pretty consistent and fair with the way they grade assignments.
the smallness allows one on one teaching.
Seemed average to me. May just have more to do with the local population than with the school system.
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Typical nasty cafeteria food. It is what it is....
Seemed jumbled, people stepping on each other's toes and not sure what to do.
While the school doesn't have a lot of funding or extra money, they at least appear to try to provide for their students in terms of equipment.
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