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SLCSE has provided me with the most extraordinary academic experiences. From participating in university level science experiments in the desert to traveling to nearby elementary schools to teach lessons, I have learned so much and had so much fun.
i came here in 7th grade. it started out awesome, but now this place is driving me insane. the teachers are very nosy.
I love attending the Salt Lake Center for Science Education. This school is amazing in a lot of ways. For one, the teachers really care about you and your success for the future. While there are students who struggle to fit in, most of them will be happy to make friends with you. This school is like a second family to me.
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The Salt Lake Center for Science Education has taught me to be a mindful, risk taking person. In SLCSE we don’t shy away from world problems, we talk about them and analyze them and start up a conversation. In my experience SLCSE has taught me to not be afraid of failing, instead we fail forward and learn from our mistakes, whether it be a science fair project or a personal problem. I have also learned to try things out of my comfort zone and not be afraid of doing things on my own. Going to this school has benefitted me more than I thought it would. In my earlier years in this school I would get annoyed by all the speaking we had to do and all the reading and essays we had to do. Now that I’m getting ready to graduate I see that I find myself using a lot of skills that I used in the activities I found useless. I understand now that little by little we have been helped into becoming hard working humans full of empathy and resilience to change reality.
I have been at this school since I was 11 I grew up here and this school has made me in to who I am. The teachers at this school really care about their students and will go above and beyond to help them if they ask.
I first came to this school during 8th grade, at first I was having trouble staying un-top of my work. Later on when I was in other grades I would do much better on making sure I would have my work done. It is not a big school, But I like that because the teachers are able to help the students more often and you know more people since the school is smaller.
Salt lake Center for Science Education is a very social, small, dedicated school for diverse students. The teachers there will focus on learning while making it really fun. Yes, we use textbooks as a source for learning topics, but we are very hands on.
The teachers really are the best part of this school. I've learned many skills that will carry me forward through college and life.
As a student and soon to be graduate of SLCSE, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and feel of the school. SLCSE teachers are very welcoming and they are willing to help whenever needed. This school has helped me prepare for my next steps in life and I wouldn't have chosen a different school if I had a choice.
What I really liked about my school is the many experiences you have to explore outdoors but also making that outdoor experience into a learning experience. An example of this is going to Rio Mesa to work on a science project. Another thing I really liked was the teachers and how flexible they were to help students. They are always available to help students when needed. One big thing about SLCSE is that they have implemented methods in which they can be involved throughout the community. This has allowed for people to come into our school and utilize our resources but to also receive help. They have done this by going out and picking up trash to clean up around the community, providing people in need with jackets, collecting canned food, going to the homeless shelter and providing food as well as helping store the food, and last year peer mediation was implemented to help students resolve conflicts to improve interactions with students.
excellent teachers, great commitment to students. great support system in place. lots of great activities and great things for students to get into. overall a very good school and a great experience.
I absolutely loved this school because the teachers genuinely care about you andante every student to grow and succeed. The course material and hands on experience is fun and intreating. The teachers are always engaging and try to change their teaching styles to fit everyones need. The downsides to this school is that there isn't as many extracurricular activities to do. They do incorporate a lot of STEM programs and opportunities but they definitely don't have other options that touch base with common sports or clubs. This school is very small and therefore the children there are able to get more attention, but I would highly recommend this school to any kid that loves science, math, and is someone who eventually wants to go into that field. There are a lot of opportunities for sciences as this school.
Early on, SLCSE provided many unique opportunities for science and research that would not have been available at a larger traditional high school. However, the small size of my school really limited opportunities in other areas I might have benefited from. The course selected was very narrow which resulted in me attending a community college for appropriate math credits my senior year. I was also not able to participate in sports or student government which could have helped with scholarship opportunities.
I highly recommend Salt Lake Center for Science Education to all prospective students and their parents. The teachers are exceptional and provide instruction using a variety of mediums and settings. During the time my daughter spent at SLCSE not only did she receive an exceptional educational, she also received credit for participating in a research project at the University of Utah based upon a teacher's recommendation, and went bird banding with Hawk Watch. The teachers at SLCSE go above and beyond what is expected of them as well as creating a safe and mutually respecful environment in which to learn.
I like how they try to get everyone involved and make it so we don't just stay in our own little groups. The teachers get involved in a way that let's us know that they care. I'd like to see a change in their electives and career day, because even though it's a science school not everyone there is going to want to go into a STEM career.
For the most part, I had a very good experience at SLCSE. The small class sizes and hands on experiences were really helpful for me. However, the fact that there aren't any sports teams can be really difficult, and the counselors aren't particularly helpful with figuring out your schedule around that. Other than that, I had a very good experience at SLCSE, and really enjoyed my time there.
Extremely diverse, close knitted community full of wonderful and bright peers and faculty. The teachers go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and important. Every single teacher there has taught me incredible life lessons I will never forget. There is only one sports team, which is the mountain biking team. The food isn't great - and there isn't a whole lot to do after school in terms of clubs. But, you can always start a club if you'd like! There are only a few downsides but for the most part, it's an incredible school that I am so fortunate to go to!
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There is only very moderate extracurricular classes offered at this school.
This high school I will for sure apply to again because it is heavily focused on helping the students and academics. It seems that the administration there really cares about us and wants us to succeed. Plus the majority of the students who go there want to attend there so there is a very positive atmosphere and I feel like anybody at my school can express who they are and not have to worry about being "weird" or picked on. This may seem cliche but we are one big family. And I absolutely love it there
The teachers at this high school are amazing! Since we have such small classrooms the teachers are able to really give you the attention you need. In addition to that they always go above and beyond to accommodate us (the students). They constantly switch things up to entertain us and apply critical thinking to learn in their lessons. Plus they are always really nice. I have nothing to say bad about them!
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