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Salk Middle School Reviews

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I like Salk. It's a great school to send your kids to. Most students are nice. They get a "talking to" when they're doing things that aren't okay. I would recommend this school to pretty much anybody that wants a good future in good academics and very high learning choices/standards.
When I went there as a kid, it was a great school. The only problem is I had medical problems that forced me to miss school a lot and some of the teachers did not understand that. But, those teachers have all retired now. My husband has twin brothers that just went on to the high school. One of them has ADHD and he got sent to the planning room (principal's office) a lot because the teachers there now are old and don't know how to handle kids with disabilities. Colleges are now teaching future educators how to mold their lesson plans based on how each child in their classroom learns. So, hopefully it gets better in the future. I did like the fact that it is a magnet school though. Brings more diversity and allows kids to explore the sciences a little bit more than a regular school
Honestly it's been a few years since I went to school here but I can remember always being able to find a join any activity I could think of
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Middle school isn't easy for anyone. Everyone is trying to find their way in life and becoming a young adult
Most the teachers were great, perfect middle school teahers. Of course with any school there will be teachers that just don't mesh well with all students that's why I gave it the rating I did
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