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One of the nicest school communities I've been in, although I'd argue that some of the teachers, the diversity, the school spirit, club offerings, and the intensity of the education here is lackluster
The teachers are excellent and are very dedicated to the students. They show concern for all aspects of the students lives to ensure they are in the best mind set to learn. The faculty as a whole, makes the students feel at ease and comfortable going to them with any questions or concerns we may have. The athletic department has a great coaching staff. Again, they are concerned about teaching students to be the best athletes they can be, and not always concerned about wins/losses.
I love how close and supportive the community and school is. Everyone is salisbury is always looking for opportunities to reach out and make the township a better place. Because we are so small, it is easy to get involved with sport and actives. Also, the sports teams allow for bonding and promote teamwork and hard work.
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I like how personable the teachers are. They really try their best to help you. Laptops are provided and that makes learning so much easier with everything being put online. I’m able to use multiple resources every day which helps to keep the classroom exciting.
Overall, my experience was good. Salisbury is a great school because of the opportunities it can give its students. They are growing in diversity, and are also growing in offering more AP, Honors, and a wide range of Electives each year. It is a very safe school, with a School Resource Officer present during the day. Because it is a small school (about 150 per class), it is easy to join clubs and athletics, which is a great way to make friends with different interests. The teachers also are very helpful and any time you need assistance, you can ask them for help and you can see them during study hall. Overall, great teachers, supportive community, and a great school.
Going to this high school was a great experience for me! The teachers are amazing and so helpful and I always was challenged.
I love that it is a small school. Being a small school has enabled me to participate in any club or sport I was interested in. The teachers all know me well. We have a laptop program and every student has a laptop all year long they can take home. It is important for schools to keep up with the latest technology.
Salisbury is a good school in the area. The athletics aren't amazing, but certain sports teams do well in the league and district. The teachers and nice. Every student grades 6-12 has a personal Mac.
Salisbury is a great school because the classes are small enough that you can get a more individualized education with greater access to teachers when help is needed. What I would change is the focus on college readiness as there are not midterms or finals leaving you feeling unprepared for these types of tests.
Extracurricular opportunities at Salisbury Senior High School are average, but we are often overlooked by other schools, due to our size and limited coaching knowledge. Also, extracurriculars lack support, especially monetary. Overall, we need better coaches and more support.
My overall experience at Salisbury High School is neither negative nor positive. First off, academics are great, but there is no room for goofing off or procrastination. Teachers and guidance counselors genuinely care and want students to excel. I fully recommend that every student becomes involved in something; whether it be athletics or a club, it helps to unify the student body. Sports, like football and basketball, have a lot of student and community support. Unfortunately, this leaves other sports or clubs, like softball or class advisories, with little to no funding. Diversity at this school is slowly, but surely, becoming a major issue. Student of a minority are often seen as outsiders or "ghetto", while caucasian students don't face the same struggles. Students with special needs, or in need of extra support, are treated very well here, and I do not know of any bullying or harassment issues towards students with special needs. As many students might have noticed, our school has a very "laid-back" environment, which comes with its own set of pros and cons. For instance, falcon periods are sometimes spent by watching Netflix and socializing, rather than studying or catching up on homework. Since our school is rather small, drama occurs a lot among students, or even staff. It causes a major distraction from classes and school work. Overall, Salisbury Senior High School is an excellent school, but still needs a few improvements.
Overall, the teachers at Salisbury High School are great. They're incredibly dedicated to their jobs and students, but some teachers have definitely lost motivation, and it's noticed by students and other teachers. Also, I feel that control is often lost by teachers, and students often control the atmosphere of the classroom. Unfortunately, teachers that actually teach and give lectures, are often disrespected and teased by other students and teachers. Most teachers are generous with their time, and are very willing to help struggling students outside of class. Sadly, teachers often have "favorites", and it's very obvious to other students, usually causing tensions. All in all, I don't think we need new educators, but rather more motivation in our current teachers.
Very fun and informative. family
Very challenging, yet fun and easily understood
In my experience teachers are strict, yet friendly
its long but easy on students
we have never had a problem, the school is very safe
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Lots of diversity, some coaches are awful, the "athletic director" needs to be removed asap
With the exception of parents and them fighting over their kids playing time its pretty okay
They are all pretty good
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