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It's good, especially the new building. It wasn't very good though my freshman and sophomore year during the construction.
Salina South provided me with an overall good education. I feel very prepared for college. I had many good teachers and supportive staff members. We now have a remodeled facility that makes it a welcoming environment to learn in. I do feel there are some higher level math classes that didn't have the expertise that was needed to teach that level.
What I liked most about Salina South High School are the teachers. Most of the teachers I had were very nice and helpful. What I would like to see improved is their parking lot.
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I was a 2015 graduate and loved how the teachers cared so much about the students and what they wanted to achieve in the future. The school has now been completely rebuilt and I have not seen it yet, but I am sure it is better than the round, rotted, no-window building we had before.
It was okay. Food was kind of horrible, but teachers were nice. Recently finished with construction. Too bad I graduated before getting to use the new parts.
Salina South is a great school! New construction has enhanced all the classrooms. The teachers and coaches are top-notch.
I like the kind staff at Salina South High school. They are all helpful and generous. They have been there for me when I needed support and encouragement to try something new.
I'm very happy for the new students attending Salina South since they're getting a new school built for them. Great 4 years of my life. Was involved in multiple sports. Loved the teaching staff. Would definitely recommend.
The teachers at South High are very supportive and very easy to talk to. Having great teachers is a huge part in a students success and they do an amazing job.
My overall experience at South High has been pretty great. I have met so many teachers which I have grown close with and have helped me throughout my years attending this school. I have met so many close friends and fell in love with the sport of cheer-leading along the way. The cheer program, the academic, the people, and everything else has been so amazing.
At Salina High School South they are good people. They do everything they can to keep the school a safe and clean environment. They also have good action and consequences when it comes to bullying. If you have a problem they will help. The teachers at South High care about their students and want to see them succeed. If you're looking for a good place to send your kids, I would really check it out.
I like how everyday when you walk in, espiecally on days when you’re not feeling so hot, there is always an bright smiling teachers face to greet you and make you feel welcome and important. If I hadn’t to change anything it would be how the pods are set up, which we are getting rid of soon so in that cas there isn’t really anything I would change about Salina south High School.
All of the staff and faculty members really wants the students to be and do their best in all aspects of life. The team leadership is shown throughout the building. I am proud to be a Cougar!
The teachers are very nice, and the new building is very nice. A very nice thing at south is the school store. It is very easy to make new friends their.
There is a wide variety of clubs and after school activities for everyone to enjoy. I wish I had the time to do all of them.
My time at Salina High School South has been peppered by many different emotions, some positive and some negative. I have always enjoyed my teachers, I have never had one that I have "hated" and there are a lot of unique individuals in the staff.
The teachers at South High are really great as well as other staff. We are also in the process of getting a new building so seeing how far they’ve come and watching the transformation is a good experience to have.
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Many of the teachers do care but a fair number of them are prety much just there for the paycheck. The food at lunch is pretty bad and typicaly not enough to get you full.
For me, Salina South High was a really Good school. All the teacher were great. The shorts were very competitive. My class won state championship.
South high was an enjoyable place to be in. It was different then other schools because the classrooms didn't have doors or windows. I liked that because we can communicate to other people in other classes if we needed help in anything.
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