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Salesian College Preparatory Reviews

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One counselor in particular seems to make it his job to bring students down. I've heard numerous cases in which he puts down my friends for their grades, their college choices, and their hopes for careers. The faculty and staff do make up for it however. The staff is incredibly welcoming of every type of individual.
Ive been here since freshman year. Ive had an overall good experience. The students are pretty friendly and there isn't too much drama. The school is also very diverse. Teachers prep you well for you journey in college and are very accepting; but you have to try in class and if you need help go after school or you might experience a decline in grades. Some students are very disruptive though and sometimes the punishments given aren't enough. There could be more clubs and active also. The school and the faculty actually care about their students and want the best for them; they want to help you. They have retreats even to try and bring our class closer together. Ive enjoyed my time there and feel well equipped for college.
Salesian is very close to my heart, having been a place where much of my family attended and where I met my lifelong friends. Salesian creates an environment for students to grow in multiple aspects. Looking back, I obviously saw much academic growth but I see now much of my social growth was fostered in the Salesian environment. Faculty and staff support students inside and out of the classroom. For those having trouble with family or friends, there was a support system. Salesian gives you the freedom to fail but encourages you to succeed, and post failure, is there to help you get back up again. The rigorous education helped me stay one step above my peers once in college. Graduating from college was never a question in my mind. Salesian was the push that made me the first in my family to graduate from college. I continually look back at that time in my life and am grateful for the opportunity to attend and graduate from Salesian.
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Salesian is a wonderful school and the campus is great.
Their teachers are first rate, four of them have PhDs. It is a welcoming community and students are involved in many different activities. It has a rich diversity and a great tradition.
I loved everything about the school as a student. The Salesian Community is truly a special one, a lot of places say their school is 'home' or that this is a 'family' but it is very much the case at Salesian. The academic rigor prepared me for college and the life lessons learned there and shared with the teachers and staff are irreplaceable. Truly a special place to spend your teen years!
Overall, Salesian is a pretty good school. It is Catholic, so school starts off with prayer every morning. Academics are pretty, considering the college prep curriculum.
I like Salesian because there is not a good public school in contra costa county, especially in San Pablo and Richmond city
Great school for college readiness, it may feel a little bland at time but it'll do you good in the long run
What I like about Salesian High School is how diverse the school is. The students are all very well rounded and come from all different types of backgrounds. I also enjoy that the school is very small so it’s easier to form connections with your teachers so you can get assistance. The school has about 410 students, which is a perfect size for me. You will for sure know a lot of people and will become apart of the Salesian family very quickly.
The English teacher is way too strict and it creates a tense atmosphere. There should be more healthier food options because the food is fattening and greasy. The dress code policy should be less strict.
Good school overall but more for athletics, they have very strong sports teams. Great teachers who actually know what they are teaching, they care about their students and want them to succeed.
Salesian was a great private school just need to update the school more and have more organized activities for students.
This is a good school with great students and good teachers. Although I had hoped that it was going to prepare me for collage as it is now a college prep institution.
The education at Salesian was amazing but it was extremely expensive. The school has few electives and influences not pursuing careers in arts after high school. You can still pursue which ever career you would like but academic careers are encouraged. Self expression is limited because restrictions on hair color and uniforms. The school is extremely small averaging in about 400 students total. The sports side of the school is really looked up to. Ipads are the way students do work in and out of school. There isn't sexual education which should be changed. No school nurse or marching band.
By sending my sons to Salesian they were prepared by graduation to meet the academic rigors of university studies. Today, they are successful in their chosen professions and contribute service to the community. There is no better place to prepare for the future and receive the added value of a private, values based, Catholic, and Salesian education. The teachers are among the most qualified and caring educators in the Bay Area.
My experience at Salesian High School has truly been a memorable one. From the park-like atmosphere that makes one feel at home, to the faculty and staff who go out of their way to ensure the proper high school experience for the students, Salesian High School offers the ideal high school experience for its students.
The teachers are very good and care about the students' success. Class sizes range from 20-30, resulting in quality time with the teacher if questions arise. It is a diverse school, and the principal is very understanding. There is not too much violence around the community. This is a Catholic School, and mass is held once a month in the gymnasium. The curriculum is suited for classes offered in College, and AP/ Honors classes are available.
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Salesian High school is a Catholic Private school in Richmond. They offer a great amount of financial aid and have very supportive teachers. The school focuses around making students feel academically challenged, at home, at a playground, and get guided through their religious journey. The school is very diverse and inclusive as well.
I really enjoyed my four years getting to know my small class of 100 kids. The teachers were able to become personal with each student and develop real, lasting relationships that can better both the teacher an de the student.
Well over all Salesian High school has been great so far the only thing i would like to see is more people, or more class being made for technology.