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Salem wasn't good to me. The academics were okay but the students had no discipline. It was almost like the kids ran the school. The food was good, probably the best part of my day. It is not diverse at all. The school was 100% black. The administration team worked together and they did try their best when their help was needed. The organization sucks. Students were supposed to wear uniforms but they didn't and there was no disciplinary action taken. I would love to see Salem do better at sports. All it takes is hardwork, dedication, and a great coach. They could also make the bathrooms safer and the hallways cleaner. Something Else that should change is the amount of student to teacher time. If a student doesn't understand, the teachers won't take their time out to try and understand. Salem isn't a good or bad school but I wouldn't send my child there.
My child is not getting the attention she needs, she's not learning anything. The school is very rowdy and the teachers have no control over their classes. I do not understand how this school is allowed to operate without any structure or discipline. Every child there is just there. I can not find a decent school in Decatur for my child to attend. I know that this is definitely not the place for her if I expect her to get a proper education and actually learn something.
My school made sure we all were inspired to be someone. Wheather I dream was realistic or not just being inspired to someone with a vision and a positive outlook on life was important. Also older mentors were important to keep the youth in the right track to be successful. In band our middle school band would participate with the High school band of Martin aluther King JR. High School. And we participated in everything just like a high schooler. We wanted to countinue to strive in the music industry because we saw where our mentors were headed and we wanted to be just like. Someone great, someone better than what we are expected to be.
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My teachers used behavior to replace the lack of quality education we were recieveing. Its an a "ok" experience for those who know they can make it out of those four walls and actually find a way of applying what was taught inside a classroom to an everyday lifestyle. Others may use the excuse school is pointless, but those are those who do not realize the great value of education that they deserve and should be entitled to will only have more excuses instead of answers.
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