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Teachers provide adequate education and it has a good variety of electives. The teachers are supportive and flexible to each student's needs.
My experience wasn't very good with this school. I wont give names but some of the teachers were very terrible. I transferred to homeschooling because of this school. It was probably the best thing I could have done.
I really loved Salem Middle School because of the diversity, clubs/activities, my friends, and the concept of small, tightly knit tracks for each grade. Even though my school was a relatively high academics school, many teachers weren't so knowledgeable, and our school was slightly underfunded. That's why I didn't rate my school the best. But overlooking those negative aspects, I loved middle school at Salem. Salem Middle School is unique because it's a year-round school, and the whole concept of tracks is really different.
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Some of my teachers were excellent in their teaching quality, knowledge, connection to the students, and communication skills. But a lot of my teachers weren't knowledgeable, were inexperienced, didn't give much care for the students, and used outdated technology in the classroom. My 7th grade Math teacher projected a small square on the whiteboard from his computer to teach class. He would also seriously lecture and yell at us for being too quiet/unactive in raising hands. He would coldly teach Math with a monotone teaching style. My 8th grade Science teacher had many queer idiosyncrasies, and his knowledge was not superb. I asked him once to explain why the density of gold always stayed the same, and his words were: "You see this ring right here?" *tugs off gold wedding ring* "This ring right here is pure gold, and so long as the cow jumps over the moon and comes home to the barn at night, its density will ALWAYS stay the same." Sooo, I was really confused and my question was still unanswered, till I asked my librarian. She explained it better than him.
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