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I love Salem High School. This school feels like home to me, with the amazing staff to the sweet janitors, this school makes you feel very welcome. The diversity is great on it's own where nobody feels left out and quickly can get in the hang of things. We have various sports and clubs to participate in so it makes everybody feel like there are many branches to get into. Overall, Salem's community is one that I've loved being in. I don't want to leave and very upset that my senior year has been cut short due to the Covid-19, but I can say my time here has been my best 4 years of high school.
Salem High School has defiantly helped me grow as a person and as a future college student. The students, teachers and principal all work together to make Salem have such a fun loving environment. I see little to no fights or gang violence and have not witnessed any bullying personally. I am absolutely blessed to go to a school that possesses such high standards of learning yet focuses on each and every students mental health and well being. I would not change anything about Salem because my experience has been outstanding.
Teachers are willing to help any student no matter the problem. The academy gives all students an opportunity to pursue a more focused approach towards their hobbies.
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As a four year student at Salem High School, I felt that I have received an excellent high school education and feel highly prepared for college. The teachers are great with caring attitudes. Each student is encouraged to succeed!
Its a very diverse and comfortable school. Teachers care about you and you have access to great education. As long as you're actively asking for help, you should never be lost.
I really love how involved the staff is with the success of the students. They really go the extra mile to help the students. We also love the sports programs the school has
My experience at Salem High School has been a wonderful ride. The teacher here really care about every students well being. Every teacher I have had, ninth through twelfth grade, have treated me with nothing but respect and fairness.
Salem offered many opportunities for all students to make the best of their high school years. Attending any event, you could feel the Sundevil culture come alive. As an athlete, I can say that coaches emphasized that academics come first.
I went to Salem (2015-2019) due to its proximity to my house for all 4 years and had an amazing high school career. It has an extremely diverse student profile and a good amount of very caring teachers. The school itself could use a little bit of a makeover and the food was definitely not gourmet, but all-in-all it was a really good school and played a big role in shaping me as a person in the best possible way. The school offers a variety of clubs and after school activities as well as offering a variety of sports. The most unique aspect of the school is the Fine Arts Academy Program it offers which students must apply for in either singing, dancing, art, or theater categories in which if they get in must take classes in those categories and participate in various activities (although variations of said classes are available for students not apart of the academy).
I like Salem High School a lot. It's very diverse in the students since we are a Visual and Performing Arts academy. However, there are problems with funding and the distribution of funding. The music strand is in debt, the visual arts program is underfunded, and the theatre strand is overfunded. Not to mention the sports administrator won't allow lacrosse (my sport) to become an officially recognized sport even though we made it to championships our first year. I want Mr. Harrison to recognize us more, and it is unfair how our sport was NOT also recognized in the yearbook OR the spring sports pep rally walk.
The faculty, staff, and students are incredibly kind and supportive. The school is buzzing with activities, and advisors try to include students of diverse backgrounds in the best way that they can. Teachers challenge students to be their very best and treat students like people first. The Academy is amazing!
The academy is the best part. I would get rid of general studies so that this school is just for the arts.
In Salem High school the teachers and the students are very nice and polite to visitors. The material and the teachers are great because I understand the material and the teachers are great of making understand it. I recommend anyone that wants to go to a school in Virginia Beach, I recommend Salem High.
Salem High School is such a diverse, creative, and accepting school. I've loved the people, the environment, and the teachers that I've met here. The only thing what I would change is that I'd like if the school got more funding.
I am in the academy at Salem High School and I love it. Everyone is so kind to one another and we rarely have fights or bullying like some of the other high schools. I would not want to go to any other high school
I had just moved to Salem for my freshman year after living out of the country for the past 6 years. I was very worried about how I would fit in and how I would make friends, but I was pleasantly surprised when I came to Salem and found out how nice all of the students are here.
Salem High School is a very open and diverse school and is accepting of anyone. Safety is their top priority along with education. They strive to be the best in Virginia Beach and execute that. But outside of education they have a lot of clubs and activities that you can join to be more involved in school.
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Salem High School is an amazing, wonderful, and safe environment for students and even for staff. Salem has made me grow into a better person and more aware of my surroundings. In high school, you are going through the main changes in life as a teenager and experience many things. While attending Salem, I personally have gone through changes and the faculty has helped me improve upon myself.
My experience at Salem High School was a very rewarding and a enjoyable learning experience. With rigorous schedules, supportive faculty, and healthy environments I was able to succeed
Salem High School was a wonderful place to learn and grow. There are a ton of fun and inclusive activities all year round. The diversity is extraordinary due it being an art academy school. The only real thing that was a struggle was student involvement and school pride among the students. I would love to see more participation of the student body in the future.
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