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Salem High school is a place that shapes the future of one's life. I love Salem High School because of the wondrous education we students are getting from the most wondrous faculty. Salem High school is a school that is properly diverse and respectful to every culture. Salem High school is a school that gives students freedom of choice to learn and acquire any skill of their interest. I love Salem High School because it offers dual enrollment courses with college credits which save money for student's future college expenses and it also prepares students for college and its responsibilities.
I liked my counselor at the school he was really there for me during the tough times. Now what I don’t like was the algebra department, most of us were failing the class and they never changed anything about it. Also the band teacher musician doesn’t care about you and thinks band revolves around your life. She doesn’t care about your outside situation.
My experience with Salem High for the four years that I attended was great. I made lots of different relationships with teachers and classmates. Being in an environment where the community was very diverse made the energy in each classroom positive. Our spirit weeks we would all come together as a class and take pride being from Salem. However, I do believe that Salem High does need a change after graduating from school it has been changed and they need to come together like before.
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High school was interesting, salem high is a good high school, the diversity is great and the student voice is the best part, but the one thing i didnt like was the moving of administration all the time & the lack of punishment.
I transferred to Salem High School 3 months before graduation. Within those 3 months I spent there, my guidance counselor made sure I was on track to graduate, walked me through all the resources available, and advised me on my career plans. The instructors were also very nice, and the environment was very friendly.
Salem High School is a very diverse community and I was able to learn so much about others and different cultures. Something I would have liked to be different is the focus of student involvement. Students had no pride and rarely participated in extracurriculars.
Salem High School is definitely what you make of it. If you want to succeed you will do very well in this school and make amazing friends. The teachers are all young and care a lot about the students, I personally have not had one careless teacher in my 3 years here. The atmosphere is very laid back and doesn’t seem to be cliquey or snobby at all, so I feel very comfortable at this school. The bathrooms need to be redone and the administration needs a lot of work. Also the athletics are free but participation is very low. SHS is not your typical high school but it has its pros and cons.
Nice school with great diversity, good teachers, nice opportunities such as internships. Also has nice classes and electives that are interesting for everyone.
the administration at this school is an absolute joke this year. They are never around and when they are around the rules that they make are ridiculous and treat us like we are in elementary school instead of high school. That being said, with a few exceptions most of the teachers I have interacted with care about their students and their futures.
I would say the "Salem High School experience" is just average, if not below. And with the new administration changes, I would recommend not coming here if you can help it. For my freshman to junior year, we had Mr. Angeramo as our principal and he was active within our community, but senior year we had a new one, and 7 months into the school year, she quit. Salem high is going through too many transitions at once and there is no stability. For activities, you can either be an athlete or heavily involved within the music and arts department... there isn't much in between. The factor that makes this school bearable is the faculty and staff that actually care for the students and our education.
My experience at Salem High School is definitely one to remember. I have met so many people that have made an impact on my life and developed strong relationship with a few of my teachers that I will miss once I graduate. I like how the students at Salem High School are involved within the community, sports, clubs and other activities. If I could change something about Salem High School it would be the starting time. Overall, I have enjoyed being at this school and although I can't believe its almost coming to an end, I am excited for what the future holds next for me.
Salem High is Pretful programs in the school.ty average in terms of school resources and diversity for the area. Student empowerment is very low but there are a lot of helpful programs within the school.
Salem High School offered a tremendous number of opportunities to get involved. Teachers, generally, are VERY invested in helping their students succeed and will do whatever they can to help anyone who is struggling (academically or personally). What I would say Salem High does best, however, is it produces very hardworking people. Compared to the graduates of nearby high schools, Salem students have a tendency to be more grounded and willing to put in work.
What I liked about Salem high was all the friends I got to make and close connection to one of my counselors. What I didn’t like was the amount of pep rallies we had
Salem High school was a pretty good high school. The teachers care and want to see you succeed. Sometimes the students can fail to see the overall picture of their future but with proper guidance they’ll realize what their education’s worth. The school is small enough where you can get to know most of the students but big enough where you’re not bumping in to everyone in the halls. Classes are alternated every other day with one being red day and one being white day. This allows you to have two nights to do your homework and classes don’t become too dreadful by having to go every day. Not too bad of school overall.
Salem High School is great school where staff welcome you and really pay close attention in fulfilling your needs.
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Great curriculum and great guidance department! Been here all four years, and am sad to leave almost every single teacher I have met, whether or not I ever had them for a class. The teachers are amazing with their flexibility, and the structure of the school day is the best I have ever had!
Salem High School is a great school that has a lot of diversity throughout the school with kids and teachers coming from different cultures. My experience in particular at Salem High has been great because this school and it's staff has allowed me to be the best I can be as a student and an athlete.
Overall my experience at Salem High School has been okay, I have made plenty of friends and haven't had any direct issues with teachers. I think that a lot of the teachers care a lot about their students, but others don't, making the class go terrible.
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