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Overall I really like my school; there is a good diversity and so many people to meet. Since Salem High School is also connected to two other schools, Canton, and Plymouth High School, the faculty and help are extended. There is always more than enough help available that my school, which is a huge benefit. One other thing I really like is that there extracurriculars for everyone. Something I would change if I could is to make school start times later. Most of the students are half asleep most of the day and even sleep in classes. Another annoying thing about the school is that we have to walk outside for each hour, between schools, through every weather except lightning. Other then that, my school is pretty decent, and I have enjoyed my time in high school.
Large diverse student body. Lots of clubs. You have to work hard to find your place. But if you do the opportunities are endless.
The park is a huge high school. You have very long walks and not a lot of time. 90% of the staff is very kind and the students are very diverse.
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In my past three years at Salem High School as well as the Park in general, I have learned quite a lot about myself. I have learned that having only a small group or a couple of friends is absolutely fine and that sometimes it's better. I used to worry about what people would think of me, but high school has boosted my confidence like nothing else ever has. I've taken various classes, including Drama and Speech, that challenged my public speaking and communication skills, as well as my faith and willing to believe in myself. The Park truly has a place for everyone, and even though it's huge, it's easier than you think to find your spot. Being popular is not important. High school has taught me to live in the moment, and not to take things too seriously. I have learned and improved many important skills here due to the amazing faculty and resources available to ensure my and other's success.
Salem high school has many different diverse clubs and organizations anyone can join. It’s awesome to learn about new cultures and how they are alike and different.
I did not go to an ordinary high school. I went to PCEP (Plymouth Canton Educational Park), where there are not one, but three high schools on one campus. These schools were Salem, Plymouth, and Canton high school. What was unique about this campus was that even though I was a Salem student, I had classes in all three schools. If your next class was in another school, you would have 10 minutes to walk on what is called "The Path" to get to your next class. Being enrolled at PCEP was interesting. When the Friday night lights came along, everyone from students all the way to 30-year alumni came to the game. Especially when one school on campus played another school on campus. For instance, the Canton vs Plymouth game is usually the most attended game of the year for all three schools. PCEP offers a widely ranged variety of classes for whatever it is you want to get into. Everything from Engineering to Culinary. Overall, my experience at Salem High School was very good. Go Rocks!
I love how the students have so many clubs and sports to chose from as well as the wide range of course selection!
I have no real complaints about my school, but it's interesting because it's part of a campus with two other high schools. The counselors are nice and invest in me even if I'm not there often, but most of my classes are in another school so I don't have much of an attachment to Salem. The auditorium and choir room are both great but could be renovated. There are so many clubs and sports so you will never get bored at PCEP!
It's a great school with many job opportunities and along with helping students in each grade. Along with college opportunities and scholarship opportunities that help guide the student achieve their career.
The school it self was a great experience because of how big the school was and the amount of students that go there. The education aspect could've been a bit better as well some of the schools teaching staff.
Salem High School is part of a 3 school conglomerate in Plymouth Canton. You almost get the college feel as you have classes between all 3 schools. The classes afforded to you are above what most schools offer and prepare you for a career or to go to college when you leave. The diversity prepares you for life and the opportunities are abundant for sports and social activities.
I feel that there could have been more options with clubs/associations, sports, and courses. I packed a lunch almost daily since the food quality wasn't the greatest. There have also been several threats which have disrupted the school time, as well as threatened our safety at PCEP. We have even had a teacher threaten to bring a gun to school. Ever since the Sandy Hook incident, all doors on campus are locked and can only be opened from the inside. This actually became problematic, because that would mean you'd have to possibly wait for someone to open the door, causing you to be late for class; being marked tardy is all too horrible for you attendance record, especially since they add up. I do wish there was a way to use the student IDs to get inside the building, to avoid this.
Salem high school is unique because it is a part of a three school campus, better known as PCEP. I have had amazing teachers and classes and there is someone for everyone here. All different types of people from all around. There is a large variety of clubs and activities so there is a place for everyone. I would like to see however, a change in some of the teachers who don’t care about their students and the work they assign them. I think some need to be retrained. I also think that Salem needs to bring more awareness to mental health issues and suicide.
Over my four years as a PCEP student I met numerous influential people, both staff and students. In my senior year my counselor retired and I was worried I wouldn't be able to fix the problems with my schedule. Thankfully, my new counselor was able to help me with no issues. I've had at least one teacher leave some impact on my life each year be it my World History teacher, American History teacher, AP Lang teacher or most recently, my AP Computer Science teacher.
The Plymouth Canton Educational Park had many exceptional teachers and plenty of different after school activities for anyone to participate in. I never felt discriminated against nor did I ever feel left out of these activities. I was also able to get a "college feel", as I've had to walk between all the schools for each differing class.
I though Salem High School really prepared me well for college. By being at a school where you walk in between buildings it made MSU feel not so overwhelming. Most of the teachers were great and would go out of there way to help you when needed. There are so many great resources, classes, and also clubs and activities that allow you to get involved with the school and also the community.
You could be a senior at the park (PCEP) and still not know everyone. You can definitely find the friends for you as well as the electives you want to be specialized. The teachers and administration is great, they care and present full resources possible to you when needed. It gets tiring walking between each school but it really keeps things from being boring. Salem has the best breakfast out of the three schools at the park too. After school activities are a life saver and help you make so many friends. Im into rap music and my friend and I started a rapheads club and I'm the VP, its so fun. Im a kid who enjoys school especially at Salem.
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Overall during my four years as a Salem High School student, I have really enjoyed my time as I have so many new people and friends which I have created so many memories with that I will never forget.
Salem high school is a great school that mimics a college campus. The opportunity given is endless. The faculty is nice and the teachers are well educated. The school itself is clean and up to date. It offers a exceptional amount of class's available. Teachers work well with the students. Need more after school events to attend. Great learning environment. Lots of great educational resources.
Salem High School is the oldest building of the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park. The vast majority at Salem are helpful while their is a small handful who are not. The diversity is excellent and the amount of rigor in academics is helpful.
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