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As a student in pcep it's a great environment except when any kind of bad weather occurs. Teachers are kind and same with mist kids.
Salem High School(apart of P-CEP) is great . There are so many career opportunities whether it be from clubs or classes in general .
Salem Highschool, being a part of the PCEP school, is a school 0f +6500 highschoolers with three highschools. It may seem overweling at first, but the school really does prepare the students for a big university. It has good resources but its all up to the student to reach those oppurtunites. It is only as good as the student makes it. With such a big school system, it makes it kinda of difficult to make close friends due to the vast classes but students learn to make long connections with a big group of people rather than a few close people.
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Salem High School is a great school. The teachers truest want the best for you. They have helped me get out of my comfort zone and explore new things. I’ve joined new clubs and created new friendships. The one thing I would change is to have more snow days cause we walk outside for passing time.
I really liked the opportunities given but minor changes need to be made overall. The cost of parking passes is ridiculous, never plows the path, and the bathrooms need to be re-modeled. There also needs to be more options for school food, its the same everyday. Really good curriculum and diversity though.
Very old, but has a large number of extracurricular activities. The numbering system for the classroom is notoriously confusing.
There's so many people, it's hard to find the feeling of absolutely belonging. I feel like the school focuses and values athletics especially the "big" sports like football. It's intimidating to meet new people and you most likely won't get to know everyone, but it's likely that you'll find someone amongst the crowd. Pretty awesome school, just get involved and high school experience will be much more enjoable.
It's good. Teachers are above average and there are many motivated students. The food is good and the diversity is nice. There's a very positive spirit among all the faculty.
It was a great school. Very diverse and full of oppurtunities for its students. I had good and bad teachers, but the good ones left a much larger impact than the bad ones. I have plently of happy memories from my four years in Plymouth-Canton. I just wish we didn't have to walk in the cold!
It was a unique experience walking from building to building and some people hated it, but I really didn't mind it. The teachers there are great and you can make so many new friends because there are over 6000 students.
I loved many of the teachers I had, and the connection with the other two schools on the campus--definitely prepared me for college. Since we had to walk from building to building during any weather, it would have been great to see the school put a little more effort into clearing the path of snow and ice--I remember plenty of people slipping and falling on ice because it just wasn't a priority, while other less important things, like dress code were overemphasized.
I hated high school, but Salem was a good school overall. I was provided with many great opportunities. My main issue with the school was that some teachers were somewhat incompetent or rude. They were not supervised enough. Also class sizes were way too big. For every bad teacher, there is a good teacher who can change your life.
I enjoyed attending the park because of the wide variety of courses available but I feel that the administration practices could be greatly improved.
Salem High School, has a nice diverse atmosphere, as well as opportunities. Salem is part of a three high school campus called PCEP (Plymouth-Canton Education Park)
My overall experience with the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools was good. I say good because the walking from building to building with a time limit definitely prepares you for the college walk. PCEP has a wide range of classes to choose from along with the diversity of the students and staff. Teachers sometimes forget that we also have 6 other classes to do work for so the homework can pile up pretty quickly. Also, you better be dressed for any kind of weather because if it is negative 19 degrees, you are still waking from class to class. PCEP also allows seniors to sign themselves in and out with an 18 year old waver. "Senioritis" hits before you know it and then you are missing days and days of school, so in the end it is your responsibility to make the right decisions. High school is no joke when it comes down to academics. At the end of the day, it is your choice how you wish to experience the 4 years of high school.
One of the three high schools at the same place in Plymouth-Canton Community Schools (PCEP). Offers a great deal of education with friendly teachers and staff and services.
One of the best aspects of Salem high school is the variety of courses and activities. The school allows you to gain experience and helps you prepare for life in college by helping you find your interests, encouraging you to challenge yourself, and giving you the chance to walk on a campus. However, many employees can be a bit rude and condescending instead of trying to help students.
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This high school gives you a college experience. You have to learn early on how to manage your time. The school has a lot to offer. It is a great school district. The diversity gives you a great experience into the real world.
I had some good teachers. The school was very dirty, especially after we changed janitor services. Security wasn't very good.
I came from a very small school into a huge 6000+ student institution, and I was very impressed by the teachers in the math department. I always knew when extra help was available, and teachers went out of their way to answer any questions. There were ups and downs, but isn't all of school like that? I had an overall positive experience. If I were to change anything, I wish that the English department would be stronger. I feel like I did not reach my full potential.
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