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Salem Academy is a school dedicated to academic excellence. As a student, you feel a deeply impassioned investment from your instructors. Being a diverse school with international as well as local and national students, there is a wonderful cultural exchange that gives Salem Academy an edge on giving a holistic education.
All potential students and families need to be aware: the school is not transparent, they are not being honest and worse of all, they do not care. ANYONE considering the school should demand to speak, outside of the school, with CURRENT STUDENTS AND FAMILIES, especially the Freshman and Sophomores. Boarding facilities are not much better than a homeless shelter.
Too much change in two years and ALL of it is for the worse. It is heartbreaking for those of us who started the school when it was still a legacy to support. They are going in a direction that is for the worse. RIP Salem Academy, we miss you girl.
Being a four year student at Salem Academy was one of the best experiences of my life. It truly helped shape me into the woman I am today. Salem gave me a sense of tradition and pride, various and deep studies that still impact my knowledge base today, and friendships that will last forever. I am proud to be a Salem Sister. I walk on this earth a different and more graceful way because of my education, deep connections and nourishment there.
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My Salem experience was exceptional. Prior to Salem I excelled in academics. Salem provided a stretch for me academically that I didn’t know I needed.
In addition Salem provided access to culture , the arts, and exposure to opportunities I could not imagine.
My very best friend of all time and I met at Salem. She was two years ahead. My fellow classmates and I remain connected after many years. The Salem experience is unique and one I will value always.
Going to Salem was the best decision I ever made. Lifelong friendships were made, and I was so prepared for my college experience both academically and in terms of my independence. College was a breeze after Salem. My heart is with this school forever!
Salem is a school that is advertises sisterhood. For international students, weeks before entering school they will be given a 'big' sister from Salem Academy. This sister will assist the new student in learning the ways of the school. This program is honestly very rewarding as you will meet people and gain friends quickly, starting with your sister of course!
did not like it, don’t care about your financial situation. love my friends that i made there but the school itself behaves like a company to only take your money.
Academics wise it is one of the best schools I've ever attended. The teachers are so wonderful and truly care about each student and strive to help us achieve our goals and follow our dreams.
One of the best educational experiences of my life. Salem Academy fully prepared me for my time at Smith College and Columbia University. The diversity of experiences is unparalleled. I had leadership opportunities, worked with mentors through the Jan Term Program, and met young ladies from throughout the South and from all over the world. The quality of teachers and staff are incredible and the city of Winston-Salem delivers options to interact and work with businesses, art institutions, and the local alum community.
Very helpful and competent teachers and positive environment. The administration could be smoother though.
I love Salem. The girls here are so nice and there are just positive vibes everywhere. Everything is great. The food can be a little bad at times but that's okay. The education is good and the teachers are nice
The workload is difficult but has helped me keep up with more difficult college classes better than my peers. Almost every club I joined was enjoyable, though some were better organized than others.
Salem Academy is a very unique place. For someone who wants to be more involved in extracurriculars than they would have the chance to be at public school, or have harder academic classes, Salem is the perfect place. We have many unique traditions and a tight knit community.
I spend my freshman year in SA. However, the campus is very small that we only have one building and we share a campus with the college nearby. The curriculum is very easy.
Diversity: Well, even though that the community is kind of diverse since there's a lot of Asian students, those students rarely speak to the U.S. students. However, those Asian students were being discriminated by some other people at the same time.
Teachers: We got good teachers actually. Some of them were really friendly and you can always get help if you want to. However, the curriculum is not strong enough to better prepare its student for the college.
Clubs: We got handy of clubs however rarely hold events during the academic year.
School Culture: people are nice. However, the atmosphere here is rather lazy that my classmates usually sleep until afternoon. It seems like most people are not competitive at all.
Salem Academy has helped me grow in ways never imaginable. The support from students and faculty alike is incredible. The competitive environment can be stress inducing, but prepares students well for college and beyond.
Salem Academy is an amazing and diverse school that has taught me there is so much more out there then just my small town. The teachers are always kind and there to help you and they have made me feel ready for college in ways many of my public school friends do not. Ultimately, Salem is a great school for new experiences and life long friends. It will help you succeed very well academically, but if you are looking to be a college athlete, Salem might not be the best school for you.Overall I would recommend this school for any parent looking for a great education for their kid. #salemprideyouknow
It was a wonderful experience! Won’t trade it for the world!! Salem provided me with life long friends and life long lessons.
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Exceptional academics and teachers, but management does not manage the budget well and there is a history of student misconduct being overlooked.
Salem Academy has given me the confidence to pursue my education and to connect it with the things I love. Salem has given me the confidence to be the strong and independent women I know I am.
I love Salem Academy! This school has prvoided me with amazing opportunities and I know that I will be very prepared for college. The goal is to better yourself here academically, mentally, and physically. Getting involved is a great way to meet new people and get to know your teachers. Highly recommended for any high school females.
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