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This is school depends on your friends group. A lot of the kids are mean and judgmental but it is what you make of it. The teachers are very hit or miss some of them you can have a great connection to while others are just here because it's their job. Detentions are handed out for just about everything which means it's not a lot of fun. The school lunch looks, smells, and tastes like it came out of a garbage can. The sports are average because there are some kids that are there because they want to be and there are also some that are there because they were forced to be. Overall it is a very small school but at least the floors are clean, the bathrooms however are a mess and the middle school hallway is a nightmare to get through.
I like that is an small school and that means that we can have more time to leatn and ask questions. Also I like that every teacher is patient with people and also we can see how lovely they are with everyone. We can see how they don't care if your Hispanic, black or white, they will still treat you the same way.
Salem Academy has well prepared and educated me for college and life-skills. Playing sports here has connected me to a great support system and some of my favorite friends. Salem Academy has a comfortable environment and great well-educated teachers. Alumni reflect on how it has prepared them and how successful they have become from skills learned at Salem Academy
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I have attended Salem Academy since the sixth grade. I am a current senior, and I would not have changed my experience at all. Our athletics are great (I have been a three-sport athlete for six years, and I alone, have won 7 championships). Academics are also above average, and I am happy that I decided to stay at this school.
They need to find some teachers that aren't power hungry or attention seekers that think they are the most popular. But other than that, the floors are cleaner than the dumpsters outside, except for the bathrooms, who knows what's in the bathrooms each day. There's always a little surprise behind those doors. Also the security camera's work which is cool. Also don't through broccoli away and keep it in the trash over night! That happened at our school and it was worse than entering the bathrooms. It's a fun school though. The field trips are fun the homework is insane and ya. You should make the school in a bigger place toooo.
Salem Academy Charter School is a very small school. We have recently added new additions to the building in order to expand but we still have a fairly small school. The community is very tight where everyone knows everyone and teachers will most definitely know you by name which leads to a very helpful community. Although we have kind students who for the most part get along one problem with Salem Academy would probably be our lack of resources since we often find ourselves lacking things that most regular highschools have.
Salem Academy has been a school that has been good after adjustment. I came in not wanting to be there, but after time and just easing my way in, this school fits for me. It is not big at all. I am a student-athlete and getting used to the lack of facilities has taken a little bit of time, but now it almost embodies that grit our school has. Academics here are top class and I feel very prepared to take on school at the collegiate level.
I liked how Salem Academy prepares you for college. This school makes sure that by the time you become a senior that you will be fully prepared to go to a four year school. I would like to see the building expand more.
What I like about Salem Academy charter school is that it is very structured in the way that they teach things. What I do not like is the short lunches we get during the week .
It is a great school to go to if you are trying to get a head start in your education and to be able to get into a good college. helps to prepare you for college.
I have attended this school from 6th grade to 12th grade. Overall, the experience was great. They really prepare students for college academically. The athletics and facilities could be better, but overall the school is very good!
Beginning in the sixth grade, Salem Academy Charter School prepares students for college. Focusing on the importance of task completion and putting effort into both the school and community, students grow under the school's mission. Aside from outstanding test scores, Salem Academy Charter School students participate in community service through the program "Service Learning." While teachers help them initially, they are expected to have an individual service project for senior year. Students feel rewarded and connected with the community. Salem Academy also has excellent athletics. The strength is particularly strong in fall and spring sports. Student athletes have brought back first and second place trophies in a variety of sports and many have been apart of the all-star teams. Salem Academy Charter School is a wonderful place with many opportunities.
my daughter got a great education she got more out of it then she would of had at a public school
i was very happy with the education my daughter got
There are clubs at my school, but they are limited. They don't try to incorporate everyone's interest which is reasonable. But I believe we could be doing more to get other students involved with after school programs. The level of commitment are usually great once student get involved.
At my school there is less opportunity then most other schools, but I believe sometimes we get better opportunities because groups and organizations like supporting us. Our school tries to provide lots of sports and clubs which lots of students take advantage of, which is great. I think it really helps because teachers get involved and not just outside staff. They really engage and help students transform from who we used to be to who we are going to be. The teachers help this school be what it is.
The teachers at my school are kind and helpful. They are easy to communicate with, but I believe that sometimes there are misunderstandings and miscommunication. The teachers try to keep all students interested and believe that the students have to take responsibility for their learning.
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The safety at this school is very well layed out
There are many activities offered but no facility
My favorite experience is having a bond with teachers
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