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During my four years there, Saint Ursula Academy taught me not just how to be a good student, but how to be a good leader, citizen, and friend. I am much more confident now as a freshman at college than I was as a freshman at SUA, and I have my high school to thank for that. Saint Ursula offers students so many opportunities to grow and explore their passions through sports, clubs, and retreats. Also, their educational services program for students with disabilities is amazing and taught me how to advocate for myself, so now I am academically flourishing as a college student. I look back on my high school experience very happily and with no regrets. I made many friends and learned a lot about myself and the world and if I could do it all again, I absolutely would.
Ask anyone familiar with Saint Ursula Academy, and they'll tell you that we take 2 things very seriously: academics and the sisterhood. Both, in fact, contribute to one another. There is a type of collaborative competition that pushes each of us toward higher potentials and bigger goals, while encouraging us to support each other in the process.
St. Ursula academy has been a place where you are encouraged to push yourself. Being smart is not only cool but encouraged. Going to school is never a burden. It’s going and learning with your friends and staying focused but also having fun. The girls become your sisters.
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Saint Ursula has a very welcoming environment and all the teachers want each student to succeed. They make time for any student who wants to ask questions or get help outside of the classroom. Students are happy and inviting. Although this is an accademically challenging school you can always find help!
I like that Saint Ursula Academy is a very encouraging and leadership oriented institution. The teachers are very supportive and open to sponsoring new clubs and ideas. I would prefer better lunches and more updated facilities, but overall have loved my time at SUA.
The community of Saint Ursula is something else. The staff, students, and teachers all work together to develop an incredibly welcoming environment and great place to go to school.
Although, they crack down on unimportant things like dress uniform, it is very educational. I know I will go to college with the necessary skills to succeed. Saint Ursula has taught me leadership, and most importantly how to stand up for myself as a strong, independent woman.
I love the atmosphere at Saint Ursula Academy. The college-like campus is very nice and the courses are rigorous but help in the long run.
love the teachers, the campus, environment, loving and supportive community. would love to see more school spirit and a less rigorous literature department.
I love inclusive environment! The schedule, teachers, and administration are all amazing! I was the only one from my grade school, and I expected it to be hard. After the first day of school, I realized I was wrong. It ended up being so much easier. Everyone is starting fresh, so everyone was just as nervous. It is nice to be surrounded by girls who are feeling the same way. The block schedule is also amazing, partially because you only have to take 4 exams each quarter! Overall, the school as prepped me extremely well, and will continue to do the same to other girls.
This school is the real deal. The academics are strong, the support from teachers is amazing, and the opportunities for girls to practice and learn leadership skills are vast due to being an all-girls school. All of this paired with the personal and faith formation make it the total package. The transformation and growth in my daughter over four years has been significant.
My experience at Saint Ursula Academy was amazing. Due to the fact that we are located in the downtown Cincinnati area I was able to meet young women from every area of Cincinnati. The academics were rigorous, but they prepared me for college.
I am a transfer student at Saint Ursula Academy and I can not express the feeling that I had going into this wonderful environment of caring people. We are truly a family. Saint Ursula has a rigorous and competitive atmosphere, but my friends and teachers where there to help every step of the way. As an African American I wanted a space where people could value me and see me for who I am, I sincerely experience that at Saint Ursula Academy.
Saint Ursula Academy is an amazing place to go to school and a great community, but I think the vending machines should be brought back.
Saint Ursula is the best place to study. Choosing to enroll is the best thing I have ever done because I am prepared for college and have made great friends
Going to Saint Ursula, I have grown so much. Through academics, clubs, sports, etc. I have grown to be a stronger student, leader, and woman in general. Simply by attending the school, I feel well-prepared for college and "the real world." The atmosphere is something I haven't felt before: just a strong bond of students coming together as sisters. Everyone (teachers, coaches, students) is there to support one another and learn from them.
The daily school atmosphere is less than pleasant. At the beginning of the year girls want to meet as many people as possible, but soon after, the girls form their cliques and school becomes socially exhausting. Additionally, I have had to cease my participation in previously enjoyed extracurricular activities due to the overwhelming amount of work the school expects students to complete outside of the classroom. The overwhelming amount of work encourages the rampant cheating, as students lack the time to complete their assignments and feel demotivated to complete the work. The academic related stress takes a heavy toll on the mental and physical health and well being of dedicated students. Finally, the school is narrow-minded and hungry for money. The school administration finds ways, big and small, to pull politics into the student’s day, and they have implemented programs for students that require extraordinary amounts of money for a low quality program.
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Overall, the rigorous curriculum prepared me really well for college and the college application process. My teachers worked well with me and the administration was very attentive. This passed year I broke my ankle and they worked with me to make sure that my parking situation was easily accessible and safe for me. When I ran into trouble with scholarships in regards to specific schools, my guidance counselor took it upon herself to call the financial aid office to discuss my situation with them. When our school experienced tragedy we all came together as a sisterhood to comfort each other and give each other a shoulder to cry on. Ultimately I feel that Saint Ursula has offered me a priceless education and experience. I would recommend it to any 8th grade girl looking for a private school education but warn them of the rigorous curriculum so that they understand what they are signing up for.
St. Ursula Academy is an amazing school that prepares young women for college and their future. It is very challenging but I feel very prepared for my higher education.
At Saint Ursula, I flourished and become a confident woman of faith, integrity, and courage. I loved my time here, the friendships that formed, and the connections that I created with faculty and staff. SUA has strong academics that prepare students well for college and life beyond.