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STMA gives its students many opportunities for leadership roles and for joining varsity sports teams. Your child will learn how to teach themselves at this school, especially when it comes to AP exams. The teachers care about the students, but wear way to many hats. Many of them teach two/three different subjects that they aren't very qualified for, moderate clubs, and even coach sports teams.

The school does have an activity period that allows the students to participate in clubs, be tutored, tutor, and meet with teachers, which is very helpful. The school environment is overall happy and friendly, there is no bullying and everyone is excepted. The food is great, but pricey, which is understandable because there are so few students. Overall, this school could be amazing if it had more students, which would allow them to hire more teachers, but overall it is good.
Saint Thomas More Academy offers a great college preparatory curriculum. The schools provides one-on-one guidance for students that walks them through the college application process from course selection to letters of recommendation. There are so many opportunities for students to engage in leadership roles, extra-curricular clubs/activities and athletics. The Arts Program is a wonderful opportunity for novice and arts majors alike! You can be involved in sports even if you've never played before. The basketball program, volleyball program and tennis teams always do very well and typically make it to state level competitions each year. The students and faculty are very friendly and welcoming. About half of the students are Catholic and half are not. The environment is safe and nurturing. It is a great place to learn and grow! The school facilities are great...athletic fields, gym, science labs, and lunches are amazing.
I came to this school when there were more then 150 kids and since then the school has massively declined. The administration is rigorously working to help the reputation of the school and pull more kids in, but there are better schools around to compare. The teachers care about you but don’t care about the subject they teach. Half the time the kids run the class because the teachers don’t care. The few teachers that show their passion in the classroom are also forced to teach other subjects/electives because of low staff. On a positive note, the food is absolutely amazing, but so expensive.
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I enjoyed the atmosphere of Saint Thomas More. All of the teachers genuinely want you to succeed. The students are very friendly. Clubs and organizations are open to anyone who would like to join. For these reasons, I enjoyed by high school career, in spite of the imminent education and organizational issues. The school's organization is atrocious. During my time in high school (4 years), I had three different principal administrations, where I saw many wonderful teachers lose their jobs annually. As for the teachers that remained employed, I had entire classes where I learned nothing, because teachers did not execute a lesson plan. The education is not worth the cost.
STMA is hardly the school it used to be. I graduated a couple of years ago but when I was a student, though there were a few good teachers, academics were severely lacking. Sadly, this college prep school does NOTHING to TRULY & ADEQUATELY prepare you for college. The administration has been floundering, unproductive, & uncaring for the past 7-ish years. What was once a great high school is now a costly joke.
This school is terrible. For your over priced 14,000 dollars a year you get a god awful English department - seriously I've learnt more English reading milk cartoon labels than in any English or reading class offered. The sports are awful and if you do play on a team that the school manages to barely get enough players for you can expect to lose every game. The Foreign language department in good but they only offer Spanish now. The Math and Science area is above average in my opinion. The school makes you take mandatory religion classes and you are not allowed to test out of these awful classes so you are forced to take these useless classes. Our principal lies to parents and visitiors and students. They are more worried about our schools image to outsiders than if the students are happy with the school. I would write more but I've run out of characters and I wouldn't even give the school 1 star but that's the lowest possible. SAINT THOMAS LESS is an awful school.
Where to even begin.. the school has declined so much it's not even funny anymore. The administration is TRASH. they are completely unresponsive to issues brought up by students and parents alike. All they care about is the reputation. If the school seems like it's a good one (whether it truly is or not), they're happy. The principal lies constantly to parents, students, and prospective families. The teachers here are mostly a joke. There are a few good ones (math, bio, psych) but the majority could care less. The English teacher doesn't grade any of the assignments until the end of the quarter where it's too late to do anything about your grade. Honestly, save your money (especially when financial aid is nonexistent unless you play basketball) and go somewhere else.
I really enjoyed going to STMA. The small size of the student body is its trademark as that is what allows for the tight knit community, small class sizes, ability to be a part (and take an active role in) multiple programs and organizations within the school. . But, there in lies its faults. Although the environment is conducive to making you academically prepared for college, students lack in some of the experiences that their peers may have in other schools. Programs are fueled by interest, so as interest falls, sports teams and clubs may be discontinued year to year. Overall, I would definitely choose STMA again because of the education I had and the relationship with my classmates, but I do wish some parts about the school were different.
I have absolutely loved my time here at STMA. The smaller class size allows for all of your fellow students and staff to become like one large family. We truly care for each other and show that in our school spirit. Take a look around the hallways where there is constant motion and you will see the dedication to life everyone has. I would highly recommend this as a high school for others.
Academics are okay. Most of the teachers care about their students, especially the bio/Chem/anatomy teacher and the psychology/government teacher. A few teachers are astonishingly lacking, such as both of our ELA teachers. Extracurricular activities are good considering the size of the school. Sports aren't great, but anyone can join so there's plenty of opportunity to get involved there. Religion does play a role here, but there are a some non catholic students. Overall a decent college prep school that is safer than the local public schools.
As a student, I loved that Saint Thomas More offers a diverse and safe place to learn and practice religion. The community environment has been inviting and welcoming. However, I do not like the limited course options, especially with the AP classes.
I like the teacher to student ratio. The closeness of the students n teachers makes it feel like family.
I love the family atmosphere that STMA has to offer. As well as the small class size that allows more one on one teacher to student attention. There are a lot of clubs, activities and sports for the kids to participate out side of the classroom.
My children have always been safe at Saint Thomas More.
There are some good extracurricular activities. The drama club is by far the most talented in the state! The chorus has many members selected for All State Chorus. The band also has All State Members.
I have had four children in this school. Three have graduated. They have all been given a wonderful education in a caring environment.
The teachers genuinely care about the students and want them to succeed.
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The school has all safety issues in place and I believe its a safe environment for the students...
STMA has a lot of clubs or activities for the students to participate in...
I believe the children are very safe at the school...
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