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Saint Stanislaus High School Reviews

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The best Catholic school in Mississippi. It is an independent school not run by the diocese. There are numerous benefits to having your child attend an all boys school. The campus setting is beautiful and very safe. From 7-12 your boy will be challenged academically, socially and spiritually.
Great atmosphere and education. A good school for boys who like to be challenged mentally and developed spiritually.
Up until my last year at Saint Stanislas, I thought it was most definitely an above average institution. It was superior academic and athletic programs that are attached with traditions that stretch back since the school's inception. It would be a disservice to the good people in the school who make it special to say that Stanislaus is bad, but there are a handful of people who have contributed to a negative experience.
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The school is WAY past its prime. It’s structure is no longer relevant. Mississippi Studies? Lol... below average day school with a residency program that is a complete waste of time and money. If you send your child here be prepared for a lot of phone calls from your son begging to come home.
Absolutely disgusting behavior from some staff members, have left a permanent mark on my mental health in the sense that I was treated like a conversion therapy patient and have the scars of it. I can't speak of it only in words.
However, there were many fantastic teachers, and I cannot complain about the education much past a few inconveniences with who was teaching the class.
Highly recommend Coach Jeff Jordan, that man is an absolute angel and I wish I could have him as a teacher again.
This is an all-boy Catholic High School founded by a religious order called the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. I went here from 7th-12th grade, and I can't imagine going anywhere else. It was tough academically but my years here really prepared me for college. In fact, my freshman year as a Chemical Engineering major was easier than my senior year at Stanislaus. There are lots of clubs, organizations, and sports available, and the food is fantastic.
Saint Stanislaus provided me with all of the tools necessary to succeed in high school and college. The school's administration and faculty challenged all students to excel in academics and service to all communities in which we serve. I am very well prepared for college so far as I have maintained a 4.0 through out 3 semesters while playing a collegiate sport.
Saint Stanislaus is full of sub par students who do not care about their education. Despite being a private school, the academic programs are lackluster, and many classes are run by coaches. The on campus dorms house a plethora of problem children and are run by a staff of underqualified supervisors. However, there are a couple of classes tailored to a college education in the Science and History departments.
Great school with an even more beautiful location. The boarding school offers a very holistic approach to education. As a former student, I don't know where I would be had I not boarded. The day school culture is too prominent in my opinion.
I think Stanislaus has served me well through out the years but they were by no means extraordinary. There is a huge disparity between honors and regular classes and their teachers. A lot of the teachers are coaches who don't really care about teaching and such. I will say that the higher level science classes and humanities are really well taught however.
Everyone i know from this school is an absolute scum bag. No respect for anyone. The students are malicious and don’t care for anyone but themselves. Ola isn’t any better.
Saint Stanislaus High School has prepared me well for the life of adulthood ahead of me. The academic workload is rigorous, but always inspires me to continue learning and to work harder. The obvious intelligence and character of the teachers has always driven me to work harder and to actualize my highest potential. Since we are a small school, my senior class is a tight knit community. We all know each other well and can count on each other when the need be. In sum, Saint Stanislaus is an exemplary school and a breeding ground for excellence.
This school is unique and astounding in that students are not only students but are family. The faculty really cares about the development of each student's abilities in and outside of the classroom. Discipline, honor, and respect are most heavily emphasized by the faculty. The school's location adds to its one of a kind feeling because it is very seldom for students to have the opportunity to have a science class in the waters of the Bay.
St. Stanislaus does a great job of creating men of character. The faculty puts in tremendous effort to get their students ready for college.
Stanislaus has offered me so many learning opportunities and experiences. The friend that I have made and the morals that I have been taught are truly going to take me far in life.
There are some incredible teachers at this school. However, there have been some mediocre teachers as well. The very poor teachers are usually culled out after a year.
The school is very pro-active in providing safety at the school. Monitors are all over the perimeter of the school so the administration may see who is on the property. Faculty always has a presence in parking lots during dismissal, in the cafeteria at lunch. The principal is very proactive against bullying and will take measures to stop it quickly. There are 1-2 nurses present every day ; all day long.
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SSC offers many sports and they excel at all of them within the state finals. They also offer programs such as robotics, student council and sailing. Every student will find a program that they are interested in; however, sports is the main attraction at SSC and the boys who join a sport usually have an easier time making friends and finding their "spot" in the school.
SSC is a great Catholic boy's school. The faculty and staff are very in tuned to the boy's interest and very much encourage sports.
Nurse on staff with sick rooms during the school day.

Dean of students is strict, but fair.

Key card readers make it impossible for anyone who shouldn't;t have access to enter school building.
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