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Saint Mary's education rigor will tremendously aid in our daughters success in College. The staff is always available and she has matured beyond what she could have ever done in our local public school.
I absolutely loved the 4 years I spent at Saint Mary’s. The academic knowledge and life lessons I learned from the very caring SMS faculty and staff is irreplaceable!!! The daily class schedule is a lot like college which fully prepared me for a large university.
Saint Mary’s is forever in my heart!
I loved it. If I could change anything I would make my school more diverse. There is so much power with diversity, it brings many new perspectives and creates a more forward way of thinking.
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The people there were very sweet an welcoming, I was there for a year and everyone was so kind. The teachers really care about you and give you individualized attention.
The best decision I ever made was to attend this school. I made lifelong friends, my academics improved greatly, and I gained great confidence. It was a life changing experience.
This is my first year every going to Saint Mary's and I loved it! I loved the tight knit community, the all girls enviroment, and the incredible academics.
Most teachers come to work excited to teach and share their knowledge in creative ways. Saint Mary's teachers utilize technology and are always thinking of creative ways to help us learn by using it. Teachers genuinely care about the success and progress of students and are willing to reach out when they notice a struggling student.
Teachers are overall invested in each student's individual success.
Some days it seems like there isn't anything I want to eat, but maybe I'm just picky. There's usually something good, though, and we always have the options of sandwiches, salads, bagels, cereal, etc.
The college counselors (we have two!) are amazingly helpful; I think most people feel much more prepared for the college process. The dress code rules are pretty acceptable, except that recently they've decided we shouldn't wear shorts above the fingertips (except Nike shorts) which is ridiculous because it's very difficult to find shorts of that length and they aren't comfortable to wear.
The academics offered at this school consist of college prep, honors, and AP level classes, as well as online courses. The workload's manageability depends on what courses you take, your personality/work ethic, and how much time you have left over after participating in extracurricular activities.
Our school offers lots of activities. There are many clubs, and it's easy to start a new one as well. We have between 3-4 sports each season, many with varsity and JV teams. After-school arts activities include dance, drama, singing, and instruction in musical instruments. Most everyone is involved in at least one extracurricular after school, and everyone is in at least one club.
I feel very very safe here!
I love this school! I have made so many life long friends!
Always great! Tons of options all of the time. Cereal and bagels available every meal!
Most rooms are quite large. There is housekeeping which is very nice. But the bathrooms could use updating.
This school does a good job of having many different cultures incorporated into daily life. We have international students from various countries, including South Korea, China, and Russia. There is a great acceptance regarding nearly every life choice, although there are still stigmas for those who are gay, lesbian, or queer. This stems largely from the fact that we are an all-girls Christian school.
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