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I loved everything about Saint Joseph Prep. The caring teachers, the diverse group of students, and the spirit of family in the school makes it the most unique high school in Boston, and is the best option for any teenager looking to be a part of another family.
SJP is an amazing high school that provides students with a second home and a life time of opportunities.
It was really fun and I made some friends there but nothing too special for me specifically. I guess the best part was being in math class with Ralph.
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St. Joes is a decent school, it’s pretty small around 300ish student, at least while I was going there. Like a lot of schools they are flawed in certain aspects but they strive to be better and you can see that in some of the changes that they would make for the community.
Our daughter's H.S. closed at the end of her Sophomore Year. We had 5 months to find a new one. Saint Joseph's Preparatory offered to take our children and help them learn and grow to become amazing adults. They have an amazing S.TE.A.M program which encouraged my daughter to be a confident leader. She has made all of us so very proud at S.J.P. She was accepted, in early admissions, to Cornell for this coming fall. I want to thank S.J.P for all that they have helped our daughter to achieve. God Bless.
Great team of teachers, admin, coaches, counselors that put a lot of effort into each students’ needs.
SJP offered an intimate caring community with a diverse group of students. It prepared for college and the real world by offering challenging courses.

I was fortunate enough to go on several missions including Haiti. It was eye opening to see such a beautiful country but overrun with poverty and lack of resources.
very helpful with great teachers. we have tons of sports teams and clubs to pick from. the school is very welcoming to every person and the people in the school are diverse.
I think that the school is very good when it comes to academics. The school provides staff and classes that are willing to go all the way to make sure that you get an excellent education. What needs improvement are things that are around the school. The building is old and needs to be brought up to date but the school, for the most part, is good. The sports team are not bad, they just aren't the best. They often make it to be eligible to compete for state championship.
Saint Joseph Prep is a school with a wonderful community feeling, where teachers are ready and excited to teach their students, and students are eager to learn. Saint Joseph Prep has provided me with an excellent education and a wide variety of friends with whom to share the multiple high school experiences. It also provides an excellent opportunity to get involved in multiple extracurricular activities, allowing me to explore multiple new sports and clubs that I have never previously been involved in. I have loved each of these new opportunities and relished many moments at Saint Joseph Prep.
I personally enjoyed my experience as a student there but Saint Joseph Prep is not for everyone. They give you a lot and maybe even unreasonable amounts of work at times. I would just say I would love to see more consistency with the teachers at the school.
The school has a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. The students are always happy and the academics are excellent. The biggest issue I think is the tables and microwaves are always filthy if you have the later lunch.
Administration was there if you needed them
The things I learned here were extremely helpful and widely applicable; there are still lessons my AP US History teacher taught me that I can apply to the engineering work I do now in college.
for a small school, there wasn't a lot of sponsoring for teams or clubs, but we did have a lot of fun and did a lot with what we had
I believe my school could invest in a recreation center.
The teachers the the school were great and were always around to help out. They genuinely cared for the students. I believe that because they weren't 'teaching to the test' they were more focused on student growth.
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The teachers were pretty fair. There were a lot of verbal warnings for uniform violations and the occasional detention.
A lot of my friends and I got into great schools and i can't recall anyone not receiving any scholarship.
It always seemed pretty good. I know everyone loved chicken patty day.
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