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Saint John's Preparatory School Reviews

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i really like most of the teachers, they seem to really care about what they are doing and are very communicative with the students, especially Mr. Stark and Mrs. Renkens. the students are also very kind and there are little to none classroom interruptions, which makes for a fun, effective learning environment. However, i am personally not a huge fan of the music department and the way band is taught, but this might not be a fair judgment because most of my band classes this year have been online over zoom. another thing i am not a huge fan of is Theology, as a class it is just fine, but I think it would be better as an elective, not as a two semester required class. It’s not a bad class or anything, i just don’t think what you learn in theology is as important as what you would learn in english or history, that’s why i think it would be better suited as an elective, not as a core class.
I have loved my experience at Prep. All the teachers answer all my questions and I have a lot of fun participating in activities with my friends.
This is my sixth year at Prep and I feel like my experience keeps getting better (with some wiggles). My teachers are, for the most part, understanding and communicative. I have been able to participate in experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to at another school. I’m allowed to try out a whole bunch of different things and not be limited to one defining characteristic. The smallness of this school is great for me because I have a hard time functioning in larger groups. Academically, this school is my wonderland. The curriculums and rigor are so much better for me than a public school. My only problem is my peers and the exclusion I’ve faced from them. And also the workload can get excessive (especially in middle school). But overall the teachers and the environmental are wonderful.
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Good school on a beautiful campus with amazing teachers who care about their students. Administration has some serious issues. Fails to deliver on students needs and is very out of touch. Spends money on things that we don't need when there are other things we need desperately. E-Learning rules have been detrimental to most student's abilities to learn successfully. Admin seems to care more about the needs of their kids and their friends than the rest of the student body. Very small school, so everybody knows your business. Academics are pretty good, too much busywork in some classes. Most classes, (especially science and literature classes) push students to think critically and creatively. Overall a good school.
I do really enjoy going to St. John’s Prep. The community is very accepting and kind, and the teachers are really good at their jobs. In addition, the grounds are beautiful and there’s a lot of options for sports, after school activities, and electives.
Saint Johns Prep has a great community. Everyone is supportive, students, teachers, and staff. The teachers are easy to contact and talk to. Its challenging but the teachers make sure that we have resources and are able to complete everything.
I really like preparatory school because they understand your struggles and they help you along the way to complete those tasks that you have difficulties with. The scenery of prep campuses are so amazing. I recommend people go here.
I have really enjoyed attending Prep these last six years. In seventh grade, I barely knew anyone, but people were so kind and inviting that I felt like I fit right in. It is definitely called a Prep school for a reason. The teachers push you to perform at your best in all the classes, but are also willing to help whenever you need it. I wouldn't want to go to any other school besides Prep, and I'll never forget my experience here.
I like going to school here but there are some things to be improved upon. Representation of the LGBTQ+ Community could be better. Overall the academics are quite good and most teachers are very well equipped as well.
My daughter has flourished at Prep. She was given an amazing opportunity to travel to Austria for a year and took it. Because of that, she’s now got extra credits in history, English, and foreign languages. She also had an opportunity to grow exponentially- she learned to speak German fluently and to travel Europe individually.
I've been going to Saint John's Prep since sixth grade, and it's crazy to think that this is my last year here. The sense of community is impeccable. No matter what age, religion, race, nationality, etc. everyone is so welcoming. One the thing I think that sets Saint John's Prep apart from other schools, is that the teachers truly care about you. They strive towards making sure you understand the content and that you are doing well outside of school. Another benefit of my school is that we have a lot of international students, so there are many opportunities to learn about different cultures. You can also make friends from around the world, so when you visit you have a place to say. Overall, Saint John's Prep is an amazing school, with great education and people.
I like St. Johns Prep because of its many opportunities, unique learning experience, and small student to teacher ratio. Its location on a college campus surrounded by nature helps expand the learning possibilities for every student. I also appreciate the community. My peers all strive to excel while still encouraging others which helps make for a competitive yet positive environment.
The people here are welcoming and the environment here is amazing. The class sizes are small, allowing the teachers to get to know all of the students there. Everyone at Prep is easily approachable and allowed me to have a great time there.
This is a great school! The teachers are amazing. You get to meet people from all around the world. They have brand new dorms for international students, and there are great programs for students to travel abroad as well.
My son started in the 5/6th grade program and we have been so pleased with his experience. His teachers are wonderful and there is a culture of high academic expectation as well as KINDNESS and developing the whole student.
Saint John's Preparatory School is an amazing school if your looking to challenge yourself academically and prepare yourself for future success in higher academics. It really is a welcoming community where students are competitive, but still build each other up.
Very excellent School. I have been impressed with fine arts at this school. Far beyond what you would expect from a small school.
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The environment is welcoming and supports students meeting their own potential academically and socially. The hands on learning makes school engaging and enjoyable.
We are only a few years in to our experience at Saint John's Prep with our children, but so far it has been a great place for them to learn and grow. The teachers are good communicators that challenge the students to think critically.

SJP also benefits from its setting on a college campus surrounded by a 2,000+ acre forest, which provides a real-life laboratory right outside the classroom doors.
An excellent environment focused on building community and creating well rounded students. Our child has had a wonderful experience so far and we look forward to many more. Strongly recommend!