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My experience at Saint Johns so far has been great. I have made a lot of new friends and I have changed my work habits. This school made me realize how many opportunities I had when I was given the chance to go there, so after seeing how I did freshman year made me realize that I needed to change and start working harder to achieve my goal.
My expiersnce is good I am prepared for college but their are a lot of flaws in the school that are bad
I loved my four years here! Made a lot of friends, teachers care about students. Lunches very pricey though.
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My son has had a very positive experience at St. John's HS and is solidly prepared for college. They have a beautiful campus, great teachers, and many opportunities for activities and experiences he would not have had at our local public school.
St. John's offered me the opportunity to explore my faith in a safe environment. It helped me to open my eyes to important world issues such as business ethics, the environment, and religious differences.
Everything was well organized and well put together. The structure was sturdy and nothing would be able to bring it down.
As a senior and a leader in the community of Saint John's, I could not recommend more a place to spend arguably the most important 4 years of their life. There are some questionable rules and strict faculty members but overall my experience has been excellent.
Overall amazing experience despite the lack of females attending the school. The teachers are amazing and I have made many amazing genuine friends.
An interesting environment, I have learned at Saint Johns that you will find and meet other people who have similar interests as me. I enjoy the academics and all of the teachers there, especially the English department.
Pretty good, some annoying rules though, such as the lunch time being only fifteen minutes, another rule being that you cannot walk on certain grass, another one being you have to have your top button buttoned or else you get a detention, all these rules do make sense however
I want there to be more affordable food options and healthier food options provided to the student body overall.
Saint John's has definitely helped me grow academically and socially, presenting many opportunities I would not have otherwise had. The members of the administration and teaching faculty really get to know every student and work to support you through any difficulties, be they academic, personal matters, or financial (SJ offers great financial aid). The school also has great athletics and academic extracurriculars if you're looking for engagement beyond the classroom.
I enjoyed the brotherhood of the school and definitely made friends, or brothers, for life. The school needs to update their curriculum, college preparation, and guidance staff because I feel compared to other students in college I was prepared work load-wise, but not material-wise.
SJ most definitely prepared me for pursuing a higher education. The majority of teachers are passionate about helping you to be a successful student with that said, I took all honors and AP classes so the work load was pretty intense but manageable. The one drawback is this school is passionate about sports; needless to say it is a huge part of student life. I am not an athlete but there are many clubs and organizations if you want to be involved. I would recommend the school to those who want an open, out of the box educational experience that you will not get in a public school environment. This school is faith based but by no means is religion forced upon you, it does encourage very deep, in depth conversations on pretty much any subject with objective view points and that are welcome and expected during class discussions.
The teachers at SJ make it a special place. They are driven to make each student feel comfortable in class and are always available to give extra help outside of class. The campus is beautiful. Alums are very involved in the school and provide financial aid to many of the students. Retreats and Campus ministry bring students together, by the time you leave SJ, you will have brothers for life.
My experience at St. Johns was unbelievable, I met some of my best friends who I know will be with me for the rest of my life. The campus ministry is the best it can get, as I participated and lead many retreats that bring everyone together. The academics are tough, the grade you get is the grade you deserve and there is a perfect amount of structure for a teenage boy to grow and learn.
Great sports and educational programs that prepare you for college and life beyond college. It is a place where everyone is friends/brothers no matter who you are and what your background is. Almost every teacher is willing to take as much time as needed to help you succeed.
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As a senior at Saint John's, I loved the rigorous education that have prepared me to continue my academic career. The school pride is great, the sports teams are very good, and you will find yourself challenged at Saint John's in many ways.
The atmosphere is great and the courses help with preparation for college, however the guidance department is very poor and does not help with the college process in a productive way.
Overall fairly good school has a lot more good teachers than bad teachers. But most teachers are willing to go the extra 9 yards to help you out with legit anything. Towards the end of the 4 years at the school your realize that some of the teachers become more like friends and mentors that would always be glad to help you, even when your time has passed. Also the sports team are getting back on track again to become dominate again. So I would highly recommend to go out for any sports team to be apart of something much bigger than yourself. At the end of the day you end up leaving as a much wiser, kinder, more mature man exhibiting the Xaverian Values.
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