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I liked Saint Jo High School because of the sports program and my classmates. I hope to see the academic side of Saint Jo to improve and the teachers get more involved with students and explaining work, instead of them handing out work with no explanations. I also hope to see the teachers off their phones less and more into whats going on in class rather than the outside world on social media.
My experience at Saint Jo High School was great! Its a small school but it is a fun place to learn and makes any person feel part of the community.Everyone knows each other since it's a small town and a small school.The teachers and parents work to make the school environment be fun and better for students get the learning needed to succeed. Something that should change is to have a variety of sports, and better food.
The nurse supposedly is here on Fridays, although I'm unsure whether that's truth or myth. There are drug dog sweeps, but that's about the extent of safety measures at this school.
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Besides athletics, there's almost no extracurricular activities
This school is a small, relaxed environment with education so limited that being at this school actually has a negative impact on some students' intelligence. The school has almost no funding and takes forever to get anything done, which frustrates many of the students.
Most teachers will have a relaxed attitude about the classroom, and will not have an active lesson each day. Some teachers give free days a majority of the time, and others will simply put on a movie or a television show to keep students occupied. Very few classes are actually engaging and intellectually stimulating.
There is a very strong emphasis on athletics with a much weaker emphasis on clubs and organizations. The clubs and organizations are starting to become more popular through outreach program.
The learning experience was beneficial and had a positive impact on me. My counselor really guided me through the college process, another benefit of going to a small school. I was offered many college courses to get a head start on my post-graduation education. There was a lot of drama with high school girls but that in unavoidable in small schools and the school handle all issues with professionalism.
Every teacher at Saint Jo High School is approachable and friendly. They uplift spirits when students are upset about not understanding concepts and never ridicule students for not knowing. Technology could be utilize more, but overall it holds a high presence in the classroom. Saint Jo High School is a wonderful learning environment and the teachers take advantage of the small classes and put a great emphasis on one-one-one learning.
I enjoy the small classes, where each student receives a tremendous amount of guidance from their teachers. The rules, mainly the dress code and phone policy, are very strict. Everyone is very athletic and extracurricular activities based, so people who enjoy those are very happy here. Most teachers are laid back, but some are extremely strict.
Our facility is very well and our faculty is great. They are both very supportive. Our gym is the most emmaculent. Our teaching staff is very welcoming and caring.
The food is terrible. I, being a senior, have off-campus. I take advantage of it. There is no variety and it smells bad.
Our school culture consists of a spanish class we are to take for two years. The Diversity is 95% white. This town pushes away most that are not mostly white. Peer pressure in school pushes others away.
My High School Counselor have a major effect on the student population and the parents. She is not only our upperclassmen math teacher but she also is the counselor. She provides us Seniors with many scholarships, she takes the time for each and every one of us. Us going to college is her number one priority. In turn that eases our parents minds knowing that someone cares as much as she does. She can be alittle strict at times but she means well.
My school is quite unique. In all, I love my school. MY parents both graduated from Saint Jo and so have many cousins and both my sisters. Going here is mostly without choice. I cannot complain though. My teachers are close to my family and we all know each other in and outside of the classroom. It's alittle small but the education is just as equal at any other school.
I participate in many extracurricular activities in my High School. For the small school we are it is difficult to have many from the lack of teachers. Yearbook and athletics take the cake for me. I am an Editor on our Yearbook committee and I have been Captain of the Volleyball, Basketball, and Track team for the past three years. I participate actively in both activities. It is difficult finding many that will participate with the same intensity due to the size of our school.
Other than a few drug situations that have been effectivly handled by our law enforcement our school is considerably sound and safe. Our community is very pleased with our school safty
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The athletic program here is decent. It is nothing spectacular. Our PE could be better and more active. Over all we have a understandably fit school.
The teaching is great, the problem is the students refuse to learn. In turn making it difficult for teachers to help and teach the students. Some teaches, becasue of this, have givin up on us. By the actions of these teachers givin up it makes preparing for college like students such as myself very hard and problamatic.
Most of the teachers are pretty disrespectful to the students. And if you're not in sports or have a parent somehow connected to the school, they treat you differently. And not good different. Also, the rules are okay, but the principal makes up some pretty dumb excuses for why the rules are in place. We can't have strange colored hair, which is fine. But instead of him saying "I want you guys to look presentable and I don't really like hot pink hair," he says, "it's a distraction." Okay...If you don't spend hours on end staring at my hair, it shouldn't be a distraction.
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